Meaning of the movie “Gone in the Night” and ending explained


Gone in the Night is a special detective thriller that has a very strange and not very clear plot. It is built on the fact that it tells the story of a couple who have a difficult relationship during a weekend getaway. Further, the narrative goes beyond the time frame, ending not as everyone expected. There are too many unexpected twists here, but they are made too late, many do not understand what the meaning of the film is and especially cannot understand the ending itself.

What is Gone in the Night about?

Initially, the film begins with Kat and Max coming to nature for the weekend, renting a house in the woods, but when they arrive, another couple already lives in the house, who also rented it. There was a discrepancy and Max asks them to spend the night after all, because it’s too long to go back, and the young people agree. However, Max offers to play a board game, Kat goes to sleep. When she wakes up, she realizes that the house is empty. She meets on the street the husband of the girl who stayed in the house, and reports that after the game he began to show attention to his girlfriend Gretta. They left together, everyone is shocked, because she understands that this should not be. The couple came to relax for the weekend, they have a romantic relationship, besides, they still understand that this situation is real, since Max is younger than her.

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Alone, she feels fine and basically forgets about this story. But still, she decides to check what Max managed to find in Gretta. She found the phone of the owner of the house and told about what happened, this helps her to find the owner of the house Barlow, this is the owner of the house, he is a successful specialist in the field of biotechnology. When the main character finds Greta and talks to her. The girl apologizes to her, reports that they have a serious relationship with Max, they are together, but after the girl sees the photos on the phone, a temporary flight is made.

We are shown the background of the journey, Kat and Max were at a party where Max meets a couple, they invite him to an underground music concert. However, you can only get to it from a house in the forest, so when he returned, he offered to relax in nature.

The meaning of the movie “Gone in the Night”

The meaning of the film becomes clear after Kat met Barlow and learned about his research on diseases. The film tells what people are ready for for the sake of eternal youth. She decided to visit him and when she remains in silence, she suddenly sees a photo of Barlow with Al, that is, the owner is a relative with the guy with whom she was vacationing in the house. A series of flashbacks begin, and in fact, Kat begins to think that they were lured into the cabin on purpose.

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Barlow needs a blood donor, he is constantly doing research to find a cure for genetic diseases. Al is also interested, like his son, in the successful solution of this problem, because this disease was inherited from his grandfather. However, after a conversation with Barlow, she realizes that in fact he is not looking for any medicine, this is just a means of rejuvenation, and Max’s blood is needed specifically for Barlow, he rejuvenates with her help.

Then Kat promises them a large amount, she also wants to rejuvenate at the expense of Greta, Barlow and his son decided to catch her in the forest and put her on the operating table. At this time, Kat tries to take Max out, but he takes out all his pipes himself, but since he is exhausted, he falls.

Explanation of the Gone in the Night ending

However, the end remains a mystery to many, because in fact, Kat is trying to get Max out, but after he falls, she realizes that he cannot be helped. She runs to her car, but looks at her aging skin in the mirror at the last moment and she gets out of the car again. She looks towards the forest as the end credits roll. Many people explain the ending by saying that they realize that her boyfriend is dead, she has nothing to lose, and now she can force Barlow to transfuse her blood to stop the aging process.

The whole film does not reveal the essence, but then everything happens as quickly as possible, which makes it difficult to follow the development of the plot. The main thing with the emotional line is quite difficult, this is a dramatic thriller, and the main twist comes at the end. For many, it is disappointing. In fact, this is a film about how people do not want to grow old and how they are looking for different ways. Kat decides that returning to normal life is difficult. She also wants to become young and beautiful, and this can be done by forgetting about the murder of Max and simply asking her to transfuse the same blood type.

In general, the plot of the film is incomprehensible, many can only guess what intentions the main character had. It is not clear if she entered the empty salon in order to simply move away from the sudden shocks, or if her intention was connected with everything else. At the end of the film, an atmosphere of uncertainty remains, it makes it possible to independently guess what will be its end. The right to choose is yours, it all depends on how you perceived the plot, and how much you support the main character in her aspirations. In general, the plot of the film left an ambiguous impression, so it can be interpreted in different ways.

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