Meaning of the movie “Legion” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Legion” and ending explained Films

The creator of the film “Legion” Scott Stewart presented to the audience a different terrifying interpretation of the apocalypse. The place of the last battle of people for existence is shown a diner in the Mojave desert. The inhabitants of the Earth exterminate each other, only a small group of people managed to maintain their sanity. It is she who will take the fight for everyone and mystical powers will help her in this.

What is the movie about

God was outraged by all the ugliness done by people, and he decided to start all over again. To facilitate the repentance of people, he decided not to destroy them all at once, but to send his angelic Legion to earth. However, one of the angels began to help people in order to delay their death…

Archangel Michael finds himself in Los Angeles, throws off his wings and sneaks into the police station for weapons. Two cops see him and are going to stop him, but suddenly one of them kills his partner. Archangel kills the zombified cop and gets into his car. Then the action moves to a small diner with a parking lot in the middle of the desert. Tavern owner Bob Hanson, his son Jeep Hanson, handyman Percy Walker and waitress Charlie live in this place almost always. Charlie did not get pregnant by Jeep, although he had always loved her. Single dad Kyle is passing through here, he’s going to Los Angeles. And the couple Howard and Sandra Anderson and their rebellious tomboy daughter Audrey Anderson lingered at the diner due to a car breakdown. Old woman Gladys appears. She behaves very strangely, tells Charlie that her child will “burn”, then clings to Sandra. Howard demands that the old woman apologize. Gladys sinks her teeth into his neck and then crawls up the wall like a spider. She then begins to taunt Jeep, and Kyle fires a bullet at her and mortally wounds her. Kyle and Sandra carry Howard out to take him to a nearby clinic, but a swarm of flies block their way.

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After nightfall, the diner is attacked by a group of zombies. Archangel Michael and other representatives of the Legion block their path. Shot Howard manages to get out into the street, but then he disappears somewhere.

In the morning, Sandra hears Howard’s voice. She leans out of the diner and finds that the husband calling her is nailed to the cross upside down, and all his skin is covered with boils and ulcers. Archangel Michael tells the young woman that this may be a trap, but she does not heed these words and leaves the premises. The body of her “husband” bursts, spraying acid around him. Percy covers Sandra with himself, but dies unexpectedly. After dusk, Kyle dies after another attack by the Taken. He is deceived by an angel disguised as a child in danger. After fighting off a new zombie attack, Charlie gives birth to a boy. The archangel says that the birth of a baby is both necessary and untimely: necessary, since the baby will become a protection for everyone, but untimely, because God will send another archangel, who should approach the child – for sure it will be Gabriel. Sandra, having lost the last of her sanity, intends to give up her child to save his life in exchange for everyone else. She goes to the doorway, but the archangel Michael shoots at her. The child is taken away by people in a jeep. Gabriel appears and hits Bob hard with his pointed wings. Mikhail asks Jeep, Charlie and Audrey to hold the baby in their arms while he holds Gabriel. They carried the child through a crowd of zombies, and sped off in a car. Charlie and Audrey take the baby in their arms while he holds Gabriel. They carried the child through a crowd of zombies, and sped off in a car. Charlie and Audrey take the baby in their arms while he holds Gabriel. They carried the child through the crowd of zombies, and sped off in a car.

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There will be a battle between the archangels. Gabriel wins by stabbing another archangel in the heart with his rod. Bob dies heroically, who set fire to a can of gas near the diner. After the explosion of the balloon, the surviving zombies also die. But the explosion could not harm Gabriel in any way, he rushes in pursuit of the car in which the baby is being transported. He wants to call Charlie, but the jeep begins to slow down at this time. From the collision, Gabriel is thrown aside, while Audrey dies. As a result, Gabriel with the baby and Charlie leaves by car for the highlands. He is going to get rid of them as soon as possible, but suddenly Michael, who has again taken on an angelic appearance, interferes with him. Mikhail refuses to betray people, he is even ready to sacrifice himself. This convinces the Creator to change his plans and give people a chance again. Two archangels disappear into the clouds but first, Mikhail asks Jeep and Charlie not to leave the baby. In the final episodes, it is shown that Jeep and Charlie become a married couple and then drive down the road. A young woman is breastfeeding a baby, and behind the seats one can see the weapon brought by the archangel.

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The meaning of the film

Inspired by both The Terminator (1984) and the Bible, the idea behind this apocalyptic thriller is clear by the twentieth minute. Having lost patience, God decided to destroy the human race with the help of an army of his angels, but his main favorite Archangel Michael (Pot Bettany) considered such a genocide contrary to the divine principles of love and forgiveness and went over to the side of humanity, whose salvation is now completely dependent on God. Happiness and prosperity to this unborn baby.

Movie ending explanation

At the end of the film, Charlie’s remarks are heard: she talks about how her mother’s perception of the Creator changed in childhood – the all-forgiving and merciful Lord became a tough and unforgiving God. When little Charlie asks her mother why the Creator has changed, she replies: “Maybe he was just tired of all this shit.”

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