Meaning of the movie “Revolver” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Revolver” and ending explained Films

“I worked on the script for Revolver for three years. “Big jackpot” I wrote in three months,” Guy Ritchie once admitted in an interview.

The multi-layered structure of the narrative, similar at the same time to an intricate labyrinth, and to a chessboard lined with black and white pieces; references to Kabbalah and the rules of chess; puddles of blood spreading across the screen, accompanied by the notes of Beethoven and Vivaldi – all this not only fascinates, but also pretty much puzzles the viewer, forcing the film to be reviewed again in search of answers – or feverishly typing an exciting question into the search box: “What is the essence of the film” Revolver ” Guy Ritchie?

And the answer to this question is actually almost endless. So this article may not be easy reading – it’s better to bookmark it right away so that you can read it later or re-read it again.

What is the movie “Revolver” about?

The main character of the film is a professional player Jake Green. After serving in a prison solitary cell for a long 7 years, the man is trying to return to his usual life.

From the first days of freedom, he finds himself in an insane cycle of life, where he is expected to have a showdown with the crime boss Dorothy Maka, who took part in Green’s arrest.

The brothers Zak and Avi do not leave the man alone. They have plans for Jake. Knowing that the man has a fatal disease, the guys undertake to help him. But in return, Green must “share” the accumulated capital and carry out their tasks.

Having lost a huge amount to Green, Maka is not going to leave the position. Mafia ambitions come first, he needs money and power, especially since it became possible to conduct joint business with the mystical Sam Gold.

And that’s not all the characters in the movie. Over time, a gang of Asians will join them. Under the leadership of Jon Lord, they deal in drugs. In addition to them, a hired killer nicknamed “Recycler” and Jake’s brother Billy, accompanied by his daughter, enter the arena.

This motley extras are the acting heroes of Guy Ritchie’s bright and dynamic picture. It is difficult to determine the exact genre of the picture. At first it seems like a stylish action movie like the ones a director usually creates, but it’s not that simple…

Describing once the history of the creation of the picture, Richie claimed that it took three years to write the script for the film “Revolver”. At the same time, he spent only three months on the script for Big Jackpot. In the second case, everything is more or less clear with the genre and meaning of the picture, but with the “Revolver” it is much more difficult. This film is a “headache” for film critics who cannot decide on the meaning of the film.

And this is understandable, one has only to look at “Revolver”, as it immediately becomes clear that nothing is clear. There are a lot of layers and moves in the work. It seems that the viewer finds himself in an intricate labyrinth in which there is chess and cabala, blood and amazing Beethoven and Vivaldi. In the film, everything is so mixed up that, probably, the director himself does not fully understand what he shot.

“Revolver” plot explained

Green and Avi are constantly fighting over a chessboard throughout most of the film. But they themselves are pieces on another chessboard, of a larger size. This playing field is the city in which the events of the film unfold. Guy Ritchie repeatedly makes this clear to us with the help of color allusions, and sometimes with the help of a language game. So, at the very beginning of the film, Maka says to Jake Green: “Very skillful Mr Green, you pawn your talents very well.” The English verb pawn means “to pawn”, but the noun pawn means “pawn”. This is how he perceives Mac Jake Green at first – he considers him a pawn and tries to eliminate him as easily and simply as a pawn – simply by sending his people to shoot Green.

Avi pretends to be a weaker player throughout the film – and only in the finale does Jake realize that he owes it to Avi for his brilliant chess game

Maka is definitely the main piece on the opponent’s side, the chess king. Eliminating it means solving the main task that Green has set for himself. But Jake Green himself at the beginning of the action is nothing more than a pawn, which Avi and Zack skillfully wield. However, in the finale, the pawn-Jake makes his way into the territory of the enemy – he ends up in the Maki mansion. As you know, having reached the opposite border of the field, a pawn becomes a queen. This is exactly what happens to Green when he, safe and sound, leaves the armed Maki, shocked by such a brazen intrusion into his chess possessions.

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Readers versed in the game of chess can review the film to match the behavior of the characters with the rules of the game of certain pieces – almost every character in the movie “Revolver” can be correlated with the corresponding chess piece. And we will move on, although chess allusions will surface more than once in the course of the story. A question that may already be on your mind: who is playing this giant chessboard, who started this sophisticated game? This is the enigmatic and elusive Mr. Gold. It is worth telling a little more about it.

Who is Sam Gold and does he exist in reality?

I will not delay with the answer: no, in reality, Gold does not exist. He is a hoax of Avi and Zach’s cunning tricksters. But at the same time, he is a demiurge, who created this whole world of the chess game, which controls it and all the actions of the characters-pieces. Here is such a paradox.

Gold has a lot in common with God – at least they both do not exist. Like the biblical god, Gold created this world and rules it. Like God, Gold is just a product of the human mind. Like God, Gold has his own clergyman – this is Mrs. Walker. She is accompanied by Christian attributes and she evokes reverent horror among those around her – in particular, Maki, because she occupies the highest rank under Mr. Gold (you can correlate her with the Pope or with the Orthodox patriarch). In addition, Gold and his laws (which we will talk about a little later) are firmly rooted in the minds of almost all characters – just like religious dogmas are assimilated by believers.

