Meaning of the movie “Pearl Harbor” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Pearl Harbor” and ending explained Films

Today we will talk about the legendary movie of all time “Pearl Harbor”. The film tells about the love triangle of the main characters, which foreshadows the attack of the naval and air fleet of the Japanese Empire on the American military base at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. The film is considered the most popular romantic war drama of 2001. The film was nominated for the Golden Globe Award and received its well-deserved award – the Oscar.

What is movie Pearl Harbor about?

The historical event, the beginning of the great war between two powerful states – America and Japan, was interpreted and shown to us on the screens by director Mackle Bay. He not only highlighted the event of the Second World War, but also showed a story of great love, friendship, betrayal and honesty. The picture shows the life of two childhood friends from Tennessee – Rafe and Danny. They grew up side by side, considering themselves brothers. Interested in the sky and aviation from an early age, eventually deciding to become an Air Corps pilot. One day, Rafe falls in love and has an affair with a nurse named Evelyn.

But, unfortunately, after a while they were forced to leave. goes to the UK and joins the “Eagle Squadron” and the Royal Air Force of Britain. There, a soldier takes part in the Battle of Great Britain, fighting off German raids. At the same time, Danny and Evelyn are transferred to the service at the Pearl Harbor base, which is located in the Hawaiian Islands. Evelyn and Danny receive a letter that their loved one (Rafe) has died in battle. At the same time, they become close and fall in love with each other. Rafe suddenly arrives at the military unit. He was able to survive thanks to the fact that he was able to get out of a plane that fell into the sea and the help provided to him by French fishermen. The Resistance (opposition to the occupation of France) sent him to America. Best friends decide to find out the relationship with their fists.

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A small skirmish turns into a serious and dangerous fight after which they hide and sleep in a car on the road in order not to fall into the eyes of the police. After this scene, the audience sees how the Japanese plan to strike at Pearl Harbor, intelligence gathers the necessary information, develops a plan and strikes unexpectedly, catching the American sailors by surprise. Evelyn and her friends are helping the crowds of the wounded in the hospital, and Rafe and Danny raise their fighters and launch a retaliatory attack on the Japanese (shoot down several Japanese planes). The attack on Pearl Harbor and the heavy losses shock and upset the citizens of America.

But America is not left out. She organizes a raid to bomb Japan, which includes our Rafe and Danny. Having made an attack from aircraft carriers, the main characters landed on the unoccupied part of China due to a shortage of fuel in order to return back. There they were taken prisoner. The film ends with Danny sacrificing himself for the life of his best friend Rafe. Following this tragic news, Rafe and Evelyn get back together and raise Danny’s child.

The meaning of military drama

The hidden meaning is contained in the senseless wars that politicians start and break the plans, ideas, desires, lives of ordinary people. They bring destruction, death, a sea of ​​grief and tears. Each of them lost someone dear, someone in the hopelessness of seeing their relatives and friends wrote letters to them, they just wanted to be at home or in the arms of their loved one. We also see pure patriotism. How people love their country, defend their sovereignty, fight the enemy no matter what. They do not lose their hands bravely and confidently go to their goal.

Do not forget that this story reveals not only the theme of war, but also eternal friendship, immortal love, dignity and revenge, courage. People were able to sacrifice their lives for the sake of those they love. After all, friendship is love in a different form. Despite disagreements, resentments, disappointments, Danny sacrificed his life for the sake of his best friend. After all, he loved him, appreciated, Rafe was a very close and important person for him. The director wanted to convey to us that there is nothing more precious than friendship, it must be appreciated before it’s too late.

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Movie ending

The end of the film shows us the power of friendship. The main characters have overcome many difficulties, suffered so much disappointment and pain, but despite this, they remain a strong rear for each other. Since childhood, they have been support, support for each other. Each of the two friends would throw themselves into the fire or into the water if one of them were in danger. Danny sacrifices himself for a happy life for Rafe and Evelyn. I think he would do a lot of things for Danny if it was required. Regardless of the fact that the best friend started dating his girlfriend and she soon gave birth to him, Rafe is raising his son Danny with Evelyn. He did not abandon the child of his deceased friend, he cares and loves him as his own. Danny and Rafi are a symbol of eternal, strong male friendship. Also, Mackle Bay wants to convey to us that friendship should be valued if it is real.

What hooked this story viewers?

Firstly, the audience drew attention to the well-chosen cast. The audience appreciated the chic game of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. Do not forget that the charming nurse, played by Kate Beckinsale, captivated with her beauty and charisma. The actors did not just play their roles, but they lived through all the moments of the life of their characters, their feelings, happiness, grief, despair and pain.

Secondly, the theme of love and friendship, betrayal and dignity, war and revenge is touched upon. Each of us will find something of our own in Pearl Harbor that has touched the corners of the human soul.

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Thirdly, special effects, graphics and music. Bombing scenes, realistic explosions and fighting are shown brightly and colorfully. Watching a film, you don’t even think that it’s unreality, but just a movie on computer screens.

Fourthly, a boring story that you want to watch frame by frame.

Fifth, the theme of friendship and love is in balance. They open up and complement each other.

Sixthly, the standard love triangle sparkled with new colors, the director breathed life into it.

Seventhly, the film makes you think about many things such as dignity and support, the value of friendship and life, shows that love can be in different manifestations. Demonstrates how destructive, terrible and bloody and most importantly stupid war can be. What are the consequences of it.

Interesting information about military history

  1. The film is based on real events.
  2. The main characters are based on George S. Welsh and Kenneth M. Taylor.
  3. Filming lasted for five months. From the beginning of April to September 15th.
  4. Real planes from the Second World War were used.
  5. Film history has received many awards: Oscar, Golden Globe, ASCAP, ASC Award, CAS Award, DVD Premiere Award, Bogey Award in Gold.
  6. Many actors have won their awards (Diane Warren and Hans Zimmer – ASCAP award, George Watters II and Christopher Boyes – Oscar).
  7. Also, the rest of the actors were nominated for such awards as: “DVD Premiere Award”, “CAS Award”, “Critics Choice Award”, “ASC Award”.

The Oscar statuette was received for the best sound, song, special effects. The DVD Premiere Award won New Release, Original Documentary, Best New Films. ASCAP was won in the format of a well-performed song.

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