Meaning of the movie “Monsters” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Monsters” and ending explained Films

The film “Monsters” was released back in 2010, but remains interesting so far. According to the plot of the film, a NASA probe was once launched to search for extraterrestrial life. Time passes. One day the probe crashes to Earth. The place of his fall is Central America, namely Mexico. Unfortunately, space life started up on the probe in the form of various monsters that settled on Earth after the fall of the probe. People surrounded their habitat, in the jungle, with a huge wall.

And now, six years after these terrible events, the photographer Andrew and the rich girl Samantha decide to go through this jungle. They decide to go to the USA, since Samantha has a fiancé there, and Andrew has a child in that country. The two climb over the wall and decide to go through the jungle to another, more prosperous world, leaving Mexico.

The movie “Monsters” is a budget movie and it shows in the special effects. Despite this, the picture was shot quite professionally. There are good actors. The director was Gareth Edwards, who was then a debutant. But he was able to make a wonderful film for his time, even for a penny.

The movie “Monsters” is a movie about love. It’s not just the terrible monsters that inhabit the jungle. It’s about two people of different genders who begin to have feelings for each other. They become desirable to each other, ready to help each other out in various situations. Together they will be able to overcome the impenetrable jungle and escape from terrible monsters. Love has no barriers – so says the famous saying. And in this film, the viewer will feel it well. Two lovers will be able to withstand all tests.

Despite this, alien monsters are given a lot of time in the film. In general, the picture is shot as a road movie or road adventure. Well, this is from the first Terminator, a very popular and very interesting genre that will always find its audience. These films are not easy to make, but they do not require a large budget. But they act on the viewer like a magnet. In principle, if “Monsters” were removed with a larger infusion of financial resources, then a picture would turn out no worse than Cameron’s. However, even without this, the film is very worthy and watchable. By the way, despite the good quality, “Monsters” gives the impression of a passing picture. But remember Peter Jackson, who even filmed The Lord of the Rings so that he would have access to work on King Kong. It was the picture of a giant monkey that was the main thing for him in those distant years. It remains to be hoped that the creator of “Monsters” will someday be allocated a huge budget for filming a truly amazing movie. A person who made a masterpiece in 2 weeks with a team of 6 people is capable of doing something else majestic.

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The monsters in the picture are presented as creatures with giant tentacles. Director Garrett Edwards was also involved in the creation of the visual component and camera work. The inspiration for him was when he met fishermen who were carrying a net. He thought that there might be a gigantic monster inside. Then he watched the movie Looking for the Midnight Kiss. This step was pushed by the employees of the Vertigo Films studio, where he came with the script. Despite the small budget, filming took place in five countries. Some locations were used to make the film without special permission. Local residents were used as extras. Dialogues were not written for them.

Pleases the landscapes of Mexico, which is quarantined due to monsters. Sometimes they show duels of soldiers against creatures with tentacles. The wall that protects the US from monsters is just an illusion. The scope of filming, on a limited budget, is quite impressive. In the midst of all this chaos and horror, when the real alien Armageddon has come, photographer Andrew finds a customer who asks to find his daughter Samantha. She wants to get to the USA. Samantha is in a hospital in Mexico. From there, Andrew picks her up and they are going by train to leave for the United States. However, the railroads are damaged. They then try to get to the US by ferry, but lose their passports. Then they go by ship, having agreed that a group of armed people will meet them at their destination, who will escort them to the United States. But it’s all in vain. The escort team is destroyed by monsters.

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“Monsters” is a film about the fact that mutual feelings can help in overcoming all obstacles. Love is uneasy and two will be able to reach the goal. And no alien monsters will be afraid of them. The film is recommended for viewing by all connoisseurs of good fiction.

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