Meaning of the movie “Loki” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Loki” and ending explained Films

Who is “The One Who Remains”, aka Kang the Conqueror, how Sylvie’s act will affect the next projects of the franchise, in which film should Loki appear now and how UVI judge Ravonna Renslayer is connected to Kang.

The debut season of the third Disney+ series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe “Loki” ended with a critical event for the franchise. We figure out how the final turned out, who became the new supervillain of the series, how the events of the series can affect the franchise, and what fate can await Loki and Sylvie.

The end that will change everything

After the promising first half of the Loki series, which we already talked about in a separate review , the authors of the show competently led the audience to the outcome of the intrigue and presented the global threat of the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the very finale, we were finally introduced to the mysterious manipulator, who built a chain of events that led Loki and Sylvie straight to him. The antagonist, if he can be called an antagonist in this variation at all, turned out to be interesting, intriguing and extremely promising for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which in the case of the villains of this franchise is just some kind of holiday.

The authors did a great job in the end and with the leading “positive” characters. “Positive” in quotation marks, as there are no typical good guys and girls in the show who live to do good deeds. Loki, Sylvie and other important characters in this story have either done bad things or are up to their elbows in blood. It is this ambiguity that makes them entertaining as protagonists, giving special value to their albeit few valiant deeds.

It was Loki who was the first among the projects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to fully use the concept of the multiverse in its plot, demonstrating to the audience, for example, the diversity of Loki from different timelines and briefly variants of different realities. The concept of a multiverse opens up endless possibilities for the franchise for inventive and unconnected storylines. The only thing I want to believe is that the authors and producers of the franchise, with the help of the multiverse, will not return to the plot the heroically retired main characters of the Avengers in their original incarnation, since they got their own, it would not be an exaggeration to say, ideal ending.

However, one should not expect at least some kind of plot completeness and epic battles with the antagonist from the finale of Loki. Season 1 of Michael Waldron’s project is a subtle and important piece of the huge puzzle that the authors of the franchise are building in phase 4. Although there was no direct confrontation in the last episode, its finale leads to extremely important events and confrontations, which we will talk about later.

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Loki Season 1 is an inventive cinematic phantasmagoria that saturates the Marvel Universe with new interesting possibilities and opens the door for even more epic, dizzying and exciting stories. A spectacular, stylish and in its own way intimate adventure with the solid work of Tom Hiddleston and Sophie Di Martino has become the most important project of the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the three Disney + shows already released and one feature film.

Next, let’s talk about what happened in the last episode, the new supervillain, important references, and the potential development of the franchise. With spoilers!

“He Who Remains” or Kang the Conqueror

The second half of the series showed that the Guardians are not at the head of the Office of Temporary Changes (TUT). The mysterious intrigues of the series were woven by the so-called “He who remains” – the character of Jonathan Majors, who is supposed to play Kang the Conqueror in the film “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania”. In fact, Kang’s name never came up in the finale. However, the fact that it is Majors who will perform it in the films of the franchise leads us to the conclusion that this is just Kang the Conqueror. Or rather, one of its variations.

Majors’ hero claims to have known about everything that happened to Loki and Sylvie. He claims to have paved the way for the heroes to come straight to him in the Citadel at the edge of time. Once upon a time, this character discovered the existence of the multiverse, which his variations from other realities did as well. They met each other and got along well at first, but later the idyll passed and conflict broke out between them – a war of the multiverse, which is yet to happen in the main chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The variation presented to Loki and Sylvie managed to win this confrontation, and in order to avoid a repetition of such dramatic events, he decided to isolate the time line that had become Sacred, and began to protect it from the emergence of new branches with the help of UVI. Now “He Who Remains”, satiated with millions of lifetimes of existence, wants to hand over his mission to prevent chaos, control of the time loop, and with it the management of the organization to Loki and Sylvie. Or someone just leads the audience and heroes by the nose and wants to be reborn in a time loop and become the most powerful version of themselves.

The fact that it was Kang the Conqueror or one of his variations that appeared before us in the final episode of the season is also indicated by small references. So, for example, the character of Majors says that he was called variously, including “the conqueror.” Kang may also be hinted at by Moebius’ dialogue with Hunter B-15 at the end of the final episode, which mentions 63 new branches from the Sacred Timeline. It was in 1963 that Kang the Conqueror first appeared in the Marvel Fantastic Four comic book series, and one of the earliest graphic prose versions of the character exists in the Earth-6311 reality.

