Meaning of the movie “Kids vs. Aliens” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Kids vs. Aliens” and ending explained Films

Kids vs. Aliens is the second film after Jason Eisner’s debut film Shotgun Hobo, which was released in 2011. It’s been 12 years since the first movie.

This film is a sequel to Eisner’s 2013 short film. The main characters of the film are Gary and his best friends named Jack and Miles. Three guys got together in Gary’s barn to make a sci-fi film based on wrestling. With the filming, they are helped by Gary’s teenage sister named Samantha. However, very soon the brother and sister have a serious quarrel, as the local bully Billy begins to look after Samantha. He and his friends named Dallas and Trish constantly pestered and mocked Gary and his friends, so for the main character the very thought of courtship from Billy in relation to his sister was disgusting.

However, Billy began his courtship not out of sympathy for Samantha, but only so that she would allow her to have a grand Halloween party in her house. He succeeds perfectly in achieving his goal, but in the process of the celebration, aliens invade them.

What is Kids vs. Aliens about?

The film revolves around three best friends: Gary, Jack and Miles. It all starts when Samantha, Gary’s sister, is courted by a tough guy named Billy. He constantly mocked Gary and his friends, so the main character was unhappy with his courtship of Samantha. In fact, Billy arranged all this because of her house. He wanted to have a Halloween party there. However, in the middle of the evening, aliens emerge from the lake that surrounds Gary’s house.

From the side of the street, strange loud sounds begin to emanate, as well as a bright light, after which aliens come out. Because of their appearance between Samantha and Gary arises a major quarrel. Because the sister thought it was all a prank, Gary set it all up to crash the party. All due to the fact that Samantha devotes too much time to the bully Billy, and not to Gary and his friends. Later, during the party itself, Samantha finally sees Billy’s true colors. He’s not such a perfect guy, much less a good one.

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He only became close to her because of her house. She wanted to deal with Billy, but did not have time. The aliens arrived and took with them not only Gary and his friends, but also Billy himself, as well as his friends. Samantha sees that the abducted aliens have been dragged under the lake. She cannot leave her brother and his friends, so she jumps into the water to save them. Diving, she discovers a wrecked alien ship. There she also finds a mysterious corpse that had a sword. She takes him with her to confront the enemies and save Gary and his friends. Surprisingly, Samantha does an excellent job with the sword, killing all the alien enemies.

However, no matter how Samantha tries to save everyone, the first person dies. It turns out to be Trish. They tied her to a chair and poured out a caustic pink liquid that melted her skin, after which she died a painful death, leaving behind only one skeleton. But despite this death, Samantha manages to save Gary and his friends. They escape and make it to safety. After learning about Trish, Gary comes up with a theory why the aliens needed human skin. He thinks she’s needed as fuel for a crashed alien ship.

While Samantha was saving Gary and his friends, Billy betrays his best friend, Dallas. When they are surrounded by aliens, Billy pushes his best friend to distract them, and Billy was able to escape. Dallas is captured and bound with chains and put on bladed gloves. At the same time, a green liquid is poured over his head, namely alien vomit. It is because of this that Dallas becomes an alien beast. It is he who becomes the main enemy of all the guys until the end of the film.

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Among all the heroes, the weakest and most fragile character is Jack. During the escape from the alien ship, he almost died by drowning in the lake, but luck is on his side, and Jack gets out of the clutches of death. But she quickly walks away from him when Billy grabs Samantha’s sword and stabs Jack. Despite being injured, he manages to help Miles at a crucial moment, but the wounds are too severe and he dies.

Throughout the film, Billy acted like a coward, running away from a former friend who had vanished into an alien beast. He specifically aimed specifically at Billy. This coward was hiding in the barn, but Samantha and the others found him, after which he takes the sword from the girl. After Jack dies, the others try to escape from the alien beast. At this time, Samantha beats Billy and he is left alone with the monster, after which he dies from the teeth of the beast. Samantha with Gary and his friends escape safely and hide in the barn.
After that, everyone moves to the attic, where the final battle with the monster takes place. However, Samantha does not have enough strength to defeat the alien beast and then Gary intervenes in the battle, remembering the tricks that he practiced. They succeed in throwing the monster through the barn roof. Children rejoice at the victory, they relaxed and thought that everything was finally over. But suddenly an alien ship and a horde of aliens appear. The spaceship activates a tractor beam and it appears to be the end of everything, but suddenly a dying Jack springs into action and tells Miles to launch a quad bike filled with fireworks into the spaceship.

Miles ignites these fireworks, says the movie’s famous slogan, “F*ck Space,” and sends the ATV into the flying alien craft via a tractor beam. Then the fireworks explode and with it the alien ship itself. Although the guys have dealt with the alien ship, there is still a horde of aliens. And so the guys thought that now was definitely the end, they would not be able to cope with such a crowd of aliens. Hope left the guys. But at that moment, a mysterious truck appears, in which a group of armed men was sitting. They come out and start shooting at the alien invaders. The leader of this armed group then orders his men to capture all the surviving children. Armed men put plastic bags over the heads of children. Then, along with Jack, they are all put into stasis in the back of a truck. The bodies of all the aliens were also put there. And they carefully put Samantha’s sword in the box.

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The meaning of the movie “Kids vs. Aliens”

The film tells about the adventures of children and their battle against aliens, as well as the relationship between teenagers.
In the first half of the film, all the acting characters are revealed. Especially vividly show the relationship between the main character named Gary and his sister named Samantha. Throughout the film, children manage to perfectly convey all the emotions.
The second half is hard enough to watch as bloody battles between kids and aliens ensue. And the true faces of all the acting heroes emerge.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Kids vs. Aliens”

The ending of Kids vs. Aliens is left open to the imagination of viewers, as well as a possible sequel to the film.
This film differs from the film made in 2013 in that the second one was told entirely from the point of view of a camera that was attached to a dog. The ending of these films is also different, because in 2013 the end turned out to be much bloodier than now, since they showed how a bloody dog ​​falls to the ground and dies.

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