Meaning of the movie “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” and ending explained Films

The main character of the horror film “Paranormal Activity 7: Next of Kin” is Margot’s girlfriend. She wants to find out the truth about her past and is trying to find her biological mother, who abandoned her at a very young age. That is why she takes a DNA test – in order to find her next of kin. And her boyfriend Chris is sure that it is worth making a real documentary about the search.

In flashbacks, we learn that Margot’s mother – Sarah – left her newborn daughter on the threshold of the hospital. And the young woman has been tormented by the question for many years: why did her mother abandon her? And one day Margot decides that the right moment has come to find prodigal Sarah and directly ask her a question.

After a DNA test, Margot learns that she has at least one blood relative – Samuel. Margo meets Sam and learns that he belongs to the Amish community, a conservative religious group living in the traditions of the first settlers of North America and far from modern civilization. The point is that Samuel’s DNA was in the national database for the reason that he, upon reaching adulthood and according to tradition, went to see the big world. And now he decided to return to the community.

Margo realizes that this is her only chance – and goes to a remote Amish community with Sam. Sound engineer Dale joins them on the spot, helping Margot and Chris film the documentary. An interesting detail: the events in the horror take place in our time – on a trip, the main characters casually mention the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

When Margo, Chris, Dale and Sam arrive at the Bailer (Amish family) farm, they find they are not welcome there. The elder of the community, Jacob (as it turns out, Sarah’s father and Margo’s grandfather) does not want to participate in the filming of the documentary and communicate with strangers. Including Margot. The girl, along with the documentary filmmakers, leaves to spend the night at the nearest motel.

But in the middle of the night, one of the children of the community comes running to the main characters. As a result, they take the boy home and Jacob (aka Jacob) allows Margo and her friends to spend the night at the farm. Then the documentarians linger in the Amish community and begin to study their routine life. And also the main characters begin to record strange events on video.

For example, one of the girls tells Margot that Sarah is still alive and on the farm, although her mother was previously thought to be dead. Then Margot discovers a secret room above her room on the farm, from which roars and suspicious noises can be heard at night. The point is that someone was obviously being held in the secret room behind the chest of drawers. It seems to be against your will.

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In addition, the Amish, led by Jacob, hold some strange nightly rituals in the forest. With the help of a drone, the documentarians discover a tightly locked old church in the forest, where outsiders are not allowed to enter. Later, Margo, Chris and Dale realize that the inhabitants of the community hide a lot from them – even if the girl is their blood relative. And strange things happen on the farm: the Amish are sure that something is spreading its influence, so people gradually go crazy, goats give birth to two-headed kids, and a paranormal entity makes itself felt from time to time.

In the second half of the horror film, Chris and Margot break into the church, which inside looks more like a hall for sacrifices of some totalitarian sect. We are shown that under the altar there is a secret hole in the underground cave, in which something very, very aggressive and terrible obviously lives.

What was actually shown in the finale of the horror “Paranormal Activity: The Closest Relative” and how to understand the ending? What happened at the end of the movie?

At the end of the horror movie “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” the following occurs. Things heat up after the crew sees a strange barn ritual in which the Amish kill a two-headed goat. Margo and Chris secretly infiltrate the church and learn that the members of the community who pretend to be Amish are not really Amish. In the church, in the drawings on the floor, a certain Asmodeus is mentioned. And under the altar there is a secret passage to underground caves, in which – judging by the sounds – some terrible creatures live. Margot descends into the abyss, but does not really find anything. But Chris discovers the sounds of “animals” on the camera recording.

The next day, shortly before the ending, we are shown proof that the cult members are only pretending to be an Amish community. Firstly, quite modern laptop and video surveillance system are hidden in Jacob’s room. In the computer, Margot finds evidence that the inhabitants of the farm have been following her for a long time, almost all of her life. It turns out that her trip to the Bailer farm was set up from the very beginning. Secondly, something supernatural attacks the girl in the middle of the night and as a result, Chris and Dale find the girl in shock. In addition, her bed and the ceiling above her are covered in blood.

Jacob, along with the women of the “community”, explains what happened with heavy menstruation and promises to call a doctor if necessary or take Margot to the doctors in the hospital. But for now, he offers not to disturb the girl and let her rest. And although Chris and Dale do not believe Jacob, they have to go through a snowstorm to a nearby town to buy a new car battery.

