Meaning of the movie “Martyr” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Martyr” and ending explained Films

A very difficult movie to watch. This is a really hard and really scary horror film made in France. But he is not terrible in his plot or bloodiness. What is scary about him is what some people are capable of for some personal goals.

The storyline of the main characters and its specifics.

The story tells about two girls who meet in a monastery shelter as children. Lucy experienced horrific events: torture, violence and abuse at the hands of unknown people. And it is Anna who is trying to help overcome the nightmares and strange images that haunt her friend. Despite the serious deterioration of Lucy’s mental state as she grows older, mutual assistance and support do not disappear. Even when Lucy is looking for the perpetrators of her torment and kills them, Anna, stepping over herself, helps her get rid of the bodies. But due to the vicissitudes of the plot, she herself finds herself in a trap: what awaits her is what her friend experienced.

The key point of revealing the adherents of the organization lies in their blind faith in the idea of ​​life and death. An organization that follows the concept of martyrs is ready to do anything to answer the question of the afterlife, and Anna falls into their hands. At the head of everything is Mademoiselle, who will become a key character in the concept of the thought embedded by the author in this cruel motion picture.

The role of images of the unknown in the plot.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear what kind of nightmares Lucy has been tormenting all her life. In the escape scene, she, as a child, is unable to save a woman who is begging for help. Guilt takes the form of a monster that hurts the heroine and pushes her onto a path of self-destruction. Which ultimately leads to suicide.

As for the whole theme of the images found in the film, one can say about their bright contrast against the background of sharp naturalism. A detailed display of torture and abuse, the depth of reality of what is happening highlights the mystical component in the overall composition.

The afterlife itself appears to be the complete opposite of the usual canons. The director hints that not everything is as cloudy as humanity dreams, that horrors lurk beyond the line that are hard to imagine. Here you can draw a parallel with the well-known story in Christianity about Jesus Christ, who also plays the role of a martyr. However, his difference is in his voluntary choice and knowledge of what awaits him. The girls, being tortured, become hostages of the situation and step into the unknown in search of deliverance.

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The concept of martyrs

On the example of the Organization, the viewer discovers the cruel truth about what people are ready for on the path of cognition of being. From the dialogue between Mademoiselle and Anna, it becomes clear that there are several stages in which a person approaches this acceptance of death while still alive. When the soul has already left the body, leaving only an empty, but living shell. One gets the impression of the negative nature of the adherents of the concept, but looking deeper into their goals and motives, you can change your mind. So they embody the inexhaustible curiosity of mankind in exciting philosophical questions that are not ready for the truth, not ready in their desire to reach the desired goal. And on this example, the author gives a detailed concept of our society and human fear of the unknown. Having a result, it is difficult to judge the humanity of the ways to achieve it.

Finale of the film “Martyrs”

All the cruelty of the picture, every plot move tirelessly leads to an open denouement. An indirect answer is given to the question of those who suffer: what awaits a person after death? The skill of the director lies in this subtle and elusive summing up – it is impossible to live with this knowledge. The picture leads the viewer to think that not all locked doors need to be opened. What awaits a person after death? The skill of the director lies in this subtle and elusive summing up – it is impossible to live with this knowledge. This proves to us the last dialogue between a member of the Organization and Mademoiselle, who ends the story with her suicide.

And it is these last minutes that will become memorable for the viewer. The picture leads to the reflection that not all locked doors need to be opened. At the end, we see what the film began with: a selection of shots from the childhood of the main characters. Creating a cycle in front of us, the director informs us that the meaning of life is in life itself in its extraordinary diversity. And it is the pursuit of illusion that separates us from the present, which is the main answer to all questions.

Escape and revenge

Little Lucy was kept for a year by unknown people in an abandoned hospital. She miraculously managed to escape. The police cannot understand what happened to the girl, because they do not say anything, except that it was scary. She was not exactly raped, but she was treated extremely cruelly.

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In the hospital, Lucy has a friend, Anna, who supports her in everything. But the girl is clearly pursued by some kind of evil spirits. And also terrible wounds periodically appear on her body, which she does not tell anyone about.

After 15 years. An ordinary family on a day off discusses their business at the dinner table. Then a girl breaks into the house and kills everyone with tears in her eyes. After that, Lucy, and it was she, calls Anna and she urgently comes to the house.

Lucy’s altered mind

Anna does not approve of what Lucy has done, but she loves her friend too much and is trying to help somehow cover up the crime. Lucy suffers greatly that she had to kill these people, but in this way she tried to get rid of the essence, which, in spite of everything, continues to haunt her.

It turned out that when Lucy was running away from her tormentors, there was another martyr in the same basement. But she didn’t save her. It’s definitely not guilt, because the wounds are real. Maybe the guilt is so strong that the consequences appear even in real life? Such a psychosomatics?

But I think it’s much worse. Apparently, during the torture, Lily’s perception of the world has changed a lot and she does not just see what she sees. For her, it’s completely real. Although from the outside it can be called madness. Whatever it was, Lucy could not stand it and killed herself.

Another victim

Anna, along the way, also never fully believed Lucy, but very soon she had to verify everything herself. In the same house, she accidentally found a basement, but rather a well-equipped underground laboratory, where the owners of the house carried out cruel experiments on people.

Anna is weird too. I found a disfigured girl with some kind of “Saw” thing on her head, and instead of calling the police, she began to bathe her and take this thing off. In general, the heroine sat out until some people came to the house, buried the corpses, and made her another victim.

Experiments on people

And then the old woman Mademoiselle appeared and told everything frankly. It was noticed that people who had undergone various physical sufferings had an expression of almost happiness in their eyes. That is, being on the verge of life and death, people can look into the afterlife.

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Now henchmen of the Secret Organization deliberately keep people in terrible conditions, feeding their fears and suffering. As a result of this, the human psyche is broken down or, rather, the self-awareness of oneself in the world changes. After that, the victims begin to see something beyond.

Lucy, for example, saw a dead woman who left scars on her body. The girl that Anna found in the basement was attacked by invisible cockroaches. But all this was not quite what Mademoiselle and her team wanted.

Vision of another world

In general, Anna was put on a chain and tortured for a long time. Actually, she was simply regularly and methodically beaten. She was also fed, watered and even washed, but they did it in such a way that it became another torture. When Anna got used to constant pain and suffering, she was skinned alive. But even the tormentors were amazed at her stamina.

And they did achieve their result, Anna seemed to have moved into another world, physically remaining in ours. She even told Mademoiselle what she saw. A bunch of elderly rich people immediately came to the house. Apparently, expecting to hear something pleasant for himself. But Mademoiselle did not share information, but simply shot herself. End.

What did Anna see?

So what did Anna witness? What did she see that Mademoiselle hastened to voluntarily leave for the next world? If something bad, then it is unlikely that the woman would have killed herself, on the contrary, she tried to save her life even longer, fearing retribution for sins. So it’s more of a good thing.

But only it is unlikely that she ended up in some kind of Paradise, she was a tormentor, not a martyr. So with a high degree of probability, Mademoiselle went to somewhat different worlds. Why didn’t she tell the rest of the society? Apparently, such people are not able to share something. Especially if it’s something good.

Well, yes. People are lazy creatures. For the most part, everyone wants to get something with the least effort. Why develop your spirit, your perception, if you can take it from another? Everyone is waiting for a magical remedy that will instantly solve all problems. Perhaps that is why we live in such a world now …

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