Meaning of the movie “Contact” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Contact” and ending explained Films

Contact is a sci-fi drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis based on the novel by Carl Sagan. The film tells the story of Eleanor Arroway, a scientist in search of extraterrestrial life. She receives a signal from outer space, which turns out to be a message from an intelligent civilization from another galaxy. Eleanor and her team go to an interstellar ship to meet with representatives of this civilization. During their journey, they face many obstacles and dangers, but Eleanor never gives up, and her perseverance allows her to achieve her goal. At the same time, the film asks serious questions about religion, science and faith on Earth and in space.

The plot of the film “Contact”

The film “Contact” is a story about how scientists were looking for life in space and found a signal from intelligent beings. In the center of the plot is Dr. Ellie Arroway, who leads a project to search for such creatures, taking part in the international project to search for extraterrestrial life forms SETI. It was in this project that Carl Sagan, the author of the novel, actively participated, based on which the film was made. She confronts skepticism about the project from government officials and religious leaders, as well as personal concerns.

Ellie finds a signal that turns out to be a message from an intelligent life form, with which she begins to communicate, trying to figure out the meaning of the message. She discovers that the message is a plan to build a machine that will allow her to visit an intelligent life form living on another planet that shares the same urge to explore and communicate with other living beings.

Ellie, with the help of her colleagues, builds an expensive machine worth hundreds of billions of dollars that sends her on a space adventure through the universe’s networks of wormholes, where she finds an alien civilization and forms a connection with them. In order for Ellie to feel on another planet without stress, the aliens recreated in detail the place of her childhood in Florida, and the conversation with the scientist was conducted by an alien who took the form of her father.

This meeting changes her life, and she realizes that our Universe looks in the eyes of another intelligent race differently than we used to imagine. The alien also informed Ellie that her planet was now a member of the Community of Civilizations of the Universe.

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When the astrophysicist returned to Earth, she realized that those around her simply would not believe her, since her body did not disappear from the car to move through wormholes. Ellie Arroway was called a fraudster and an investigation began against her. But her lover, who was played by the famous actor Matthew McConaughey in the 90s, believed his beloved and supported her.

It is worth noting that Palmer Jos, played by McConaughey, was also a pastor, that is, a very religious person, and his lover was an atheist scientist. But people believed the scientist, since ordinary people tend to believe in something significant, universal, which must necessarily concern them.

Oscar-winning Robert Zemeckis never took on simple stories, and the film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel confirms that this famous director always found the most interesting and burning plots. Despite the fact that the plot of the film “Contact” is quite simple, it has a colossal meaning.

In “Contact” the main themes are ideas about faith and science, about how we understand the meaning of life and communicate with other forms of intelligence. The film asks questions about what truth is and how we can achieve it in a limited understanding of the world, as well as how we can use science to improve life on Earth and create connections with other life forms in the universe.

The meaning of the film “Contact”

The film “Contact” is a philosophical allegory that asks questions about our role in the universe and our place in it. He addresses the eternal philosophical questions about life, death, faith, god, religion and science. The main character Ellie Arroway is a typical person who is trying to find her place in this world and understand her destiny. She is engaged in the search for intelligent life in the universe, and is convinced that scientific research should be based on evidence and observation, and not on faith and ancient ideas. However, when she has contact with another civilization that tells her about the meaning of life, she becomes more tolerant and begins to understand that religion can also be useful for humanity.

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The main themes of the film are the search for the meaning of life, faith in God and the scientific method. “Contact” explores the power of faith and science, as well as the skills it takes to make decisions. He shows that science and religion can complement each other, and sometimes conflict with each other.

In the movie Contact, the meaning of life lies in finding other intelligent life forms in the universe and understanding that we are not alone in the universe. The main character hopes to find evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, which can help her understand the meaning of life of human civilization and its role in the universe.

However, the meaning of life for each character in the film may be different. For some, it may be scientific knowledge of the world, for others, faith in God, for others, love and close relationships. The film raised the question that each person must find their own meaning of life and share it with others in order to create a general picture of this mysterious and often incomprehensible world.

The film also addresses the topic of alien life and its possible threat to humanity. He raises questions about how humanity can communicate with other civilizations in space, and suggests ways to solve the problems that arise.

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Thus, the philosophical meaning of the film “Contact” is the search for answers to complex questions about our place in the universe, the role of science and religion in our lives, and how we can communicate with other civilizations in space. It calls us to the contemplation of our existence, our ideas about the world and our role in it.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Contact”

The ending of the film “Contact” calls the viewer to the realization that belief in science and belief in religion are not mutually exclusive. In the film, although the themes of religion and God are touched upon, there is no specificity of which religion these thoughts are addressed to. This suggests that the filmmakers from the very beginning equate all people of different faiths who are equal before the secrets of the universe.

The main character accepts that people need both science and religion to combine their values ​​and create a more progressive and sustainable society. The childhood analogy refers to the intention to promote a better understanding of the essence of the world and the reunification of people with other living beings in the universe. At the end of the film, when Ellie talks about her encounter with an alien civilization, she does not claim to have known the universe and she has learned the truth. She encourages people to keep an open mind in exploring the world and recognize that many things cannot be proven scientifically, but may be part of our personal experience and philosophy of life.

Thus, the ending of Contact reminds us of the need to be respectful of different points of view and recognizes that science and religion can exist in harmony, helping us understand our role in this vast world.

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