Meaning of the movie “Morbius” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Morbius” and ending explained Films

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind the movie Morbius and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

Do not forget that there is a mask in the world that we all need so much. This is how you can describe in one sentence the sensational film that was released in 2022 “Morbius”. This is a thriller about a superhero who is a member of the Marvel Comics Universe and has long been liked by many viewers for his unusual appearance. The world famous company Sony worked on the project, which is why the plot of the film was extremely different from those released by Marvel. For the first time this character appeared on the pages of comics in 1971, becoming the most powerful enemy for Spider-Man. 4 years before the premiere, the team began to look for a director who could make the expectations of the audience come true. It was ultimately directed by Daniel Espinoza and written by Matt Sazam and Burke Sharpless.

The meaning of the movie “Morbius”

So, if we talk more briefly about what awaits the viewer while watching the sensational film of 2022 “Morbius”, then get ready to watch the next picture. The well-known Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Dr. Michael Morbius, suffers from a very rare disease that is directly related to blood. He had already tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing worked. Soon he decided to become one of the participants in a new experiment in which treatment takes place with the help of bats. To Michael’s surprise, the disease began to slowly recede, but instead he grows fangs, like a predator, and his skin becomes pale, as if he had become a dead man. Together with the new look, the guy also gets inexplicable abilities.

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But what if we consider the plot a little more voluminously, so that it is completely clear whether this film is worth watching? In fact, when I first got acquainted with the plot of this film, I was delighted with how modern technology helps screenwriters and directors to translate fantastic ideas into reality.

So imagine a Greek hospital with two guys who soon turn out to be brothers. Yes, yes, this is Michael Morbius, who is only 10 years old and his surrogate brother Lucian, but Michael chose to call him Milo. Their lives were similar in that both of them had a blood disease and dreamed of finally finding peace and becoming “normal” members of society. Nicholas is the adoptive father and part-time director of the hospital where Michael and Milo were located, arranges the main character in a school located in New York.

After 25 years of his life, Michael has the opportunity to publicly refuse to receive the Nobel Prize for his work on artificial blood. Martina Bancroft, a girl and part-time colleague of Michael, learns strange things, allegedly Michael secretly captured dozens or even hundreds of bats in order to try to combine animal genes with his own, thus this could help him cure the disease. Michael gains strength and reports his idea to his father, who in turn willingly allocated finances for this experiment. The guy spends all the allocated money on equipping a private vessel and soon goes to the open sea. There, new adventures await him, after which he himself becomes a vampire.

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After Michael’s return to New York, it was discovered that he possessed a power that could not be described in human words. The guy ate artificial blood, but after a while it becomes less effective. More and more new adventures await our protagonist, but with all his might he is trying to overcome his illness and finally become a full-fledged member of society.

After the credits, the viewer discovers two scenes where, in the first scene, Adrian Toomes moves into the Morbius universe with the help of a magic spell and finds him in a prison cell, and in the second scene, Toomes receives a copy of his own flight suit and realizes that for his future “journey” so or otherwise implicated by Spider-Man, who would soon find Morbius and offer his enemy a reunion.

Explanation of the ending of the movie “Morbius”

Almost at the very end of the film, viewers watch the picture of the massacre of Mile and Morbius, where, in the end, a swarm of bats helps Morbius. This helped him keep Mile and Morbius injects an antibody into his body. The protagonist’s surrogate brother says goodbye to life, and Martin wakes up as a vampire. For all the time while strange actions were taking place, Morbius was hunted. He was actively pursued by the FBI, namely Stroud and Rodriguez. After they arrive at the scene, Morbius flies away at night.

The post-credits scenes still keep the intrigue inside the audience as we have two events. First, we find a purple rift that was taken from Spider-Man: No Way Home, played by Michael Keaton or Vulture, who ends up in a prison cell, but since this guy did nothing wrong, he is literally released immediately.

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The second scene after the credits already shows us Tooms and his meeting with Morbius. Toomes reports that his arrival in the new universe is, one way or another, connected with Spider-Man, so that they unite their forces together and bring something good to this world. Morbius was not verbose, so he answered such a statement with one word: “Intriguing.”

Watching this film will definitely not leave viewers indifferent, especially fans of the Marvel Universe, because every time we are pleased with new and interesting films that can definitely be considered the “Golden Fund of fantastic cinematography”.

I hope I helped you find the meaning of the movie “Morbius”, as well as understand its ending. If you have a different vision of the film, write your version in the comments.

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