Meaning of the movie “Climax” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Climax” and ending explained Films

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind the movie Climax and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The film Ecstasy by the famous director Gaspard Noe is a special picture that contains many incomprehensible moments, meanings and special messages of the director. Even the director was surprised by such a response from both film critics and the audience.

What is the movie “Climax” about

There is no standard narrative structure in the film, the film starts with the final scene, then a notebook appears, and at the same time it is reported that the story is based on real 1996. Then the picture is divided into four parts, each of them has a different way of conveying information. Initially, we see a screen that is surrounded by tournaments, cassettes and shows short interviews with dancers who talk about drugs and relationships with the opposite sex.

Then the second part conditionally begins, which is a dance rehearsal, the characters rehearse their dance in a snowy hut in France. The third act is a party, everyone drinks homemade sangria, lights it up to the DJ’s music, and the picture turns into a mixture of different styles and colors.

The core cast of characters realize that this sangria is drugged, and they all sink into a special separation, that is, they are under the influence of drugs. It is worth noting that despite the fact that Noe never commented on the issue of drug use, and answered that he had only tried it once, in the film Ecstasy you will understand that the director is very much aware of what the state of drug intoxication looks like, he sends viewers in a special drug adventure with the characters.

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The meaning of the movie “Climax”

Narcotic substances cause some kind of unconscious human reactions that are hidden very deeply. Here you will see on the surface aggression and cruelty, debauchery, fear. The characters don’t try to contain their emotions. Thanks to the special work of the operator, it is possible to completely immerse yourself in this state, but at the same time, if you have a weak vestibular apparatus, it will be quite difficult to watch a movie.

There are only two professional actresses in this film, the steel ones are dancers, while the director had to gather dancers in different places. He conducted auditions in order to create the perfect set of actors. Many scenes are just improvisation, the acting work looks very powerful."Rapture": the meaning of the film and the explanation of the ending

At its core, many note that this is a real crazy attraction, so you need to watch it with careful preparation, realizing that something incomprehensible, dancing and crazy awaits you. If we consider the deep meaning of the film, then you will understand that initially the author shows people in a normal state, when they give an interview, they are all friendly, nice, they are accommodating, ready for anything. After they get to a party and drink sangria, they begin to be completely transported, they drink real hallucinogens, and cheerful spontaneous dances appear, while light conversations turn into hard fantasies, abuse, insults. Here you can see animal impulses, and crying, and auditory hallucinations.

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The whole film has a tense atmosphere, the movement never stops, in fact there are a lot of incredibly wild things in the film, and it is not suitable for all impressionable people. Here you will meet tough conversations, there is an attack, and beating, arson, talk about sex, that is, we are shown that quite nice people turn into real animals under the influence of drugs. This is an occasion to think and look at yourself from the outside, while many say that everything that happens does not seem simulated.

Sometimes it seems that the directors in real life added some drugs to the actors, because they even made love on camera. The degree of madness sometimes just rolls over, and many are also amazed by the play with light, the camera that lives its own life. Many note that a person gets a special drug addiction, he is completely immersed in this atmosphere, but a sober person who will watch this film will understand how it looks from the outside.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Climax”

At the end of the film, many noted that the director’s message is that drugs are harmful. Many believed that some substances are suitable for having fun, this is an opportunity to have fun, but after watching the film, people turn into animals. They behave extremely inadequately, from the outside it looks wild, incomprehensible, frightening. Those who watch this film will understand that substances should be used very carefully, otherwise they lead to inevitable consequences, a person can do things that he cannot even remember and cannot explain their meaning either.

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The director showed us a big psychological experiment, it was an opportunity for many to get to know each other as closely as possible and just relax, understand who and what they are, because under the influence of substances people have completely opened up. In any case, the ending of the film shows us what exactly happens to people in this state, shows us a sensory experience, because the viewer experiences both delight, and disgust, and fear, tension. The main thing that we get as a result is a powerful expressive surge, the film excites the senses, causes various doubts, and immerses a person in a special atmosphere of intoxication and consequences.

I hope I helped you find the meaning of the movie “Climax”, as well as understand its ending. If you have a different vision of the film, write your version in the comments.

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