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It is worth noting that “The One Who Remains” is still a different character from Marvel comics. But in the credits of “Loki” it is he who is indicated. Perhaps the authors of the franchise decided to somehow combine these characters. For example, making “He Who Remains” one of the options for Kang the Conqueror.

How will Loki’s ending affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Despite warnings or intentional emotional manipulation by Kang, Sylvie still kills the enigmatic character Majors, who was behind the UVI and the Sacred Timeline, which instantly takes on many branches. If The One Who Remains warnings are true, then the MCU is in for a multiverse war in which different versions of Kang the Conqueror will fight for dominion over all realities. The brave heroes of the universe and perhaps their variations from other realities will have to challenge the Kangas. Against this background, even the threat that Thanos represented fades.

The consequences of Sylvie’s act may affect the plots of the next franchise projects in different ways (the concept of the animated anthology series “What if …?” is completely built on the idea of ​​the multiverse). Different variations of Kang will be able to act as antagonists of individual stories, perhaps even fighting in parallel with each other for absolute power over realities. Also, the creation of new timelines may allow the authors of the franchise to effortlessly introduce the same X-Men or Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even alternative versions of heroes or villains already existing in the series.

What will happen to Loki and Sylvie?

Curiously, Loki and Sylvie became the “chosen ones” whom Kang, according to him, had been seeking for millions of lives in order to pass on his mission to them. In any case, this, along with their actions at the end of the season of Loki, makes the characters important participants in the global plot associated with the multiverse and Kang. At the end of the final episode, Loki found himself in another reality, where Kang is at least openly the head of the UVI, and does not hide his role from the agents of the organization. Such a nuance indicates that in this reality, the UVI is controlled by another Kang, who won the war of the multiverse. With him and, perhaps, his other variations, Loki and the rest of the heroes of the series will have to fight in future projects. I would like to believe that Sylvie will join this confrontation, since now it is on her shoulders that the responsibility for the events heating up in the multiverse lies. Hiddleston’s character will definitely return in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, where he will appear in the company of the characters of Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch. But in this film, most likely, Kang, if he takes part, his role will not be as big as that of Thanos before his full-fledged confrontation with the Avengers and other heroes.

Mystery of Ravonna Renslayer

Among Loki’s minor characters, UVI judge Ravonna Rensleyer may have a particularly important role in future franchise projects. At the end of the final episode of season 1, she left the UVI, most likely to find out who was behind the organization. In the Marvel comics, the character of actress Gugu Embata-Raw was the love interest of Kang the Conqueror. Perhaps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ravonna will create a special connection with a powerful villain. It will be even curious, because in the comics their story was quite tragic. We also learned the real name of Ravonna – Rebecca Torminet. This is the name the heroine took in the comics after she betrayed Kang and returned to the past to spend time with his earlier version.

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Explanation of the ending of Loki

In the sixth series, Loki and Sylvia entered the Citadel at the end of time. Miss Minute was waiting for them there. Relinquishing their throne and happiness, the couple rushed forward to meet the One who remains. He explains that he keeps the timeline stable and protects it from evil versions of himself. Eventually, the character is killed by Sylvia, and the timeline begins to branch out. After the kiss, Sylvia sends Loki back to TVA. However, this TVA is different, and Mobius does not acknowledge the God of Mischief.

Loki’s ending is full of talk, which is necessary to fully explain the insanity of the previous five episodes. What’s more, Sylvia and Loki’s kiss is no doubt what fans have been expecting.

The highlight of the sixth episode of Loki was actor Jonathan Majors. Although his presence was predictable, viewers saw one version of Kang the Conqueror. That being said, we have yet to see an evil version of the character appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania .

At the end of the first season, He Who Remains is killed by Sylvia . When there is no one at the helm to keep the timeline stable, the timeline begins to form numerous branches.

Dying, Kang tells Sylvia that they will “meet again soon”. This is clearly an allusion to other versions of him that are now at large. Kang the Conqueror looks set to be the next big villain in the MCU.

Meanwhile, Loki returns to TVA. However, Mobius does not recognize him, and the statues of the Keepers of Time have been replaced with Kang. Apparently Loki was sent to a different timeline where a different version of TVA exists. It is still difficult to say where this will lead.

Marvel Studios has already confirmed a second season of Loki . The premiere date has not yet been announced.

Loki season 2 to come!

In the end credits of the sixth episode, the announcement of the 2nd season of the series “Loki” took place. Since there are no even approximate release dates, as well as information about the start of filming the sequel, it will have to wait quite a long time. Before its premiere, there will definitely be several more films and series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so the plot of season 2 will not be a direct continuation of the events of the debut.

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