Meaning of the movie “Freaks” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Freaks” and ending explained Films

Imbued with philosophical meaning, the picture “Freaks” can make you think. The meaning of all life is hidden in the film. It is like a precious stone hidden at the bottom. The filmmakers talentedly told the audience about the fate of people who are different from others.

What is the movie Freaks 2019 about

A father and daughter live in complete seclusion. They have their own world, mysterious and incomprehensible. The father does not allow his daughter to leave the house. They are like an ordinary family. But there is one oddity – the girl sees terrible ghosts in the dark. The child is very scared.

The girl has a dream – she wants ice cream. And one day, in front of the house where the girl is locked, a van with a cold treat stops. Chloe forces the girl next door to bring her ice cream with her mind. Harper did what Chloe mentally told her to do.

The neighbor girl and her mother saw Chloe, but the father closed the door, and then scolded the girl for leaving the house. He convinces his daughter that bad people can kill them.

Chloe has incredible powers. She can be anywhere. The father continues to scare his daughter with the horrors that are happening on the street. He convinces the girl that while she is still not quite normal.

One day, Chloe goes outside. She goes to the ice cream truck. The owner invites the girl to the van, and Chloe agrees. A strange man is carrying her through the park. Along the way, he asks Chloe about the strange things that happen to her. A mysterious ice cream man tells a girl about her mother. He knows about Chloe’s rare powers. He says that soon she won’t have to hide.

It turned out that Chloe’s father also has unusual abilities. And the strange ice cream man turns out to be Chloe’s grandfather. The whole family has incredible abilities, but hides them. Special services are on the trail of an unusual family. And they have to be careful.

The situation is getting out of control. Others are driven into a corner, they kill everyone who tries to stop them. The authorities want to destroy the strange family. A rocket flies at their house, it hit the target, not all the others survived.

Chloe meets with a mother who did everything to save her daughter. Now they are together. But the mysterious others will no longer hide. They are able to protect each other from those who will interfere with them. Mother and daughter fly away to the heights, to a new life.

What is shown in the film? And what actually happens in the alternative world of the “Freaks”?

Contrary to the classic stories about the X-Men, the mutants in the world of the movie “Freaks” (here they are originally called freaks – “freaks”, at best – abnormal) could not organize themselves into large groups and defend the right to a peaceful life.

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More precisely, in Dallas there was an unknown conflict between representatives of the government and a rather large group of others – people with various superpowers. As a result of the clash between the state and super mutants, the city was completely destroyed, and all persons with superpowers were declared criminals and terrorists.

Everywhere in America banners and announcements are hung, reminiscent of how you can identify a mutant. In short, the first sign of another (or “abnormal”) is bloody tears from the eyes. Yes, people with superpowers suffer from congenital haemolacria. – a disease in which blood is secreted from the glands along with tears.

In the world of “Freaks”, it comes to the point that the police, special forces and a special agency open fire to kill as soon as they see a person with bloody eyes. State propaganda convinces people to denounce their neighbors at the first suspicion. And television, the Internet and the media tell ordinary people that others who surrender voluntarily go to the Mountain (Mount Maddock) – to a reservation with their own kind, in which they cannot harm ordinary people.

But the point is that there is no reservation. The mountain is a protected government facility and a de facto concentration camp for mutants. There, experiments are carried out on others, the most persistent are tortured, but as a result, they destroy both. the most useful and young, however, are recruited for service – after brainwashing, of course. Anyone who refuses to voluntarily go to his death is hunted down. Often any suspicious houses are bombed from drones.

Since everyone else has very different abilities, they also hide from government assassins in different ways. For example, the main character – Dad – hides his daughter in a house in the suburbs: he covers the building with a chrono-dome, under which time flows differently, and convinces the child that you can’t go outside – it’s dangerous there. And while in the real world only a few months pass, in the house with accelerated time – seven years. Daughter Chloe, whom he hides in a shelter at the risk of his life, has telepathic abilities from birth – she can not only read thoughts (within a rather limited range, it’s more like a premonition), but also establish contact at a distance and control the actions of people. She also has the gift of persuasion.

