Meaning of the movie “Missing 2023” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Missing 2023” and ending explained Films

Missing Girl is full of twists and turns, and the ending in particular is suspenseful. Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick, who are the film’s directors, wrote the screenplay together.

“Missing” is a sequel to Anish Chaganti’s “Search”, both films have the same producer – Timur Bekmambetov. In both cases, this is a twisted detective story that is difficult enough to understand.

Missing is a Netflix true crime series called Unfiction. It is similar to other true crime series such as Dahmer the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The main character of the film, June (Storm Reed), is watching one of the seasons of the series Unfiction. It is about the disappearance of Margot Kim, who was in the movie “The Search”, and her father, David Kim, was trying to find her.

Thanks to Unfictian, the films Missing and The Search tie together, forming a kind of separate parts of the same series.

What is the movie “Missing” about?

In the story, a teenage girl begins to search for her mother, who disappeared with her boyfriend during their vacation. The girl uses modern technology to understand this situation.

James, who is June’s father, is presumed dead, and he is also the one who ordered the kidnapping of his wife. With the help of Kevin Lin, who must carry out his plan, he plans to trick Grace. Kevin puts in enough effort, which eventually leads Grace to believe in his passion and interest, which is why she agrees to go on vacation with him.

A couple of years after his release, James was looking for June, he wanted to take revenge on her. James was jailed for drugs and fighting. In order to take revenge on Grace, he came up with his own plan, which he then adhered to.

Why did Kevin come up with his plan and interact with Grace?

Kevin Lin pursued Grace Allen, though he seemed like a nice guy. He came up with a meticulous plan to get all of Grace’s savings and make sure no one else saw her. He had already worked in this area, was an experienced fraudster.

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He thought over his plan a couple of years before the events shown, when he met with James, who was in jail for drug possession. People around thought that James was completely dead.

Kevin knew he would make money if he came up with a plan to get revenge on Grace. It didn’t matter to him that James wanted his daughter back. In Colombia, Kevin carried out his plan flawlessly.

All he needed was an opportunity to do what he was good at, that is, to deceive people. Pretend to be a good person and rob the victim. He always pursued the goal of personal gain, and Grace played only a secondary role here.

Why is James involved in Grace’s disappearance?

The main twist of the film is the fact that James is implicated in the kidnapping of Grace. Thanks to a carefully thought-out plan, guessing this is very difficult. But at the beginning of the film, an attentive viewer may suspect something is wrong, because Easter eggs are already scattered throughout the plot. For example, when Grace watches a video with James and June, she cuts it off and then sends it to a file for her daughter.

This video confirms that the kidnapping was carried out, but the film plays with the viewer in such a way that the latter begins to assume that Grace herself set up her kidnapping.

Also shown in the first scene is a file of a meningioma and an aneurysm, suggesting in part that Grace was involved in James’ alleged death.

In one of the scenes, June calls a certain Jimmy, who is part of the Ministry of the Holy Father organization. Jimmy claims that Kevin is a nice guy, even though June has already discovered that the latter is a fraud. You can guess that Jimmy is just a nickname for James. So the clues in the script of the film are scattered not so little.

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The meaning of the film “Missing”

Why did Grace change her last name?

Grace secretly changed their last name with her daughter so that James, who was released from prison, could never find them again.

She was well aware that if James found them, then this would not lead to anything good, but most likely would lead to disastrous consequences. She also did not want her daughter to know that her father was a drug addict and was in prison. It seemed right to Grace that June would remember her father as a good person who played with her as a child and brought positive emotions. That is why Grace tried with all her might to make June maintain a positive image of her father.

Why did Rachel Page go according to Kevin’s plan?

Rachel Page is an aspiring actress who currently works as a bartender. She could not be called innocent, because she understood that she needed to impersonate the heroine Nia Long, be in Colombia, wear her clothes.

Rachel was sure that Kevin’s proposal was really worthwhile, and she was obliged to agree to it. Kevin said that he is using his iPhone to make a movie that he wants to see Rachel in. She gives her go-ahead to this plan to demonstrate her confidence and selfishness. She really wants to be in the spotlight, even though Kevin takes controversial actions.

Why was Heather Damore killed?

Heather Damore, who was Grace’s lawyer, persuaded her to date Kevin. She did this because Kevin and James pressured her. Heather did not tell June anything, but acted in such a way that there was a feeling that everything was in perfect order.

James kills Heather Damore at a time when June is as close as possible to understanding why Grace changed their last name. If James hadn’t killed Heather, then June would have been able to either hack into her computer or tell her about Grace’s past. Therefore, James killed her, because he could not take risks, could not let the plan fail.

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How does the disappearance undermine the real expectations of the perpetrators?

Usually, if a movie or TV series is about real crimes, most of them are stories about serial killers. But “Missing” is about an adult woman who was kidnapped by her own husband. James was not a classic serial killer from films, he only wanted to restore justice in his opinion by taking revenge on his wife.

The film focuses on the problem of domestic violence, as well as the consequences that it carries. It reveals the heavy burden of the consequences of what happened and shows what often one of the parents has to go to protect himself and his child.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Missing Girl”

Missing, like Search, show how you can use modern technology to your advantage. Including in order to search for the person who was kidnapped. The film says that current technologies can play a key role in cases of missing people, can greatly facilitate this process. Although the downside of this situation is the lack of privacy. The film shows how June is able to use modern gadgets to carry out a wide variety of operations, including hacking and communicating with people in various parts of the world.

The creators of the film “Missing” do not believe that modern technologies are an absolute evil, on the contrary, they demonstrate their advantages, as well as the opportunities that are revealed to people.

The film demonstrates that in some situations, it is the current technology that can play a key role. The film focuses on the range of possibilities presented to us by the current world with its developments and progress.

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