Meaning of the movie “Luther: The Fallen Sun” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Luther: The Fallen Sun” and ending explained Films

“Luther: The Fallen Sun” is a full-length film, the continuation of the detective series “Luther”. The film premiered on March 10, 2023 on Netflix. The cast featured the series’ lead actor, Idris Elba as Chief Inspector John Luther.

What is Luther: The Fallen Sun about?

David Roby is a successful trader and serial killer at the same time. He kidnapped young janitor Callum Aldrich along with other people and killed them on live TV. David promised the audience that the continuation of his “show” is not far off.

John Luther is Chief Inspector. In the past, he exceeded his official powers several times, therefore, before he could properly take on the case of David Roby, he ended up in prison. For ex-cops, life in prison is hell. In addition, former colleagues also refer to Luther with coolness, calling him a “dirty cop.” However, now John Luther has no other goals and desires left, except to get out of prison by any means and save the city from the maniac – and he successfully escapes.

In the department where John Luther was once listed, Inspector Odette Rein became the head, replacing Martin Schenck, who retired. When Odette Rain found out about Luther’s flight, she went to her former boss Schenck to ask him for help. Now they will have to unite and make every effort to rid the city of the maniac.

The film “Luther: The Fallen Sun” is recommended for those who are already familiar with the series “Luther”. Otherwise, there is a risk that many moments from the film will be incomprehensible to you, and you are unlikely to want to watch several seasons of the series.

The film is predictable. Fans of the series will definitely watch it, but there is a risk that the project will disappoint them. After all, if each episode of the series was distinguished by powerful intrigue, and the solution to the crime often turned out to be unexpected, then the film is difficult to classify as detectives.

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The film surpassed the TV series in scale. For example, the decisive duel between the main character and the villain takes place among the Norwegian ice. Ice hell, winter swims and hard chases looked impressive.

About Luther: The Fallen Sun

Luther: The Fallen Sun is a film that continues the story told in the TV series Luther. This story shows the life of detective John Luther, who used non-standard, and sometimes frankly “dirty” methods in his work. This approach provided him with a high crime detection rate. John Luther is able to think quickly and find connections between disparate phenomena. His criminals are maniacs, who also have outstanding intellectual abilities. As you know, in order to catch a criminal, one must think like a criminal, so Luther “feels” those he is pursuing.

The screenwriter and producer of the film, Neil Cross, admitted that the detectives Sherlock Holmes and Colombo became his source of inspiration. From Sherlock Holmes, Luther got non-standard methods of solving crimes, and the Colombo series served as the basis for the Luther format: the audience sees the criminal, but they do not know if the detectives will be able to catch him and put him behind bars.

The peculiarity of the series is that in almost every episode, Luther has to be torn between the capture of criminals and the solution of problems in his personal life. The series itself is filmed in a gloomy atmosphere, which emphasizes the heavy atmosphere of the city and the fate of the detective himself.

John Luther liked the fans of the series due to the fact that he puts himself above the law. It was not uncommon for a detective to interrogate suspects despite the fact that there was no evidence of their guilt. At the same time, the vast majority of the detective’s guesses turned out to be correct in the end. Colleagues respect Luther, and every resident of London knows who he is and what he became famous for.

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The meaning of the film “Luther: The Fallen Sun”

Modern technologies have made it so that any person becomes absolutely transparent and open to others. If a scammer appears who uses personal data for his own purposes, he will be able to easily blackmail his victims. When the “sins” are large, then people are ready to die, just not to confess their atrocities. That is why the maniac David Roby was able to keep his victims on the hook so easily. The plot is based on a drama that emphasizes the clash of good and evil.

Explanation of the ending of Luther: The Fallen Sun

After an epic battle that ended in victory for the detective, the wounded Luther was flown back to London. After a while, he comes to his senses in a secret apartment and sees the former boss Shenk in front of him. As a convoy of cars pulls up to the apartment, Schenk told Luther that he was unlikely to return to prison.

Luther sees civil servant Tim Cranfield in front of him, who has praised the detective for his outstanding work. Afterwards, Tim informs Luther that his boss has a serious conversation with him and motions him into the car. Luther doesn’t mind.

The ending of the film can be explained by the fact that they plan to offer Luther a job as a spy or secret agent – after all, he will no longer be able to work in the police.

The film’s ending is left open. She probably hints at a sequel to the film, and viewers will find out exactly what Luther’s new work is in the second part. Luther stays in his famous cape, which means he’s not out of the game.

Interesting facts about the film “Luther: The Fallen Sun”

Here are just a few interesting facts about the movie:

  • At the beginning of Luther: The Fallen Sun, the viewer sees a piece of news that talks about the arrest of John Luther. The announcer briefly explains who Luther is and why he is being arrested, and also lists some of the criminals that Luther detained before he went to prison. If you have not watched the TV series “Luther”, then the listed names are unlikely to tell you anything. But if you are a fan, then you will understand that this is a reference to the fifth season of “Luther”.
  • In the film, Luther uses the same car as in the show, an old 30-year-old Volvo. Although the car is in a deplorable state, the detective is tied to his “iron horse”, so the filmmakers did not ignore this fact. When Luther escapes from prison in the film, he goes to the garage where his car is located, which will be featured throughout the story.
  • As Luther fans know, the detective is a fan of David Bowie. Throughout the series, the detective listens to his songs, looking for comfort and inspiration in them. A photograph of David Bowie is also found in the film: when Shenk examines the prison cell of the fugitive, he sees one of the books that contains a photograph of the singer.
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Reviews of film critics

Among the advantages of the film, the audience notes the talented acting of Idris Elba, a worthy continuation of the cult series, the successful selection of actors, a well-thought-out plot, the dynamics of the development of the story, the use of special effects. The audience also liked the camera work and the selection of musical accompaniment.

Among the shortcomings, there is a special rigidity of the film and the presence of clichés, many predictable moments and some kind of pretense, as a result of which some scenes looked far from reality. Many viewers did not like the ending of the film: they considered it slurred. Another negative is that some of the characters were not developed, as a result of which they looked like “cardboard”.

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