Meaning of the movie “Honeydew” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Honeydew” and ending explained Films

A prescribed diet can be not only useless, but also dangerous. Perhaps dangerous not for those who are ready to comply with it, but for those who surround them. For some, a diet is not only a change in lifestyle, but also a change in their likes and views. For some, the changes will benefit, while others will lose their lives. Changing the route is a cliché that is already familiar to the audience, but in this story, the events will surprise and even amaze with their perversity.

The owners of the house are mentally unbalanced people, but not without reason. The authors gave them many human features, so the main characters did not even suspect anything dangerous in them. Only the untidy dwelling caused them neglect, but otherwise they were completely resigned to the circumstances.

The dynamics in the film are mean, as the authors planned to pay attention to the way of life of people, leave ground for reflection. The film looks like the director is meaningfully silent, trying to convey important information to the audience. Therefore, the story of the lost young people should be looked deeper.

The standard outline of the plot, when the owners in a remote place are trying to take advantage of the carelessness of the characters. Tracking them is slow and even beautiful, because the predator understands that the prey has already fallen into the trap.

What is the movie “Honeydew” about?

Young student Riley and her writer boyfriend Sam decided to spend a few days in seclusion. Not having time to reach their destination, they decide to stop in the bosom of nature, setting up a tent right in the field. But the couple manages to constantly argue and blame each other for the events, as each of them was expecting something special that evening. Suddenly, their quarrel was interrupted by an uninvited guest who reported their violation. It turns out that they are located on the territory of private property, therefore, without permission, they cannot be located within its boundaries. Riley and Sam did not doubt at all the reasonableness of the remark, so they began to pack up, but the car could not be moved, and the mobile connection stopped working, unfortunately.

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Suddenly, young people notice a light in a window not far from them. Feeling that salvation is near, they head there, leaving the car. The door was opened by a pretty old woman with glasses, who did not cause even the slightest doubt in Riley and Sam. They confidently enter the house, even asking for help and a neighbor who should soon come and repair a broken car. There was another man in the house – the son of the mistress, but the man was almost completely bandaged, he looked pitiful and painful, as if after an accident.

Having settled down in the basement of the house where the old woman invited the young people for the night, Sam and Riley began to get ready for bed. The girl decides to work on the project a little to finish the job as soon as possible, and Sam decides to go to the kitchen for an extra snack. But as soon as he opens the refrigerator, he is ready to eat everything that he sees in front of him. Pie, dinner, salads and milk settle down his throat. The mistress’s son watches him, encouraging him for a good appetite. Sam is so relaxed that he talks about the relationship with his beloved, shares that not everything is going smoothly between them.

Meanwhile, Riley, having finished work on the project, goes to the shower. Suddenly, she hears a heart-rending scream, but she cannot understand where it comes from, so she decides to go in search of her lover’s house.

Further events demonstrated the fact that you need to plan your way to rest, carefully develop steps so as not to get into a difficult situation in which your life can be interrupted.

The meaning of the film “Honeydew”

The film is based on several stories about the inhospitable outskirts of cities. Some of them plausibly tell about people who succumbed to mutation. For this reason, they became aggressive, embittered, and in some cases cannibals. They, like scavengers, pursued the victim with the aim of playing and profiting at the same time. For what reason such people mutate, no one knows, but the fact of what happened is present in the local chronicles. Some media outlets mentioned several laboratories where nuclear weapons were tested. People who have undergone harmful tests have mutated or turned into cannibals, ready to lure innocent travelers into their territory by any means.

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A couple of lovers turned out to be so stupid and naive that they easily fell into the established networks. The actions of young people are so illogical and inconsistent, which speaks of their narrow-mindedness. Although, perhaps they were so busy with their personal relationships that they did not notice a huge dung fly under their noses. They were more interested in the topic of jealousy and resentment, why he or she does not keep his promises.

When Riley and Sam entered the old woman’s house, they only glanced at the walls and furniture in the room. They expressed their disgust, but at the same time they did not rush to run as fast as they could, but calmly sat down at the table to have dinner. By the way, the process of eating food was given a lot of time and importance. The operator filmed in detail the size of a piece of meat, its fat content and calorie content, its structure and juiciness. It should be noted that such films can motivate you to lose weight, because after watching such shots you will no longer want to eat.

Explanation of the ending of the film “Honeydew”

The development of the plot is so slow and vulgar that the audience is at a loss: why shoot such a long horror, but let’s figure it out together. A bush grown with great difficulty does not tolerate haste. It is necessary to gradually collect the fruits with taste, enjoying the process. The same story happens here. The owners of the house managed to get a good harvest in the form of two young travelers who got lost on the road. Now you need to gradually, step by step, get valuable nectar – food that helps them exist. Viewers may assume that the owners of the house have a production and processing line for human flesh. After all, it is the processed product that they absorb as food. Farmers have traps all over the territory.

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They need special foods to help them keep their diet.
Now the whole world is literally consumed by diets, and in some cases the situation is horrifying. People are willing to go to crazy lengths to stay on a diet. We are told from all resources about a healthy diet, what and how to eat, what components the product consists of and what it can be combined with. You can regularly follow the instructions, but what if they are out of touch with reality?

It’s okay, you can get out of this situation, because there will always be travelers who get lost on the road. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to select not only the right foods, but also the time of their use, so Sam and Riley safely stay overnight in the ill-fated house. The owners clearly understand the phased stay of young people on their territory. Therefore, slowly, they prepare dinner, set the table, then escort the young people to their bedroom. It remains only to wait until the nectar product is ripe for consumption.

The next morning, a long-awaited auto mechanic arrives, ready to repair a car stuck in a field. After getting out of the car, he does not find customers, only the old woman shrugs her shoulders, because she does not know where Sam and Riley have gone. At this time, the owner’s son comes up to the mechanic from behind, and then crazy laughter is heard.

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