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In addition, her grandfather can become invisible, and her mother flies like Superman.

What is shown at the end of the movie “Freaks”? And how to understand what is shown?

The ending is pretty dark. The “Freaks” ending is as follows: we are shown that Chloe cleans up the camp on Gor and helps her mother escape. The problem is that the girl is constantly prevented from concentrating: the government agent Ray is wandering around the house, whom the Pope is trying to deceive and distract.

It turns out that the agent is aware that Chloe is in the house. And she tries to convince the protagonist that he must give up. It is clear that the government does not need him – and he is guaranteed to be killed. But the daughter will be given a chance to survive if she proves useful.

A shootout begins. Dad tries to stop or at least slow down the bullet, but does not have time – and Agent Ray still injures him. Then a government sleuth kills the grandfather, who tries to block off the granddaughter while being invisible. Next, Chloe forces the agent to commit suicide with a service pistol.

When the Pope stops time and kills the commandos who decided to storm the house, a missile is fired from the drone. The wounded Pope covers the area with a chrono-dome and, literally in the last seconds, takes his daughter out of the burning house. An explosion, the house burns down, Chloe’s father dies. But in the last minutes of the film, her mother arrives and with a shock wave tears the special forces soldiers to shreds.

Together with her daughter, she flies away from the ashes. Mom says that they will fly far, far away and hide well. But Chloe is against it – she no longer wants to hide. And ready to fight if they come for her.

It should be understood that frightened people again gave birth to their most terrible enemy. It is possible that Chloe will now become something like a supervillain from comics, who will subsequently take revenge on the whole world for the death of her loved ones.

The meaning of the film Others

The story is filled with meaning from the mysterious beginning to the touching end.

Each person is unique, he is not like the others. Their thoughts, their feelings are hidden in the soul of everyone. Anyone who wants to rid a person of his bright personality will certainly be punished. The power of uniqueness is incredibly great, it is limitless. The miracles that this power can create are simply impossible. But these miracles are just as important as the individuality of each. You should recognize the characteristics of other people, understand and accept them.

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Cruel world

The film raises the theme of cruel treatment of people who are different from everyone. The kids don’t want to play with Chloe, they are cruel to the poor girl. Adults also behave in the same way as children. With their cruelty, they mask their fear of others.

From such an attitude, misfortunes occur with those who do not want to let others into their ordinary society.

Hiding is not an option

The film reveals another meaning to the viewer. Even if a person is different from the rest, he should not leave the world of people who consider themselves normal.

No matter how they think the other person, he must learn to live among people. Yes, and without exception, people do not interfere with learning to calmly relate to those who are not like them. They do not need to be afraid, with unusual neighbors you need to live in peace. Otherwise, the consequences can be completely unpredictable.

The power of loneliness

When a person is alone, incredible fantasies are born in his head. And these dreams are gradually reborn, formed, turn into a whole world. A lonely person paints his personal universe with bright colors, populates it with unusual creatures, as well as people whom he loved in the past.

There are friends in this world, and the days are filled with joy and happiness. A lonely person likes in his universe, he does not allow others to go there. This is a dangerous world, it can lead to terrible consequences.

Fathers and Sons

The meaning of the difficult relationship between generations is also shown in the film. A father who forbids his daughter to leave the house seems insane. The girl does not immediately understand the reason for such behavior, she is offended, she rebels against such an attitude towards herself.

This happens in the relationship between parents and children, even without rare abilities. The film suggests an important idea – you need to talk with children, try to understand them, be able to explain to them the meaning of what is happening. You can not act only with the help of prohibitions.

The meaning of the final

The meaning of the ending of the mysterious film is that it is important to overcome all your fears. It is important to stop being afraid, to become free again, to rise above what frightens.

And then life will definitely get better. And if other people again try to interfere in a calm, free, serene life, they need to be given a serious rebuff. Just like the main characters of the movie “Others” did.

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