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Critics with undisguised satisfaction record the growing interest of Asian cinema in acute social problems, the spiritual self-improvement of the individual, and not only. Entertainment, spectacle, conditional struggle between “good and evil”, clashes, fights, fair revenge and a priceless trophy in the person of an impregnable oriental beauty still dominate the screen. \ But more and more often they give way to the deep questions of the existence of the noosphere, which have been studied in detail by the West for a long time: “Who am I? What am I? Why do I live? To what extent do I fit into the surrounding reality and can I exist outside of it? Is my coming into the world important, is my individuality valuable? What are my fellow planets capable of for me, and I for them?

On the verge of certain death

The repeatedly tested plot gives the desired effect: the audience is anxiously watching the peacefully chewing, snoring, quietly talking, buried in tablets, passengers of the Korea Sky 501 flight flying to Honolulu. Travelers dreaming of white sand beaches do not yet know that they are all doomed. An excited young man, a former microbiologist, an employee of the pharmaceutical company Bricon, Rick Jin Suk, who recently lost his mother, betrayed by friends and colleagues, was offended by the whole world. He tricked him into smuggling a vial of deadly virus on board and prepared to spray its contents into the toilet.

The first to suffer is the gentleman, who, ironically, was unable to get into the business class bathroom and looked into his neighbors in the “economy”. The cynicism and enormity of the crazy Juice’s plan literally paralyzes several young flight attendants, two pilots and a flight engineer. They do not know how to act in such a stalemate. There is a doctor among the vacationers, but how can he help? Just divide the interior into compartments. Sick people go to the “tail”. The air circulating in a closed space is not replaced by fresh air, that is, within a few minutes, a maximum of an hour, everyone will be at risk. Already at this stage, a solid, exciting thriller could slowly move towards its logical finale. Few options:

  • strong guys coped with the terrorist, twisted him, disarmed him, and he did not have time to carry out his sinister plan,
  • managed to neutralize the drug in the capsule, the composition was suggested by radio,
  • the suicide was convinced that he was in a hurry, all the good things are ahead,
  • found his first love (contacted her on the Internet), and the murderer changed his mind,
  • and also others.
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Alas. Killer arguments from opponents were not found. And certified commentators remotely defined the threat as “extended suicide.” There is, it turns out, such a term in psychology.

“One – zero”?

But here the filmmakers, not content with the trivial course of the standard synopsis, make a sharp turn and bring the script, its core and climax to a new level, much more powerful and impressive. The ill-fated board is refused to be landed at the airfields of America. Hawaii is nearby, but they are out of reach. The controller insistently asks the 501st to leave state airspace and fly home. Then, along the chain, “friendly” Japan is fenced off in the same way. Its fighters even fire at a dangerous flying object, “to be discourteous.” There is almost no fuel left in the tanks.

How to reach your native Seoul? Planning will help. However, a new-old trouble comes, from where they were not expected. South Korea has joined the refuseniks. The reason is the danger of the infection spreading to the personnel of the airport of arrival, in the future to cities, other states and continents. The situation is terrible: the cargo hold is full of corpses, Captain Wang Dong Hyun is not breathing, co-pilot Choi is weak, barely moving his fingers. There is no one to steer after turning off the autopilot. Of course, there is a retired pilot Pan Joe Hyuk, and now all hope is on him. Once an aviator was suspended from piloting due to an unfortunate accident, during which Choi’s wife died. A father travels with his young daughter Su Min, taking her for treatment. We have to remember the basics of the profession in the name of saving people.

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The unimaginable is happening on earth. Crowds of residents of the capital filled the runways with the slogans “Get out!” The government hesitates, the ministers disagree on how to proceed. On the one hand, these are our citizens. On the other hand, they bring grief and problems with them. Sociological services start polling the population: “Allow the landing or reject it?”. The number of frightened respondents prevails over compassionate ones. Sane Koreans care about health, what’s so surprising?

Police officer Bo, desperate to wait for a safe return from his wife’s unsuccessful trip, deliberately injects a “nuclear” virus into his body in order to test the vaccine, which was hastily brought from the manufacturer without conducting the necessary clinical studies. There is simply no time for this. The brave Bo hopes to win over the doubting ruthless compatriots to his side. The unfortunate victims of a maniac terrorist must be hidden from prying eyes, brighten up their last days and hours, but, possibly, be cured. And he also wants Ming Chan’s adult daughter not to lose her mother. The girl, swallowing her tears, begs her mother on the phone to forgive her for her childhood whims.

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The phantasmagoria continues. The authors of the film unobtrusively lead the main characters to the only right decision: they themselves must refuse to land, become a sacrificial sheep in a blazing fire of prejudices, doubts, fears, threats and contradictions. Mayakovsky’s lines about the unit sound not just a reinforced concrete argument, but a tocsin. What are the lives of 150 doomed people worth compared to the scale of the entire planet?

Just think, little Su Min in a short dress will no longer run, jump, laugh and play with dolls. On one side of the scale is a little girl, on the other – the entire multibillion-dollar humanity. What will pull? Soaring in the clouds humanists confidently assert: both positions are equivalent. Collectivists and community members do not agree with them. What will the baby’s father do? Who is he: a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand in the Sahara, a cog in a mechanism, shavings in a sawmill, the smallest asteroid in the universe? An absolute zero that considers itself an integer? Or not?

The viewer shudders, he is uncomfortable. This is unfair, not human. A girl cannot be sacrificed for the sake of someone’s salvation. Need to come up with something. Of course, to land the plane, isolate all passengers and crew, arrange quarantine, devote all efforts to creating a vaccine, seek help from other developed countries. Something can be done! It is unthinkable to condemn an ​​innocent child. Yes, and put into his mouth consent to voluntary death. “I don’t want to let my friends down, Dad, let them down. We’d rather stay in the sky forever.”

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