Meaning of the movie “How It Ends” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “How It Ends” and ending explained Films

Movies about the coming apocalypse are becoming more and more popular every year. Spectators are disturbed by the formation of a fragile barrier that protects the created civilization from the cruelty and savagery of the past. Perhaps the border was created artificially, is only in the imagination. Will and Samantha decided to marry, create a family in which love and happiness will reign. But circumstances decided otherwise.

An ecological catastrophe occurs on the West Coast, people are cut off from the world as a result of a global catastrophe. For the sake of salvation, they have to make their way in their car along the road of a once civilized country. Now the districts are literally filled with those who have lost control, are subjected to panic and fear. But young people are not ready to give up, they need to reunite for the sake of saving each other.

The theme of the apocalypse is relevant and interesting to the audience. Moreover, the writers put a lot of emphasis on the survival process of those who are left behind. Whether it is a company of bandits, driving along deserted roads for profit, or small groups of people trying to preserve the remnants of humanity and survive.

What is the movie “How It Ends” about?

The impending storm on the West Coast changes not only plans, but also people’s lives. Samantha and Will learned that from now on they are united by the expectation of the birth of a common child. Young people plan to get married, create a strong family, so they are in a hurry to notify their relatives about a pleasant event. Only when they arrive at the girl’s hometown do they take different roads. But weather conditions change their expectations. Samantha is delayed at the airport, as all flights are suspended, any communication disappears, so it is completely impossible to find out where a loved one is.

Nothing is known about the girl, she, like many other people, was cut off from civilization and communication with loved ones. Will got to the home of his beloved earlier, managed to get acquainted with the future father-in-law Jeremy. But a friendly greeting between them did not happen, at dinner the men quarrel. Having not come to a consensus, Will plans to leave, but he is stopped by a call from his beloved. She reported that something strange and incomprehensible was happening around, which she was afraid of. Suddenly, the call was cut off. Throughout the city, and then the country, electricity is lost, communication is cut off, even the radio does not work, the earth is constantly trembling from explosions and tremors. Unable to wait for Samantha’s arrival, he goes looking for her with her parents. But on their way there is a lot of unexpected news, dangerous obstacles, enemies, and a tragedy happens.

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On the way to the airport, the men notice unusually heavy traffic on the highway. Most of the road is blocked for unknown reasons. Taking advantage of the fact that Will once served in the army, he asks to let his car through the blocked road. Not having time to rejoice at the solution of the problem, the men are stopped by a police patrol. Law enforcement officers demand to drain the fuel from the travelers’ tank in order to refuel themselves. With gas stations closed and fuel of vital importance, Will begins to question the legitimacy of the cops’ demand. His guesses were confirmed, as in the form of criminals in front of them, who tried to escape from the scene of the crime. As a result of the scuffle, the police car was overturned and blown up. Only at the last minute was it possible to drain the remaining gasoline into the container to continue the trip. But that was only the beginning of their dangerous adventure.

The Meaning of How It Ends

A sudden catastrophe takes people by surprise. No one can understand the reason for what is happening, so there is a panic. Natural disasters, alternating one after another, confuse people, force them to adhere to a single decision – to run, just run from earthquakes, floods, heavy rains, drought. The government of the city and the country is inactive, crimes go unpunished. People are dying by the hundreds, succumbing to panic. Until the end of the film, the audience will not be aware of the details of what is happening, only the guesses of the main characters allow us to put forward several theories.

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The most interesting version is Jeremy’s thought. He had served in the US military for some time and was well acquainted with the use of chemical and nuclear weapons. He suggested that the country was attacked by a virus released by the bomb. Only a powerful weapon could introduce an imbalance in the surrounding world, entail devastating consequences. While watching the movie, the viewer will hear another theory. The catastrophe could be caused by the action of a volcano or the shift of the South and North poles. For example, an impending cloud of dust that showers everything with burning hell can be explained by a volcanic eruption.

This version is quite real, since the west coast is located on a tectonic fault. The likelihood of such an event can be imagined. If we talk about the pole shift, then the northern lights in the sky, as well as the disruption of the compass, may be the result of the magnetic field. The failure of geostationary satellites would lead to floods and earthquakes that shook the area.

The main characters are son-in-law and father-in-law, who did not impress each other at the first meeting. Will worked in a law firm, he never needed to prove his case with the help of force. He is incapable of changing a tire in a car, defending himself from an attacker, or shooting. He shows his tolerance and compassion for those who find themselves in a similar situation. Jeremy, on the contrary, carried a military uniform almost all his life, served in many troops.

Their goal was to save Samantha. For Will, she was a beloved woman, for Jeremy, a daughter in whom he doted on. The men could not give way to each other, so the cooperation between them during the trip turned into rivalry. The father-in-law was sure that Will was too weak to be a protection and support for his daughter. But a young man in emergency situations proves otherwise. As a result, Jeremy changes his mind, but he can not curb his harshness and bias.

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As a result of one of the fights, Jeremy is injured. His injury was so serious that there is fear for his life. Will takes responsibility for the first time in his entire journey. Combining efforts to save the family is one of the bright topics raised by the writers. Only by preserving humanity, the desire to live in peace and care for each other can help people survive even in extreme situations. But at the moment of joining forces, Jeremy dies. Left alone with the obstacles that have arisen, Will realizes how valuable the support of his father-in-law was, how important the thirst for saving a loved one was.

The authors of the film raised another serious topic in their film. In just a few hours, the lack of communication, access to information, instagram, facebook and other sources has turned the country into a desert in which feral people wander senselessly. They simply run in one direction, not understanding in which direction salvation is. Like a crowd of sheep, they run, destroying each other for the sake of their own imaginary salvation.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “How It Ends”

A disaster film does not give the viewer a definite ending. We just see Samantha and Will speeding down the deserted road at breakneck speed, with a colossal ash cloud advancing behind them. It is not known whether young people will be able to survive, or still die. It can be seen that in the last seconds of the film, the ash wave began to subside, slow down, which gives hope that the man and woman still have a chance to be saved. Young people declare their love to each other, swear that they will always provide support and care, regardless of the circumstances. They leave the west coast, heading north.

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