Meaning of the movie “Don’t Blink” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Don't Blink” and ending explained Films

Time travel is of great interest exclusively on the pages of books or on the screen of a cinema, TV, laptop. In fact, few people want to get into such a mess. Because a person does not realize what is happening to him. Films of similar subjects are very fascinating and mysterious, ambiguous. They look like science fiction, but are deliberately “mundane” and resemble an artistically recreated reality. It is not surprising that sometimes the content of the film confuses the viewer and requires additional clarification.

Mysterious “Mountbrook” in a picturesque mountain saddle

Registering and booking a room in this mountain hotel is very easy, because the Internet is at hand. But you can’t talk to the staff. It simply doesn’t exist. Several two-story cottages, a large living room, well-groomed alleys and paths, flower beds and bushes. Early autumn in the mountains is especially beautiful: the gold and crimson of the falling leaves are fascinating. And somehow very quiet. Visitors celebrate it.

Friends, comrades and acquaintances with a hat, the beautiful Tracy, the impatient Alex, the wise Noah, the indecisive Jack, the caring Ella, the merry Lucas, the modest Charlotte, the “learned” Claire, the coquette Amelia and the vindictive Sam arrived on vacation at Mountbrook. It is found that the gas is running out, and there is no functioning gas station nearby. ATMs are also off. There will be problems returning home. The youth was also alerted by the following circumstance: they did not meet any vehicles moving in the opposite direction for the entire considerable length of their journey. There were no single pedestrians. What miracles.

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Breakfast is served in the dining room of a solid log house, but it has long cooled down. The bathroom looked like it had just been filled with water. On the dressing table are expensive used cosmetics. Where are the guests? Why are there no announcements, notes, warnings? Only on the mirror in the hallway is a strange inscription in lipstick: “Don’t blink.” Some kind of quest, joke? What does all of this mean? No one to ask.

Alex is the first to realize that “the matter is unclean”, speaks foul language, hurries, scolds the slow-witted, demands from the confused comrades “to get out of here as soon as possible.” The rest of the fuel is drained into one tank. Not much, but at least something. However, nothing works. Hyundai Santa Fe does not start, the starter is idling. Finally, the crossover, having hardly moved from its place, passes only a few meters and tightly gets stuck.

Frightening Disappearances

One by one, people disappear, not a trace remains of them. The list of victims of the unknown sinister kidnapper opens with the calm and just Noah, who was simply walking along the wall from the outside of the house in the company of Ella. The last one is hysterical. Pregnant Tracy, a kindergarten teacher, continued the terrible tradition. It was as if the joker Lucas had fallen through the ground, terribly frightening the pale Amalia. The survivors (for how long?) are shaking with horror. They agree among themselves not to take their eyes off their friends, not even blink. But in vain. An invisible bony hand takes away young lives without regard for gender, character, temperament, achievements in the past, plans and prospects. Although the final thesis is not flawless, and this will show the ending of the film story.

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frozen lake

By carefully watching the characters, you can understand what is happening, see the logic in the change of scenery and the sequence of scenes that played out. The key moment for understanding the situation at the camp site is a conversation in nature between the unrestrained, loud-voiced Alex and the thoughtful excellent student and clever Claire. To their mutual surprise, the surface of the reservoir in the basin suddenly froze, despite the September date. The boat, abandoned in the middle, froze into the ice. The fisherman is not visible nearby, although the rod is still lying on the stern. The collision happened suddenly, in a split second. But does it happen? Tourists notice other oddities: the absence of birds, small animals, insects on the green slopes: bees, moths, beetles. There is a version that the speed of time in this area is so high, that representatives of the fauna simply do not have time to show themselves to anyone: they grow, hatch chicks, feed their young and die. Moments pass from birth to becoming an organic fertilizer for the soil. A kaleidoscope of landscapes – “from the same opera.” March rushes to replace February almost as fast as the hour hand spins around the axis. The snow will melt, and the reeds will rustle along the banks again. Until the next frost at the sprint pace of the naughty winter

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It’s about the same with people: they live here, in these parts, for years and decades for several hours or days (how much is measured to whom). It is impossible to avoid this fate. You just didn’t have to come here.

Maintain dignity, remember faith

“Suicide bombers” behave differently in the face of imminent death. Busoter Sam is ready to deal with anyone who contradicts him, insults opponents, curses, threatens with weapons, crushes and breaks furniture. He is ruthless to everyone without exception, including himself. Nurse Ella keeps her presence of mind, tries to help the victims, bandages wounds, soothes, comforts. Uninhibited Amalia, the day before with pleasure playing cards for undressing and waving lace panties in front of her partner, suddenly turns into a pious, God-fearing parishioner. She earnestly prays for the salvation of souls – her own and her friends: “God punished us all for sins, for unrighteous deeds.” But it doesn’t get the response it needs. Girlfriends feel: this insight is false.

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  1. Zurreen

    Sorry but this explanation is as obscure as the movie itself. You say that “the speed of time in this area is so high, that representatives of the fauna simply do not have time to show themselves to anyone.” But if that is the answer to this movie’s mystery, then why don’t the characters age as the movie spans at least a whole day and night? Why is it that a character disappears only when no one is looking at him/her? But then, why did Noah disappear only to come back and then disappear again? And why didn’t Charlotte disappear even though Jack and Claire only continue to talk to each other? In fact, the focus remained so long on those last two, I’d totally forgotten Charlotte was still there! Indeed, the two of them left her alone in the living room as Jack accompanied Claire in the bathroom; but then, she comes in, only to say that she is going away now – and then, poof! She is (finally) gone too. Indeed, when Jack and his ex-girlfriend (Ella) were in the bedroom, why did *she* disappear but not he, and even when he was left all alone then as he walked all the way back out to the living room? Finally, again, if the speed of time is the answer, then why does the whole cottage and everything looks so new? What’s more, even the food and drinks (e.g., coffee) left behind are still in good condition, as if the people eating and drinking had just left? In short, there are just too many contradictions in the movie. But even if the developers had remained consistent, the above explanation – while a pretty good guess at that, don’t get me wrong – doesn’t explain everything, e.g., why the characters that remain don’t age, the food left behind by the previous occupants had not rotted and perhaps even disappeared to dust over time, etc.