Meaning of the movie “High rise” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “High rise” and ending explained Films

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of the movie “High Tower” and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The film High Rise was released in 2015, it made an unforgettable impression on many viewers, because the film has a lot of tough, frightening and even vulgar scenes. The film is based on the story of the protagonist Dr. Lang. The film has a hidden meaning and other nuances.

What is the movie “High rise” about?

A skyscraper is a multi-storey building. This house has everything – a school, a swimming pool, a massage room, a gym. There is a clear hierarchy in the house, the lower floors belong to poorer people, rich wealthy people live on the high ones. After settling in, Dr. Lang goes to the celebration, where he meets several neighbors, the girl Charlotte, who has a child, Helen – she also has small children, and she is expecting another baby.

The third character is Helen’s husband, but he loves Charlotte. Dr. Lang goes to meet the famous architect of the building, Anthony Royal, he lives on the forty-fourth floor, and his wife has her own garden, and surprisingly, a beautiful horse. She also loves chic receptions in the style of the XIX century. The audience is shown how Dr. Lang gets to the party with Anthony’s wife, not suspecting that a dress code is planned there, he comes in a business suit, and he is simply put out of the event.

After that, various interesting events begin – the electrics turn off on the lower floors, the garbage chute is heavily clogged, and children are not allowed into the pool at the children’s holiday. Richard goes to sort things out, but all the rich people leave the party. A dog also drowns in the pool. At one of the receptions, he manages to take drugs and manages to fight with the bouncer.

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Wealthy residents, in turn, decide who will be responsible for all this, whom to make extreme. Subsequently, Richard divorces his wife, leaves her, and he is also beaten by wealthy neighbors. Robert fights for the last can of paint because the store is running out. Dr. Lang manages to enter into an intimate relationship with Helen, because her husband left her, and at this time he sleeps with his wife’s girlfriend.

The last scenes look completely disturbing, because they begin to wash clothes in the pool and there are a lot of dead people in the background of everything that happens. Helen is forcibly taken upstairs because the upper floors need to be cleaned, and that’s where she gives birth. Dr. Lang is on the verge of life and death, because they try to throw him off the balcony.

The meaning of the film “High rise”

Many people wonder what is the meaning of the film. To many, the plot seems completely absurd and meaningless. However, the main goal of the film High Rise is to show the degradation of society. Sometimes it seems that people have become more educated, more intelligent, but the whole animal nature is still hidden in them. They come out with various vices, lust, they completely lack morality.

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The public is completely degrading down at different levels – both the beggar and the rich man, and all the characters are unpleasant in their own way, even the main character has a negative feature of the middle class, namely silence.

People see what the rich are doing, they don’t sympathize with the problems that the poor face. Silence is essentially complicity, and Dr. Lang is accused of this. He didn’t kill anyone, but he didn’t try to protect those he could protect. He completely turned a blind eye to what is happening, this is the degradation of the middle class.

As a matter of fact, the High rise building is a symbol of the social structure. In the film, everything is symbolic and the names of the characters, and the topics of conversation, even the details of clothing. Different floors emphasize class affiliation, depend on the environment to which this or that hero belongs, his social status. The same is shown in the place of residence, that is, higher floors and lower ones."High-rise": the meaning of the film and the explanation of the ending

Among the rich, an architect stands out who fully adheres to the theory of modernization. There are white walls around him, he is in a white suit, but his wife wears a dress in the fashion of the 19th century, plants a green garden, that is, imitates the life of that century. A woman should be in harmony with nature, all people seem civilized, educated. In fact, they all have bad habits. They ignore moral principles, and this is what becomes the complete collapse of society, leads to the complete end of existence.

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Explanation of the ending of the film “High rise”

At the end of the film, the subtext is revealed, that is, the patriarchal regime is completely collapsing. The woman establishes a new regime. The architect is a tragic character, he is a victim of his house, which he created using the latest creations, atomic energy, various technologies here, while he said that I am the architect of my accident and all disasters in general.

At the end of the film, Richard is killed by Royal, and he himself is killed by the women who were in his entourage. The end of the film is that the Doctor is sitting by the fire roasting a dog’s leg, while sharing this piece with Charlotte. The film has many hidden subtexts, and everyone can see their own in it.

The main thing is that degradation in society is due to the fact that no one wants to honor moral values, so the rich behave depravedly, pretentiously, while the poor are ready for anything to also achieve their goals. The film also raises the theme of patriarchy and matriarchy, as a result, women win, because men behave very depravedly, infringe on the rights of women.

I hope I helped you find the meaning of the movie “High rise”, as well as understand its ending. If you have a different vision of the film, write your version in the comments.

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