Meaning of the movie “Gehraiyaan” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Gehraiyaan” and ending explained Films

When mainstream Bollywood announced a project prone to pretentiousness, would-be viewers were immediately wary of the industry’s tendency to destroy such films with outrageous monetization and redundant lines that seem more anecdotal than profound. So, what is the film project “Gehraiyaan” from the Bollywood director Batra?

What is the movie “Gehraiyaan” about?

An idle girl (Deepika Padukone) is dating two guys and trying to get used to their completely opposite philosophies. A man who does not admit defeat and does not take prisoners (Siddhant Chaturvedi) tries to rule the world and use everyone. The film is 148 minutes long. During the show, the plot becomes more and more eventful. The result was a kind of love drama about bad relationships, reminiscent of “home neo-noir”.

The film “Gehraiyaan” mainly shows the life of the two aforementioned characters. Alisha Khanna (Deepika Padukone) is a 30-year-old yoga instructor. She is in a six-year relationship with Karan Arora (Dairiya Karva), who has quit his lucrative job as an advertising copywriter and is now writing novels. Alisha’s career isn’t going anywhere, and she’s attached to her boyfriend. Then there’s Zayn Siddiqui (Siddhant Chaturvedi), a real estate developer engaged to Alisha’s cousin Tia Khanna (Ananya Pandai). Although Alisha and Tia grew up next to each other, Tia is actually closer to Karan as they studied together in the US.

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Returning to India some time later, Tia invites Alisha and Karan to spend the weekend together in a bungalow on the banks of Alibaug. Alisha and Zayn’s paths cross for the first time – and they soon discover much in common. They both like to think of themselves as outsiders and they both have a traumatic past. While on bride territory, Zayn can’t help but constantly flirt with Alisha. Alisha and Zayn start dating behind Tia and Karan’s backs, which naturally leads to all sorts of complications.

The meaning of the film “Gehraiyaan”

“Gehraiyaan” is a story about vicious personalities that demonstrates destructive human relationships. Whether it’s fatherhood, sisterhood, or romantic affectation. There are various trends and social clichés in the film.

Narrative from director Batra describes the wrong choice and its consequences. Among all the characters, no one was perfect, everyone had flaws, like other human beings. The Gehraiyaan illustrates the painful reality that all characters want to escape from.

However, it also awakens a sense of compassion in the audience, encouraging the idea to move on. But according to the plot, it turns out that no matter how hard the characters try to overcome their sins, the past in the form of memories overtakes them.

The film has stunning visual effects (such as roaring waves). An insanely beautiful musical composition that not only enhanced the very essence of the dramatic episodes, but also created the right mood and atmosphere for the film.

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The performance of actress Deepika Padukone in the film “Gehraiyaan” is unsurpassed. Another highlight of the film is Siddhant Chaturvedi. He did not disappoint the audience, amazingly coped with his role. Dairya Karva as Karan is perhaps the film’s weakest link. But do not reproach him much for this, because the script for this character was not created up to the mark, which is why Karan “sank”.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Gehraiyaan”

The film project shows how psychotrauma tends to be passed on to generations and how restless characters repeat the mistakes they so much want to avoid. Alisha had an affair to avoid an abusive relationship because she wanted to avoid the experience her mother had. But, when she was brought to clean water, she realized that she had exactly repeated her mistakes. After an unpleasant conversation with her father, she accepts her past, but brushes it off again instead of constantly confronting it. It reminds viewers that sometimes you can’t completely forget the past. You can only get used to wearing ballast so that over time such a burden does not seem too heavy.

Another aspect of the ending is whether Zane knew about Alisha and Tia and how such knowledge motivated him. The viewer only assumes that even if he knew, he would not have done anything, because the entire state was recorded on Tia. The final 30 seconds of “Gehraiyaan” turned out to be curious. Alisha is determined to leave the past behind, and suddenly his forgotten shadow appears in front of her. The old woman who eventually ran into Alisha was the one Alisha and Zane helped when they were still together during one of their dates on the yacht.

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Alisha meets the old woman again at her engagement and finds that she remembers the girl and calls her by her first name. This ends The Gehraiyaan, leaving the viewer to deduce what might have happened. It also gives the film a twist.

But the film did not live up to the audience’s expectations. It’s just that for a film called “Gehraiyaan” there is just no Gehraiyaanin it. The characters seem kind of cardboard. Alisha is twitchy and nervous, Tia is kind and carefree, and Zane is selfish and manipulative. Audiences usually need to feel something in order to like a film. However, they feel a fair amount of irritation while watching. After all, they see how the final “turn” to history, in general, did not add anything.

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