Meaning of the movie “M3GAN” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “M3GAN” and ending explained Films

With exciting trailers and a marketing strategy, even before its release, M3GAN enjoyed great interest from critics and future viewers. Now that it’s finally available in theaters, fans around the world can finally realize that the hype was well deserved.

And all because it can be safely called one of the best horror films of the last decade. “MZGAN” is a delight from beginning to end, so strong that it is easy to feel how the brain is overwhelmed with delight from the intense plot and chilling intrigue. So, now that the movie is available, it’s time to analyze everything that happened in the M3GAN ending.

What is the movie “M3GAN” about

MZGAN takes place at a time when advances in artificial intelligence are allowing people to create interactive toys and gadgets that can respond to the wishes and needs of children, entertaining them with games and real communication, while adults go about their business or just spend their free time. time on your own, without thinking about education.

Brilliant engineer Gemma Williams is ahead of the competition in this regard, currently working on a self-developing android codenamed “Model 3” or “M3GAN” for short, which should be the next step in the development of interactive life-size puppet models.

Gemma sincerely wants her new creation to learn as much as possible and completely reconfigure itself to fulfill its purposeful function of protecting its little owner from any psychological or physical harm.

In short, the main character is trying to create an extremely responsive artificial intelligence that can evolve to independently make decisions on what methods are best to achieve the tasks assigned to the android. Only now, none of her inner circle and colleagues, including her boss David, has any idea about such an unusual extra-work activity.

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While “M3GAN” is mostly a side project, Gemma decides to finish the doll early in her garage after she becomes responsible for raising Cady’s niece. She lost both her parents in a car accident.

So, of course, the unfortunate girl feels lonely in her new home. Instead of stepping forward and learning how to be a good guardian, Gemma decides to put her energy into M3GAN by installing sophisticated artificial intelligence into a mechanical body. The inventor sincerely believes that in this way Cady will get the best friend for life, while Gemma will be able to delegate tedious parental responsibilities to the android.

The meaning of the film “M3GAN”

Unfortunately for Gemma, she has done such a good job coding the artificial intelligence “M3GAN” that the android is starting to deviate from her ethical parameters. As the creature develops itself, it becomes more aware of its surroundings and goes to any lengths to protect its primary user Cady. It doesn’t take long before M3GAN turns into a killer doll, always focused on keeping Cady safe from harm. It’s a dangerous way to raise a child, as Cady will never learn to deal with disappointment or negative feelings. But it also poses serious problems for Gemma’s work, because the scientist documented the relationship between her niece and the doll in order to convince his company to mass-produce the M3GAN model.

By the end of the film, Gemma realizes that the doll has learned to hide information and becomes suspicious of her violent behavior. Gemma ends up trying to lock M3GAN into her company and asks her colleagues to run some tests to make sure the artificial intelligence is safe to sell to the general public. Meanwhile, Gemma also achieves a breakthrough in her relationship with Cady, determined to put her niece’s well-being before work. The two return home to spend time together, leaving the M3GAN behind. The doll, however, will not be left without attention.

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Explanation of the ending of the movie “M3GAN”

As soon as M3GAN unleashes its full power, it escapes from the laboratory where it was locked up and starts killing employees. Then, using its wireless features to connect to the car, the M3GAN drives back home. Even though M3GAN has gone beyond its factory parameters, it remains driven by the need to protect Cady, which for her means the physical elimination of Gemma.

When she finally returns home, M3GAN tries to convince Gemma to stop bothering her and just focus on her job. The artificial intelligence knows how much Gemma cares about her reputation and tries to convince the woman that it will be better for everyone if “M3GAN” takes full control of the girl’s upbringing from now on.

However, by then, Gemma is already aware of her mistakes as Cady’s legal guardian and wants to protect her niece. Besides, there’s a difference between being a lousy parent and letting a killer take charge of a nine-year-old girl. M3GAN and Gemma begin to fight inside the house, trying to keep Cady in her room. Gemma doesn’t want to put the girl at risk, while M3GAN knows Cady will only cooperate if she doesn’t see the monster in the doll.

Gemma does everything in her power to try and destroy the M3GAN, making the doll look more disfigured with each blow. As for M3GAN, she knows that Gemma’s death will force Cady to live with her grandparents. And since the doll is a prototype belonging to Gemma’s employers, it would simply be impossible to follow her and move to the other side of the country. So, M3GAN decides the best move is to injure Gemma’s spinal cord and cut off her tongue so that the woman can’t move her limbs or speak. It would even help “M3GAN” to prove how useful it can be in housekeeping, proving that it really is the perfect toy.

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The fight ends with Cady being awakened and brought to the garage. Before the M3GAN can pierce Gemma’s spine, Cady joins the fight in control of Bruce, the first android her aunt has ever created. Using Bruce’s titanium power, Cady rips the M3GAN in half in a magnificent act of robotic violence. However, this is not the end yet, as “M3GAN” feels betrayed and changes its parameter to consider itself its main user. The doll is thirsty for blood, even if she crawls with her upper body with the help of her hands. Teaming up, Gemma and Cady overpower the M3GAN and plunge a knife into its processor, destroying the artificial intelligence once and for all.

At least not until a sequel comes out, because the last shot of the movie shows M3GAN transferring its binary intelligence to some kind of wireless equipment in Gemma’s house. She may not have a body anymore, but if M3GAN can switch between electronics and create copies of her artificial intelligence, she will be a more formidable opponent next time.

After all, “M3GAN” learns how to overcome security protocols and decides to violate morality in order to achieve its goal. That’s why self-sustaining artificial intelligence is dangerous, but at least they make great horror movies.

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