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In the store, almost at the end of the horror “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin”, this is what happens. We are shown that Chris and Dale are looking for information about Asmodeus and find out that this is a demon – both evil, lustful and very bloodthirsty. And since the man who drove the documentarians claimed that the Baylers were not Amish at all, it becomes clear that they are in fact cultists.

According to legend, in the Norwegian village of Beskitter, there was once a bloody massacre, in which the survivors blamed Asmodeus. The locals managed to imprison the infernal demon in the body of a woman – they used the unfortunate woman as a living trap for evil spirits. And there are two ways to explain what is happening. Baylers may be the descendants of the very people who captured the demon, and the keepers of the secret. Perhaps, at the cost of their victims, they protect the big world from chaos and nightmare. But one can decide that the Baylers are ordinary sectarians and devil-worshippers.

Chris and Dale return to the farm through a blizzard, but it’s too late. At the end, it turns out that Jacob and his assistants have kidnapped Margot and are going to perform some kind of ritual. All the inhabitants of the farm are hiding in the rooms, the equipment and things of the documentarians have disappeared. Samuel tries to convince the aliens not to interfere with something they don’t understand. But the main characters do not listen: while Dale installs a battery in the car, Chris goes to the old church to save his girlfriend.

We are then shown how, near the very end, Chris is confronted by an armed Jacob in an old church. Jacob demands that Chris not interfere with the ritual because Margo is the chosen one. But after a short fight, Chris accidentally throws Jacob into a hole. At the end, we are shown that the head of the cult and the grandfather of the main character is dead.

What happens at the end of the horror movie “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin”? The bottom line is that in the finale, Chris descends into the cave and finds Margo lying on the floor. Nearby, in the darkness, her obsessed mother, Sarah, rages. The meaning is this: Sarah served as a shell for the demon Asmodeus for many years, but as the demon’s power grows, he needed a new dungeon. And the cultists-sectarians decided to transplant the demon into a young and strong Margot.

Chris rescues Margot and they return to the surface. But insane Sarah, who has turned into a nightmarish monster over many years of captivity, breaks free and pursues the main characters. In the end, it is shown that a bloodthirsty skeleton-like creature brutally kills Dale. Chris and Margot then try to hide in the barn among the animals, but the monster still catches them.

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A demon-possessed Sarah attacks Chris, but Margot tries to save her lover and starts talking to her mother, who has turned into a monster. Then there is another short brawl – and Sarah falls from the top floor of the barn and dies. It turns out that Asmodeus broke free from his living dungeon? Exactly!

Chris and Margot barely escape the Baler farm – they even have to go back to Dale’s corpse to get the car keys. The main characters start the car, but they are attacked by distraught “Amish”. Sectarians are trying to stop would-be documentary filmmakers, but they still leave. And in the meantime, they see what the release of the evil spirit led to: the demon gained control over the bodies of the inhabitants and staged a bloody massacre.

When Margot and Chris leave at the end of the film, we are shown several police officers arriving at the farm. First, one of the cops falls under the influence of Asmodeus and commits suicide. We are shown a recording from a body DVR. Another police officer then arrives on the scene, who discovers a cultist possessed by Asmodeus. The cop also kills himself with a service weapon, and the possessed gets into a police car and leaves the farm.

How is it to be understood? It seems that the Baylers were still trying to protect the world from the threat and kept Asmodeus captive all these years (maybe centuries). But now the cruel infernal demon has broken free and it is possible that he will arrange a real apocalypse. The possible end of the world is also indicated by remarks that the demon can quickly move between different bodies. It turns out that there is no way to stop him.

Perhaps Asmodeus went in search of Margo and Chris, whom he wants to use for his own purposes. But this is very unlikely.

But how does the seventh part of the series – “Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin” – connect with other parts? Perhaps the most correct answer is no. Except for the corporate style in the spirit of “found films” (this time, however, mixed with mockumentary – “pseudo-documentary”) and the tricks of evil spirits as the main theme. Neither directly nor indirectly, the new horror film is based in any way on the events of the previous parts. It seems that in the main series put a bold point.

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