Meaning of the movie “Furies” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Furies” 2022 and ending explained Films

The film was released in the genre of horror, mixed with thriller and action. A good combination, provided you love horror films with an admixture of The Hunger Games and similar topics. In fact, the film is a kind of puzzle. If in a normal one, you need to twist, twirl, touch with your hands, look with your eyes and write something down in a notebook so as not to get confused. This one needs to be unraveled only by viewing, without missing the details. In the film, there is a need to connect everything seen, into an understanding of how the local game of living works.

The beginning of the film immediately takes us into the abyss of events. A survival game with a clear number of pairs: eight by eight. The so-called “Monsters” and “Beauties” participate in it. The game is considered over if only one player remains alive.

After, the narration of the film shifts to two girlfriends. Those, in turn, have fun in the evening on the street, talk about life and create an act of vandalism. But having quarreled a little because of different opinions, they disagree on a bad note. It is at this moment that they are kidnapped.

Malefactors, carry out operation on eyes to girls. And at the same time they will spoil the “Beast” mask, which will be a couple for one of the girlfriends shown earlier.

Kayla, actually our main character, wakes up in a box on a sound signal, which annoys her wildly. The girl gets out of the box to stop the noise, and finds herself in the middle of the forest. Also in the frame, you can replace the name of the box “Beauty” with the number “six”. In search of a way out and help, she stumbles upon other “Handsome”. But it turns out that Kayla suffers from epilepsy and passes out during the attack. One of the girls, with blond hair, leaves, leaving the two to fend for themselves. The second remains to wait for the heroine to come to her senses.

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Kayla, after waking up, along with the other “Beauty” who stayed with her, walked further through the forest and stumbled upon the exact same box as they had when they woke up. But with a different inscription “Monster” with the number “six”.

The monster was not long in coming and appeared in front of the girls. Kayla passes out again due to illness, and her companion decides to distract the masked man with an ax. During a fierce struggle, the girl’s face is cut off and she dies.

Kayla wakes up and, running from danger, finds the sound barrier. That is, you can’t get out of the field of play. The girl meets another victim, followed by a monster with an ax and pierces her back with a weapon. But a fourth player appears on the field. The second monster with a sickle, kills a masked man with an axe. And then he starts hunting for the runaway girls.

Meanwhile, Kayla helps the wounded “Beauty” and hides her in a secluded place – in the crown of a tree. She says the words to the heroine that explain the original title of the film: “There are Fury goddesses who can protect from trouble,” but this is just a myth, the film is not at all about magic and miracles. After Kayla convinces her that the girl is safe, she runs off in search of help. Not thinking about the fact that he leaves the wounded victim alone to certain death. The poor fellow is found by a monster with a sickle and cuts off his hands, and then takes his life.

At the same moment, Kayla meets another monster and prepares to defend herself, but his head bursts and the girl goes on without tying two and two. He finds houses and sheds, in one of which he decides to hide and wait. In search of a suitable place, due to fear of monsters, she accidentally kills “Beauty”, and she is covered by another attack. This time, Kayla has a dream from the perspective of the “Beast”, in which her friend is alive and guarded by the same monster.

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Waking up, Kayla found another Asian girl next to her. During the conversation, the main character realizes that one of her eyes, the organizers of the game, was replaced with a security camera and, perhaps, there is a chip that makes it impossible to go beyond the barrier. It was logical to assume that all the players present had such a camera. Kayla reinforces her hunch in action: plucking the eye out of the girl she accidentally killed earlier.

The “Beauty” who escaped at the very beginning reappears and they are attacked by a monster with a sickle. The three of them escorted him out of the room, but he did not go far. Important information reaches a group of girls: they were divided into pairs. The “Beast” must kill everyone to protect his “Beauty”. If “Beauty” dies earlier, then “Beast” dies with her, but it doesn’t work the other way around. That is, only one “Beauty” can remain alive, or everyone will die.

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Finally putting everything into a single chain, the girls understand that by killing each other, one of them can survive. One of those present worked the instinct of self-preservation, which is a logical action on her part.

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  1. Andrea Rowe

    This entire article reads as if my 5 year old wrote it. You got almost every single big moment wrong.. kept calling the women HE and even explained the killings wrong. If you haven’t even watched the movie, don’t review it. Seriously, the worst article I’ve read on this movie. I would suggest anyone who hasn’t watched it, to go view a better and more professional review as this one is a 1/10.