Meaning of the movie “Raw” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Raw” and ending explained Films

Every person in life has several films that, even after a long time, make something shrink inside him. One of those things are horror films or horror movies. Moreover, these are not always films in which there are bloody details in each frame, and every second several liters of blood spreads on the screen. Sometimes, the whole atmosphere of the film evokes a feeling of horror. The film “Raw” can be categorized as these horrors, which are not bloody, but at the same time cause a significant intensity of emotions. A cruel and gloomy film that, with a medical coldness, tells about what is happening with the main character.

The plot of the film “Raw” revolves around the peculiar initiation of a young vegetarian Justine. The main character, being a staunch vegetarian, enters a veterinary school. The choice of the future place of study is rather strange, but we will not delve into it too far.

The first course of a young and future veterinarian begins with initiation into students. A feature of initiation in this veterinary school is the consumption of a raw piece of rabbit meat. It is from this moment that the fall of a convinced vegetarian begins. A piece of raw meat causes a sharp allergic reaction in Justine’s body in the form of an itchy rash all over her body. An attempt to visit the hospital results in her being prescribed some ointment and convincing her that she has food poisoning.

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However, the reality is more severe than the expectations of the main character. Calm and cloudless life ends, and harsh everyday life begins. She develops a passion for eating raw meat. It is the incessant feeling of hunger that draws her to raw meat, which allows her to satisfy her needs. The chicken meat eaten at night enters her stomach first. The flywheel of terrible accidents begins to spin. The next day, her sister accidentally cuts off her finger. Calling an ambulance and unconsciously eating a piece of finger happen almost simultaneously. Guilty for the disappearance of the finger is assigned to the dog, which is subsequently euthanized.

At the same time, Justine learns that her sister has similar desires for raw flesh. This alone makes you think about what is happening in the lives of convinced vegetarians, causing bad forebodings. The voltage spiral continues to unwind, increasing heat.

Justine’s sister, Alexia, causes a car to crash by jumping into the road in front of her. The injured passengers of the car crashing into a tree become food for Alexia. Justine tries to stop her, which shows that she retains some humanity. However, in the evening at a disco, she bites off part of the lip of a stranger with whom she kisses.

The subsequent party ends with excessive drinking and Justine ends up in the morgue thanks to her sister. Alexia films Justine’s reaction to raw meat. The next morning, Justine wakes up famous. After all, it is her behavior in the morgue, recorded by her sister, that becomes viral in the place of her training. An attempt to sort things out ends in an ugly fight followed by reconciliation.

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Justine’s life does not become calm after this. Waking up the next morning, she finds Adrian in her bed, who is dead. The terrible thing is that his leg is gnawed. By projecting previous actions onto herself, she takes all the blame. The sister, found in the kitchen unconscious and smeared with blood, removes the blame from her.

Alexia ends up in jail.

In the process of communicating with her father, she learns that their mother, during her studies, also became addicted to raw meat. He shows his body covered in scars. These are bite scars and nothing else.

At the end there is an attempt to end the film on a positive note. The father says that he and his wife found a way out of this situation. Therefore, she, too, will find a way out.

It is worth noting that along with the horror component, there is a storyline of the process of growing up the protagonist. Coming out into the vast world from a protected family, it is necessary to change. In this film, cannibalism is a kind of initiation. Justine is looking for her own path, different from her sister’s. This path must be acceptable to society and to herself. Indeed, in the vast world you cease to be unique, which requires new skills from you that have not been acquired before.

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The overall impression of the film is quite peculiar. A good representative of films from the category of horror. However, some misunderstandings remain after watching this film. A solid picture and the game of actors in the complete absence of change in characters. Hidden metaphors and meanings do not give us an understanding of what happened. “Raw” can be classified as a category of films that do not make sense to re-watch, since this sense is not enough there to generate interest. Maybe if you cut out the consumption of raw meat, then the film would become an ordinary and mediocre teen drama about finding your place in life. While the provocation adds to his attention from critics and viewers. A provocative trash horror that is acceptable for viewing by people with a strong psyche.

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