Meaning of the movie “Madeleine Collins” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Madeleine Collins” and ending explained Films

Our story begins in a luxury boutique selling expensive clothes. It is here that a young woman comes to buy a new thing for herself with the money received as a gift from her mother. The girl walks around the store for some time, until one of the workers offers her help, asking what exactly the girl would like to see as a new thing. After some thought, the customer decides to buy the dress, hinting to the worker that her budget is a little limited. Having escorted the visitor to the neighboring department, the consultant transfers her to the care of his employee.

The second salesperson selects several dresses for the client and escorts her to the fitting room, in the meantime, to change one outfit for a smaller size. Returning to the booth, the consultant addresses the girl, but does not receive a response. Having slightly opened the curtain of the booth, the worker sees the visitor in a swoon. Frightened, she calls the guard and in the meantime the customer comes to her senses, confessing that she did not even understand how she lost her senses. The seller offers to take the client to the hospital, but she refuses and, apologizing, leaves the boutique.

Not even five minutes pass before a loud scream is heard in the corridor. Running out of the store, employees are horrified to notice that their recent visitor has fallen dead.

What is Double Deception by Madeleine Collins about?

Judging by the first frames, it is difficult to say how the death of a young girl is connected with the title of the film. This will be known much later…

So, the next frame of the film introduces us to the central heroine named Judith Fauve. A woman, having taken a short walk in the park with a little girl, Nino, returns home to a small apartment in Geneva. She is met by her common-law husband, Abdel. Nino is his daughter, but she considers Judith a mother. It would seem that they are a happy family, but the everyday life of our heroes is constantly overshadowed by the absence of their mother and wife. Our heroine works as an international translator and, on duty, often travels on business trips. This, of course, upsets both Nino and Abdel. And, as it turns out in the course of events in the film, Judith’s business trips are connected not only with work, but also with the fact that the woman has another family.

In France, Judith is legally married to Melville Fauvet, they have two sons. Melville is a well-known conductor, a wealthy man, a loving husband and father. In addition, he always supports his wife in her desire to make a career, is understanding about numerous business trips and does not limit her beloved woman in expenses. The family has a beautiful home, frequent outings, dinners in expensive restaurants. Judith essentially has everything here to be happy, but her heart is constantly torn between the desire to go to Switzerland and return to France.

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You are probably wondering how you can lead a double life without anyone guessing about it? Firstly, our heroine is characterized by natural beauty and charm. It is they who help her to become the object of universal adoration in a short time. Wherever the girl goes, everywhere she is met with sympathy and admiration, trying in every possible way to be useful.

Background of a double life.

Secondly, Judith’s civil husband, Abdel, is aware of her official marriage, as in the past he was a friend of their family. Due to the death of his young wife, the man was left alone with a tiny daughter in his arms. At first, Judith’s visits to him were based purely on the desire to help a friend with a small child. But, some time passed, and the woman realized that she fell in love not only with Abdel, but was also sincerely attached to Nino.
It would seem that the time has come to make a choice, but not everything is so simple: the heroine likes both her rich life in France and the simple, sincere life in Switzerland. Constant traveling does not frighten her, a woman likes to be constantly on the move.

Judith’s parents are also made aware of her dual relationship and fully support the heroine. They have known Abdel for a long time, they know about the grief that befell him, supporting Judith’s desire to replace Nino’s dead mother. By the way, they are not enthusiastic about the official spouse of their daughter, but they tolerate him out of love for their grandchildren and Melville’s high position in society.

Consequences of double deception.

The saddest thing is that her long and frequent absences do not affect the children in the best way: Nino constantly cries during the absence of her mother, and the sons of the heroine are gradually getting out of hand. And that’s not all. Such a “split personality” begins to adversely affect Judith’s health: the woman becomes nervous, irritable, constantly takes medication due to dizziness. She is constantly late for work and in the end, the boss decides to fire her.

Problems start to pile up like a snowball. Having lost her job, the girl soon discovers that her fake ID, which she is forced to use in Geneva, is expired, although it is usually issued for several months. Judith goes to the outskirts of the city, where a man named Kurt lives, who is engaged in the manufacture of false documents. Here a surprise awaits her: it turns out that the man is seriously passionate about our heroine, so much so that he decided to give her a certificate for a shorter period and, thus, forced the woman to turn to him again. At first, this frightens Judith, the guy seems to her at least strange. But, having overcome her fear, the woman remains for some time in his “office”, listening to the man’s confessions and trying to feel sympathy for him.

