Meaning of the movie “Intersect” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Intersect” and ending explained Films

Movies have long been one of the most popular ways to unwind after a hard day at work. It is always nice to come to a cozy apartment, make popcorn and sit on your favorite sofa, including a new movie in advance. The film reel becomes wider and wider every day, and the choice of films becomes much better than in the era of the USSR. Now many directors and film crews are trying to create something new that the audience could like.

It is thanks to such individuals that we have the opportunity to enjoy action films, thrillers, dramas and comedies. In the ratings showing new items, the film “Intersect” does not stop going down, which will be discussed today. He became popular in a short period of time, and his storyline made the audience convinced that the new movies are great.

The film “Intersect” 2020

For fans of the “Fantasy” and “Adventure” genres, this film will become one of those that you definitely want to recommend to your friends and watch it more than once with your loved ones. In order to fully make sure that this film will be interesting, you need to know its plot.

The plot of the movie “Intersect” 2020

The viewer sees a picture taking place at the University of Miskatonic. As soon as a person hears this name, what will he think? Of course, about the beloved series of adventure-fiction film about Harry Potter and Howard, where each open door is a portal to another world where you want to go and find out all the delights of a secret life. The viewer almost immediately gets acquainted with the main characters of the film – the scientist Ryan and Caitlin, his assistant. So, here would be a great quote about the film, revealing a bit of the storyline: “A group of young scientists from Miskatonic University make a scientific breakthrough and invent a time machine. But it turns out that all this time they were manipulated by invisible forces from another dimension.

And now in order. An inexplicable thing is happening in Ryan and Caitlin’s lab. Their partners Bill and Nate turned out to be dead. Ryan believes that it is worth looking into this situation and does not stop under any pretext. His main goal is to go forward and never stop looking for new delights. However, his assistant thinks differently, trying in every possible way to convince Ryan of the opposite. She asks him not to do this and finish the stupid idea.

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Ryan was well aware that it was getting too hot, or to be more precise, that they were surrounded by slimy space protoplasm, the shapes and proportions of which they had not seen before. However, each viewer understands that the mad scientist will always remain one. Soon, everyone realizes that he and the heroes find themselves in different dimensions, constantly jumping from one to the other. “Quantum – 42” is a kind of portal that Ryan and Caitlin were actively watching. They were confident that they would be able to conduct an experiment with teleportation, so they did their job with a smile on their faces. Their main goal was to get the Nobel Prize for successful experience in time travel. Their result was not what they dreamed of, because they only got access to one of the secret doors.

Some general information about the 2020 film “Intersect”

As for the atmosphere of the film, everything is quite simple here. It is peculiar, so you should not expect that you will be like in a horror movie. The events described were in America, where crazy scientist friends spent days on end, guided by the instructions of the main inventor. In the film, you should be prepared for the fact that the viewer will constantly be surrounded by laboratory, university and school walls. Sometimes it may seem that this is not a movie, but a series, but interest in it still does not disappear.

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The cast of the film is not filled with well-known Hollywood stars, but their acting is generally good. They plausibly coped with their roles, so the viewer clearly believes in what they are trying to convey. The effects that were used during the film also took an excellent position. Surprisingly, despite the inexperienced director, the very structure of the film and its special effects were top notch. Such graphics can be the envy of many Hollywood films. The filming is of high quality, the voice acting is good, there are soundtracks.

More details about the main character – Ryan. This guy was devoted to a huge amount of time in the film. This is not the first handsome man among the actors, but he creates a certain atmosphere in the film. He was a nerd who constantly read books and could not tear himself away from them. One could agree that his ardent desire for books was due to attempts to become a future scientist, but the film showed the viewer a different picture. His main priority in life was the desire to break away from reality and live in his own fictional world. It can be assumed that his craving for knowledge and books began precisely because of this. The guy’s story is quite interesting, and its implementation in real life is very difficult to imagine. He was not aggressive or cruel, often showing the qualities of a gallant gentleman, and was neatly dressed.

Ryan’s assistant is Caitlin. This is the character that will surprise any viewer no less than the main character does. She was quite a pretty and charming girl, despite the fact that she was very fond of all sorts of experiments and scientific projects. Her character was no less attractive than herself. The girl possessed such qualities as kindness, complaisance, reliability and loyalty. She was a great helper and a good assistant. In difficult times, she always supported Ryan. She had an analytical mindset, overcame difficulties on her way and proudly kept her “status”. Her composure and calmness repeatedly saved her from life’s troubles. In general, her image was harmoniously matched to the main character.

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