Meaning of the movie “Event Horizon” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Event Horizon” and ending explained Films

The film “Event Horizon” was filmed back in 1997, but the cult picture received well-deserved recognition relatively recently. Today it is considered a true standard of popular science horror film, from which directors all over the world take an example.

The film is full of various references and details, which together form many important ideas. Let’s figure out what meaning the creators put into the film “Event Horizon”.

The plot of the picture

The film describes the future, however, not too far removed from the present: the action takes place around the forties of our century. The spacecraft “Event Horizon” went missing ten years before the start of the action. He is suddenly seen near Neptune. A company of experienced astronauts is sent on a mission to save a starship. The person who designed the ship is entrusted with managing the course of the operation.

Arriving at the place, the rescuers discover traces of blood and the body of one of the expedition members, which has already become stiff. An investigation begins, during which it becomes clear that a secret laboratory was organized on the ship, which created the device. The device created a hole in space and the crew was transported to another galaxy. When it returned, an evil force, until now unknown to man, took over control…

What is the meaning of the movie

The creators of the picture depict the cosmos not as a black space full of unknown and attractive planets and constellations. He is shown as a dark and destructive force capable of exposing the slightest human vices and driving people to madness. Perhaps Hell is not on our planet, but somewhere far beyond its borders, in this terrible silence? This makes the viewer think.

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The starship, which reminds many of the cathedral, inspires no less horror. He, like a tomb, smelled of death and despair. And the device created on it is a real technical miracle, a huge breakthrough in world science. It can work outside the bounds of space and time.

The mechanism in the film is a symbol of progress, the achievement of the human mind, which, having reached its climax, has a destructive power. This is the payment of mankind for the fact that it imagines itself to be the lord of all life in this world.

Character characteristics

  • William Ware is a “classic” mad genius. At the beginning of the story, he appears before the viewer not from the best side. He is tormented by the “ghost” of his deceased wife, and his colleagues treat him with some disdain. However, it is difficult for the viewer not to empathize with this man, who is faced with a lot of negativity. But over time, the hero really joins evil, finally losing his mind and spoiling the life of his partners. In many ways, this image is associated with a really existing historical figure – the occultist doctor Johan Weyer.
  • Captain Miller appears before the viewer as a strong and courageous person, for whom the well-being of others will always come first. Despite the general atmosphere and the visits of the ghost of a deceased comrade, he tries to maintain clarity of mind. Miller loses the battle against evil forces, sacrificing himself to save his colleagues.
  • Lieutenant Stark combines feminine charm and an uncomplicated mind. She is one of the first to understand that something is wrong on the ship. After an explosion occurs, she manages to escape along with two colleagues.
  • DJ is shown as an erudite person, not devoid of wisdom. He is Miller’s “right hand”. It is he who manages to decipher the message from the starship, written in Latin. Helping the victims, DJ meets a terrible death in the person of a distraught comrade.
  • Midshipman Justin is the youngest member of the team. It was his actions that caused the dark matter to awaken. After his rescue, Justin wants to take his own life, but he is not allowed to do so.
  • Lieutenant Peters appears before us as an unbroken personality with a powerful inner core. She suffers from the image of her son, who comes to her with mutilated legs. Through the fault of this image, she dies.
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Reminiscences in the film “Event Horizon”

In the picture you can see a considerable number of references to other works of art. Here are some examples of reminiscences that an attentive viewer will notice:

  • In its design, the starship is very similar to Notre Dame Cathedral. Medieval religious symbols are found inside the ship.
  • The film shows the influence of the directorial ideas of Stanley Kubrick and other great masters of cinema.
  • There are some hints of resemblance to Solaris. The story of the scientist and his deceased wife, as well as the very atmosphere of the film, tangibly echoes Tarkovsky’s masterpiece.
  • If you believe the fans of “Star Wars”, then in the structure of the starship there are some similarities with the “x-wing”.

After the release of the screens, the film did not have the due popularity. According to the director, this is largely due to the fact that many bright episodes had to be removed from the tape. The terms of work were very tight, which prevented the director from realizing the planned plot in all its glory. Subsequently, additional materials were published, in which you can see some of the deleted fragments.

Over time, the picture “Event Horizon” has gained well-deserved success. Today, millions of viewers watch and re-watch this movie, and many contemporary works contain references to scenes or ideas from the film. The work shows the viewer that science can have not only useful power for a person, but also an effect that will be detrimental to people.

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