Meaning of the movie “Plane” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Plane” and ending explained Films

Gerard Butler has reappeared in Jean-Francois Richet’s new action-thriller Crash to bring fans another unpredictable story and fast-paced action. Gerard Butler did an amazing job of capturing the audience’s attention and making them feel like they’re part of the story. This is one of those films not to be missed!

What is the movie Plane about

Brody Torrance is a Scottish commercial pilot based in Hong Kong. He has to take an overseas flight to spend New Year’s Eve with his daughter Daniela (Haley Hecking). But moments before takeoff, Brody learns that he will be transporting Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), who is being extradited after being convicted of murder.

Crew and passengers face a variety of challenges, including extreme weather and equipment failures. Brody tries to calm them down by promising that he can bring everyone home. However, people panic and chaos begins in the cabin, as a result of which several people die.

Brody is told to land the plane on the water, but he decides to land on the island. Having successfully landed, the hero realizes that he is in Jolo, an isolated region of the Philippines. The area is under the control of a radical militia group, so being here is extremely unsafe. Given this fact, Rhodey tries to find a suitable place to contact the flight center and report the location.

Brody reluctantly believes Louis, who reveals that he was convicted of a crime committed as a teenager. But soon Louis disappears and goes to the military command center. Brody, after failing to contact an airline employee, asks Daniela to relay the information to Scarsdale, who is tasked with handling the rescue operation.

The rescue operation is organized with the help of a group of mercenaries. Scarsdale is informed that Brody used force on a noisy passenger in the past, and now his fate is unenviable and irregular flights. Because of this, the airline is experiencing a crisis in public relations. But he is outraged that the company’s management does not cancel flights in difficult weather conditions and chooses the shortest route in order to save money.

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On the run from the local police, Brody teams up with Louie. Militia leader Dele, along with a detachment, takes the passengers hostage. Louis teaches Brody how to use weapons, they understand that they have to save the hostages. Passengers want to be transported to the island and kept there, demanding a ransom.

The meaning of the film Plane

A plot atypical for a thriller with a deep meaning will appeal to the maximum number of viewers. But at the same time, it is very easy to follow the dynamics of the plot, because there are no bright surprises here. Since the main attention is kept on one storyline, it is possible to focus on the details and one of the most important leitmotifs – in a difficult situation, a person can rely, first of all, on himself.

The film Crash shows how the main characters, even in the most difficult circumstances, can find the strength and courage to survive. But at the same time, they manage to preserve their humanity, and it is extremely difficult to do this in a situation where their own life can end at any moment.

The moral of the film is very clear. You do not need to be watched and well-read to understand where is white and where is black. The writers tried to blur the line by including the image of Louis (who seems to be for the good guys, but at the same time has a sin behind his back), but the viewer still perceives him as a good hero.

Plane ending explained

Brody and Louie team up with Shellback. The place they manage to release the captured passengers. Brody is trying to fix the plane, realizing that they do not have to wait at least a day for help from anywhere. Louis is even more pessimistic – he tries to convey to Brody that there is no chance of survival in the jungle. Meanwhile, Dele is out of his mind with anger, he and his squad are sent in search of those who deprived them of their earnings. During the raid, they lose a few people, but this does not stop them.

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When the militias find the plane, Louie has to fight them alone while Brody helps the passengers into the cabin. The plane is badly damaged due to the skirmish. However, Brody is convinced that they will succeed in leaving the island. He contacts Scarsdale, from whom he learns that he can fly to a neighboring island and wait for rescuers there. The plane successfully takes off, Louis remains on the island, and Dele is killed in battle.

Is a sequel possible?

The project may continue. So, for example, after Louie escapes into the jungle, Brody and Daniela may be trying to find him, hoping to bring him home. They can get into trouble along the way, including trying to save Louie from Dele, who may be after him for money found on the island. They may also run into other criminals or even mercenaries who are trying to capture Louis for Dele. There may also be new characters to help Brody and Daniela find and free Louis. That way, after all these adventures, they can finally bring Louis back home.

Is it worth watching Plane?

This film will appeal to all connoisseurs of such films as “Olympus Has Fallen”, “Greenland” and “Den of Thieves”. Thanks to the talented performances of Gerard Butler and Mike Colter, the classic story of an unjustly accused man and a hero father worked with a bang.

On the screen, the actors look simply gorgeous: powerful and courageous guys, giving out fiery emotions. But, despite the fact that Butler is a serious and responsible aircraft commander, he is a loving father who wants to return to his daughter. Tough partners look even more advantageous against the background of nondescript villains. Negative characters are not remembered at all, in the film they are perceived more as an abstract evil.

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Thus, “Crash” is a kind of soulful action movie that will appeal to both fans of gang warfare and disaster films, and fans of real drama. It is not a pity to spend an hour and a half on such a film, not a minute of which will be bored and only wait for the final scene. Every frame of Crash is spectacular, interesting and emotional.

Incident on the set of the film “Plane”

During the filming of the action movie Crash, Butler, who plays the main role, is trying to deal with the landing gear of the aircraft. He pretended to be smart to appear knowledgeable. But each time, taking out his hands, the actor saw blood mixed with a green substance on them. Trying to wipe the sweat from his face, Butler realized that the green liquid had not only hit his face, but also flowed into his nose and mouth.

Then he began to get really worried. It turned out that this substance is nothing but phosphoric acid. It is a synthetic hydraulic fluid used in aircraft landing gear. It contains a combination of alcohol and phosphoric acid, as well as a green dye for easy identification.

As the actor later said, because of the green liquid that got in, he had to endure a burning sensation for several hours. However, such an incident had consequences “great for the scene”, according to the film crew.

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