Meaning of the movie “I See You” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “I See You” and ending explained Films

The extraordinary thriller “In a Quiet Pool” appeared in the online cinemas. At first the plot twists seem predictable, but then there is more psychologism, hidden and curious details.

What is the movie I See You about

Detective Greg Harper is going through a rough patch in life because of his wife’s infidelity. But he tries to keep the family together. Family relationships are complicated by the anger of a teenage son at his mother. And the adulteress herself suddenly begins to notice the strangeness in their home.

At the same time, a tragedy happens in the quiet town – a 10-year-old boy disappears. According to the evidence found, the police realize that something similar happened in their town 15 years ago. Then six children were killed and buried, leaving green penknives at the scene.

It’s up to the cops to find out if they’ve arrested the right wannabe? The same concerns the main characters, two kids who managed to survive an encounter with a maniac in the past.

In the first part of the film, viewers are shown cozy urban vistas, difficulties in the family relationships of one of the characters, and attempts to delve into an investigation that was closed several years ago. The main character’s wife is gradually going crazy because of the devilry going on in the house. For example, the repairman who came on a call tells her that her daughter opened the door for him, which the woman does not have. There is silverware going missing from the cupboards. A TV report about a missing child spontaneously turns on, a favorite mug disappears, a hamster opens its own cage and gets out of it. It all resembles a mystical poltergeist.

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In the second part of the movie, the story is told differently. About 40 minutes into the timeline, the measured detective drama turns into a teenage story about the so-called “frogging.” This line corrects the plot, but the viewer still can’t figure out what’s really going on until the finale.

The viewer finds shades for all tastes in this film, seeing both drama and an unhurried detective. The screenwriters use both first-person shooting and event-driven intricacies that show everything from a different angle. The film contains components of a true thriller, because in addition to a missing child, a married couple has to deal with a murder in their own home.

The point of the film I See You

In the movie “In a Quiet Place,” there is a long-standing connection between Alec and Greg. At first, the audience gets the feeling that the guy is just annoyed by the well-being of the Harper family, who have their own house. Then it turns out that Alec intends revenge, and the guy has his own reasons for that. It all stretches back to his childhood. Once he was attacked by a cop with the habits of a maniac. That is why Alec had to hide for a long time.

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Long before the events described, Greg became a killer of several children, but two of the victims managed to get away. Alec survived and grew up, nothing is known about the other boy. Before the kidnapping in the flashback, Greg gave the boys each a penknife.

The point of the movie is Alec’s revenge on Greg.

I See You ending explained

Before revealing the ending of the film, it is necessary to recall its beginning. In a cozy little town, a toddler riding a bicycle goes missing. His body is never found. The cops manage to find only the child’s bicycle and a stretch marker, on which he tripped and fell. Nearby they find a penknife with a green handle. The maniac had left his “calling card”. But the man previously convicted of a similar crime is in captivity. Locals fear that either the psychopath is back, or he has a copycat.

Detective Greg, by virtue of his official duties, has to solve this atrocity as much as possible. But due to family problems he is forced to be torn between official business and choosing a compromise solution for his cheating spouse.

The abuser’s sudden aggression toward Todd, his wife’s chosen one, complicates things. Todd dies, and Jackie suspects his son Connor of his death. Greg is a professional cop. Therefore, he realizes that his offspring will be put behind bars, which will deprive the boy of a bright future.

The parents, anxious about their son’s future fate, leave Connor at home and bury Todd’s body in the woods. Connor receives a frightening message on his cell phone. The boy begins to realize that this is a real ambush. Someone pounces on him and ties him up with a rope. The frightened but alive boy is found by his parents in the bathroom.

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The mother takes Connor to the clinic, and the father searches the cottage. A stranger, playing cat-and-mouse with a policeman, rushes at him with an axe.

Whether Greg is killed, the viewer does not know. The timing of the movie is rewound. It turns out that before the events depicted in the film, several froggers enter the house. At first, the guys just look around the apartment Harper, but then begin to subtly abuse members of the family.

From the final shots, the audience becomes clear that Detective Greg himself is the psycho and the child killer. With his official powers, he sets up an innocent man, who ends up in captivity. And Greg, some time later, continues to kill!

The ending of the thriller turns out to be complex and curious. At the moment of the denouement it turns out that one of the frogger guys is Greg’s old victim. This fact is sure to have a negative impact on the entire future fate of Jackie and her son Connor.

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