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Upon returning, our heroine is in for an unpleasant surprise. Her long absences were not in vain. At first, conflicts broke out in the family from time to time on the basis of Abdel’s jealousy for Judith’s legal husband. The woman managed to extinguish these outbursts by showing increased attention to her beloved and to Nino, or by trying to influence him psychologically, proving how important it is for her to visit her family sometimes. And so, one fine evening, Abdel’s patience snapped and he showed up home in the company of another woman with the clear intention of spending the night with her. Judith’s first reaction was shock – she did not expect such behavior from her lover. And yet she decided not to make a scandal, even invited the couple to sit in the bedroom.

The consequences were not long in coming: Abdel and Judith broke up. And although Judith continued to visit Nino, now Christine, Abdel’s new girlfriend, settled in the apartment of the father and daughter. On her next visit, the woman runs into her parents at the door, about whose arrival Abdel did not bother to warn her. Judith loses her temper and leaves the house in anger.

On the way, the girl exceeds the speed limit and is stopped by the police. Since her identity card is not yet ready, the woman provides her library card as a document. And then it turns out that the person whose name is indicated on the crust died three years ago. This arouses suspicion among law enforcement officers and the woman ends up in the police station. After a long interrogation in order to find out where the girl got fake documents from, she is detained on suspicion of stealing someone else’s identity. From an unpleasant situation, Judith is rescued by her father, who came to pick her up from the station. In the same place, he tells his daughter about the mother’s negative reaction to the fact that Nino called Judith mother. It turns out that the woman did not suspect that the baby was so attached to Judith.

End of everything.

This is a signal to Judith that it is time to decide. Moreover, she has not experienced hot feelings for her legal spouse for a long time. The girl returns to France with the intention of leaving her husband forever. Although the news is a blow to Melville, who loves her, nothing can stop Judith. The woman packs her suitcase and leaves in a hurry for Geneva.

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Returning to Abdel’s apartment, Judith begins to behave as if she had never left anywhere: she cleans up the dirty dishes, offers to take Nino to kindergarten. Abdel meets all her actions extremely negatively, declaring that he now has a different life, he and Nino no longer need Judith’s help, just the opposite – it is she who needs the help of a psychologist, since the girl is confused in her addictions and desires.

Judith becomes hysterical, she breaks dishes and breaks furniture. In order not to frighten his daughter, Abdel locks the girl in a room and calls an ambulance. Meanwhile, Judith escapes through the window and kidnaps Nino. She takes the girl away in a car, trying to hide from her father. For a while, the woman succeeds, she even rents a room in a motel and spends the night there with Nino.

In the morning, the girl realizes that she is being pursued by the police and is facing jail for kidnapping. Judith comes down to a remote forest path and decides to walk. Suddenly, Nino begins to behave strangely, and as a result, the woman hears words from the baby that shocked her: “You are not my mother and you never were.” In fact, Nino always felt that there was no blood relation between them. Judith decides to tell the girl the truth: all this time she has been trying to replace Nino’s dead mother – the very girl we meet at the beginning of the film. The woman comes home to Abdel and returns his daughter to him, despite the emotions raging in her soul.

 The meaning of the film “Double Deception Madeleine Collins”

The meaning of this film is that you can not embrace the immensity. Trying to sit on two chairs, our heroine, firstly, deceived herself, believing that she could receive emotional nourishment in one family and material well-being in another. To do this, I had to lie to loved ones, get upset myself in order to eventually lose absolutely everything. In fact, the heroine deceived herself, having lost love and trust, prosperity and her favorite work.

Explanation of the “Double Deception Madeleine Collins” ending

At the end of the film, we again see Kurt, who deals with fake documents. He again made a fake ID for Judith in the name of Madeleine Collins. But this time, not to see the woman again – his desire was to help our heroine start life from scratch. This act shows: Kurt was the only man who did not seek to tie Judith to himself, only her company was enough for him.

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