Meaning of the movie “Im Westen nichts Neues” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Im Westen nichts Neues” and ending explained Films

The film “Im Westen nichts Neues” is based on the work of the same name by E.M. Remark. This story was highly appreciated by both viewers and critics. Nobody remained indifferent. Director Edward Berger decided to film the book to show what kind of destruction humanity is capable of.

The film tells about the Armistice of Compiègne, according to which the German army unofficially surrendered to the French in 1918. But the picture itself is not about war and not about patriotism. It shows the lives of ordinary soldiers and how war affects them. Watching Im Westen nichts Neues, the viewer looks through the eyes of a soldier at the events of the First World War. The main character joined the army and began to fight for his homeland. He wanted to be brave and benefit his people. In the end, he fought to such an extent that everything lost its meaning. However, by the time he realized the true motives of those around him, it was too late.

What is the movie about

Events unfold in the third year of the First World War. It was then that tanks, gas chambers, flamethrowers, chemical weapons and much more were used for the first time. Until now, mankind has not seen anything so destructive. At that time, the Germans, Italians and Hungarians were fighting against the Triple Entente. It included Great Britain, Russia and France.

On the western front, after the death of soldiers, their weapons and uniforms were removed from them and sent back to the rear. There it was cleaned, repaired and given to living soldiers. Such was the price of life. If only the main character knew about everything earlier, he would change his actions. But Paul had no idea. He forged his mother’s signature in order to be drafted into the army. The guy wanted to fight for his homeland. However, he could not imagine that by this action he pronounced a death sentence on himself.

Paul decided everything for himself in 1917 when the leaders came with an inspirational speech. She made an impression on many, which made the guys want to join the army. The leaders convinced the young men that the war would eliminate all fears and doubts, and would not allow them to be psychologically weak and worthless. He spoke about devotion to the motherland and a brighter future, about righteousness and about what terrible enemies they need to be exterminated.

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Such performances were nothing but brainwashing the younger generation who believed every word. The leaders made the guys believe that joining the army is in their own interests. Inspired, Paul proudly donned his military uniform. But this feeling did not last long. Pretty soon he was faced with the harsh reality that was happening on the western front. In the trenches he met Stas Katchinsky. He was seriously wounded, and the soldiers did not have any items for first aid. Added to this was the lack of time. Over time, Paul began to study commands. So he realized that when they shouted “Start collecting”, then you need to go around the area and remove the badges from the corpses. Most likely, this was necessary in order to count how many people died.

The first meeting with the death of a familiar person was not long in coming. Very soon, in the trenches, Paul came across Ludwig’s glasses, and then his corpse. Death was a frequent visitor, but this one was especially difficult for Paul. After the main character was sent to the occupied territory of Champagne. There was always a shortage of food in the trenches. The soldiers were starving and sick. One day, Paul stole a goose from a farmer’s house and shared it with his friends. At that moment, it seemed to them that there were no problems. The main thing is that at the moment there is food. And that means they’ll last a little longer.

The film tells not only about the life of soldiers, but also about how their families are going through the war. Close people constantly send letters and wait for at least news in return. They do not know if they will be able to see their relatives alive. And these thoughts do not allow you to live in peace. Being in constant psycho-emotional stress, life turns into existence. This is what the creators of the film wanted to convey, who took up such a complex and emotionally difficult plot.

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The meaning of the film

The title of the film, Im Westen nichts Neues, is a symbol of a deceitful and hypocritical regime that acts only in its own interests. For them, people’s lives mean nothing. The main thing is to achieve the goal by any means. The security forces repeated every time that they had everything under control. However, after everything calmed down on the Western front, millions of innocent people became victims. All of them were seriously injured, became disabled or died altogether. And this is the price of what the leaders thought up for themselves.

Throughout the film, the characters glorify war, making it the meaning of life. However, if you ask the soldiers what they felt on the battlefield, the picture will not be rosy at all. It destroys the human psyche and forever leaves trauma. Usually people listen to stories imbued with patriotism and the spirit of victory, but those who once went to war will never say that there is some kind of nobility in all this. There is nothing in the world for which one could give the most precious thing – one’s own life. And killing people is ignoble. If you ask the soldiers if they feel like winners, they will answer no. And all because the winner is the one who is comfortable, who is lucky and who did not lose anyone in the war. For those who were on the front line, there is only one truth: there are no winners in a war, everyone is a loser.

Movie ending explanation

The First World War is the catalyst for great changes in the history of mankind. It was the bloodiest event in the history of the earth. Erich Maria Remarque saw the horrors of war with his own eyes. All this fear, hatred, pain, horror and anger conveyed in his work. And the creators of the film of the same name visualized it all. The film shows the importance of friendship in difficult times. However, the war is central to the plot. She is a living being who, at her will, takes the life of ordinary people. Many of them could not even really assess where they were going.

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The film is shot quite realistically and in detail, so it leads the audience into shock and despair. The creators of the film “Im Westen nichts Neues” wanted not only to adequately film the book, but also to teach a lesson, to make people think about whether it is worth paying such a price for someone’s ideals.

The point of the film is that people should never bring things to war. This is a huge tragedy that needs to be completely eradicated so that there is not even a thought to take people’s lives.

At the end of the picture, it is shown that the western front was no longer the same. He was forever stained. The earth here has absorbed too much blood, and death is in the air. It is impossible to forget and impossible to forgive. Grief changes a person, and the loss of loved ones makes you appreciate your own life. A country that has become involved in a war loses its luster. She shows that she does not give a damn about her people, that people are just a murder weapon. Such countries are ruled by those who do not value the lives of ordinary citizens. They believe that they can manipulate and take away the most precious thing, injure and tarnish their reputation for the sake of personal goals. The movie is shocking but true. And really makes you think.

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