Meaning of the movie “From” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “From” and ending explained Films

The series “From” will undoubtedly appeal to connoisseurs of quality cinema, as the creators of the legendary masterpiece “Lost” worked on it. This sci-fi horror will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. All attention will be riveted to what is happening on the screen. Chilling horror and the desire to solve all the mysteries will make the audience follow all the intricacies of the plot and keep their attention until the very last minute.

And it all started out pretty nice. Jim and Tabitha Matthews are on a road trip with their children, daughter Julie and son Ethan. They ride in a comfortable motor home and enjoy the picturesque scenery around. Suddenly, a fallen tree blocks their way. It seems that someone deliberately left it across the road to force the car to stop.

The family has no choice but to try to bypass an unexpected obstacle. They decide to pull off onto a country road and then back onto the highway. But their plan failed. There is no way they can get back. Time after time they find themselves on the same road and passing by the same settlement.

Arriving in the town, the Matthews ask the local sheriff how they can get back on their route. He shows them the way, but the result remains unchanged. Their car continues to move in this “vicious circle”. Making another attempt to enter the track, their trailer collides with another car, which suddenly flew out of the corner. The motor home flies into a ditch and overturns. Everyone survived, except for Ethan, who suffered a rather serious leg injury. It becomes clear that now they will definitely have to linger in this strange place.

And as it turns out later, all the locals were here for some reason. Their path was also blocked by a fallen tree. And attempts to bypass the obstacle, all, as one, ended with a ride in a circle past this outback.

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And the town is not just strange, it is really creepy. As soon as the sun disappears below the horizon, the sheriff picks up a bell and begins his daily walk around the streets. The ominous ringing is a kind of signal to all who live here that it is time to leave the open space as soon as possible. After all, if you do not have time to properly close the door behind you, something terrible can happen.

When the night falls on the city, creepy creatures come out to hunt. These monsters pretend to be ordinary people, but their strange way of walking betrays them. They can’t just get into the house, they need to be invited to come inside. And if you succumb to the temptation and let in this dead man, who pretended to be someone close, but who had already left this world, people, but you can immediately say goodbye to your life. The monster will pounce on a person and tear him apart, leaving no chance for salvation.

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In such a terrible reality, both those who have been living here for several years, and those who have recently lost their way and found refuge in this strange place, have to exist.

But in addition to one main enemy, namely bloodthirsty monsters, people, as elsewhere, begin to look for ill-wishers within their society. Those who live in a peculiar community do not get along with those who choose to live with their families in the town itself.

In addition to the main goal of saving themselves from terrible monsters, people want to live an ordinary life. As far as it is, of course, possible. It also shows the difficulties in the relationship between fathers and children, the attempts of the spouses to save a falling apart marriage, strange and out of the usual behavior of ordinary people. Can faith unite everyone? A good question, considering that the local reverend is hiding a girl who has lost her mind.

There are disputes. The tension is growing. Everyone defends his vision of the development of events. All this, sooner or later, can lead to open confrontation and to completely unexpected consequences.

The authors of the series successfully managed to create such an atmosphere of hopelessness from what is happening that the viewer himself feels all the horror in which the heroes of the series live “From”. I want each episode to give at least some hints about what and why is happening here. But after watching the next series, only more questions remain. The veil over the mystery that this city is shrouded in does not open even a millimeter. The mysteries are only getting bigger.

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Or maybe the monsters are not the worst thing in this series. It also becomes terrifying how people who had to end up in one place without the opportunity to get out begin to show their true colors. And not all here are good-natured citizens. It’s full of people with their cockroaches in their heads. Maybe it was people who became the most terrible enemies to themselves.

“From” makes you closely follow the actions of the characters and, together with them, look for answers and clues. But each time only more questions will remain. The main one of which will be – what is going on here and who invented it all? Maybe a forgotten settlement became the site of a strange and sophisticated experiment? What if all the heroes have died a long time ago and can not get out of a kind of purgatory?

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