Sam Gold is the embodiment of that thirst for profit, which is not alien to all the characters in the film (except for Avi and Zack)

But at the same time, Gold is inherently more like a devil than a creator god. It symbolizes everything black, destructive: greed, thirst for profit and blood, craving for power. These are the laws by which almost all the characters in the film live. No wonder Greene says: “Nothing hurts more than humiliation and a little loss of money.” This is the point of view that dominates the world of Gold. Gold (“gold”) – the embodiment of the golden calf, a senseless passion for obtaining and accumulating wealth. It demonstrates the Western value system, in which the material component has the greatest weight.

His biggest lie was to make you believe he was you.

This is one of the key phrases in the film – and it refers specifically to Sam Gold. Gold is ego; Gold is imposed judgments that seem so natural to us that they seem to sound like our own voice. Gold’s philosophy obeys both Green and Maka, as well as Lord John. For Maka, Gold is the embodiment of his undivided power, for Green it is a desire to get rich by any means and take revenge on his offender – to destroy Maka. But in the finale, Green is freed from the power of Gold, but Maka dies from it. And help Jake Green in this his comrades Zach and Avi.

Images of Zack and Avi and their relationship with Jake GreenMeaning of the movie “Revolver” and ending explained

Если Сэм Голд — это дьявол, который засел в голове у Джейка Грина и тащит его вниз, нашёптывая низменные желания, то Ави и Зак — это ангелы-хранители главного героя. Если Голд — это Запад, то Ави и Зак — это Восток с его пренебрежением материальными ценностями и отказом от эго. В фильме эти герои наделены практически сверхъестественными способностями: они каким-то чудом спасают Грина от гибели под колёсами автомобиля (именно звонок от них заставляет Джейка взглянуть на дорогу), они предугадывают его обморок в начале фильма… Всё это может быть очередной «шахматной» метафорой. Хороший игрок должен быть способен предугадывать действия противника, знать свою стратегию на несколько шагов вперёд. Ави и Зак, как профессиональные игроки, могут предугадывать саму жизнь — ведь они живут на шахматной доске.

Ави проверяет Джейка, приказав тому выстрелить в должника — но вместо этого Джейк направляет оружие на самого Ави

Ави и Зак — первые, кто смог выбраться за пределы своего эго, за пределы философии Сэма Голда. Вспомним период их совместного заключения в тюрьме по соседству с Джейком Грином. Для них это было не столько отбытие наказания, сколько добровольный уход от мирской жизни с целью своеобразной медитации, сосредоточения на важнейшей для обоих задаче — победе над Сэмом Голдом. Ави и Зак могли сбежать в любой момент, но долгое время оставались в тюрьме с целью отточить свой план победы над эго. Заодно они вовлекли в своё предприятие Джейка Грина. Скормив ему «универсальную формулу», которая была с готовностью воспринята алчным эго Джейка, они оставили его «дозревать», а сами на воле занялись подготовкой своего грандиозного плана.

Ави и Зака можно назвать просветлёнными в буддийском смысле этого слова. В восточных учениях эго — это зло, эго ответственно за нашу боль и страдания. Эго — не факт объективной реальности, а лишь продукт нашего собственного сознания. Эго — это внутренняя тюрьма. Обещав вытащить Джейка из тюрьмы, его товарищи имели в виду именно эту тюрьму — оковы сознания, жадного земного эго. И вот освобождение Джейка начинается.

The Path to Enlightenment and the Moral Victory of Jake Greene

Поначалу Зак и Ави, подобно буддийским наставникам, берут с Джейка слово ничего не спрашивать и полностью подчиняться их приказам. Затем они планомерно разрушают его «голдовское» эго: заставляют передать им все свои накопления и выдают займы, пользуясь его деньгами. По признанию самого Джейка, ничто так не ранит, как унижение и небольшая потеря денег — именно с потери денег и начинается его путь к «просветлению». Таким образом, отобрав у Джейка желанные богатства, Ави и Зак подталкивают его к внутренней свободе. Тот, несмотря на всю боль расставания с деньгами, в итоге действительно освобождается от жажды наживы. Зак и Ави устраивают ему ряд проверок: заставляют самостоятельно собирать долги и даже требуют выстрелить в должника. Но Джейк отказывается — именно этого и добивались его наставники. Теперь он больше не привязан к материальным ценностям, но кое-что от Голда в нём ещё осталось — желание расправиться с Макой, боль от потерь (семь лет тюрьмы и гибель жены брата) и страх — панический страх лифтов (замкнутые пространства напоминают Грину о тюремных стенах).

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Одна из ключевых сцен фильма — сцена на крыше, когда Зак и Ави отвечают на вопросы Грина и объясняют ему суть своего «величайшего обмана». Зак рассказывает Грину, где же на самом деле прячется его враг. Эту сцену можно сопоставить с подобной в легендарной «Матрице», когда Морфеус доказывает Нео, что его мир — иллюзия. Здесь же Зак даёт Грину понять, что его эго — иллюзия. Эго — это то, что держит нас взаперти своей головы, оно ответственно за нашу боль и страхи. Осознав это, Грин бросает вызов теперь уже своему реальному противнику — своему эго — и оказывается в состоянии доиграть партию против Маки до конца.

Сортеру также удаётся выйти за пределы своего эго ради спасения девочки — но тогда его, как мешающую удачному исходу партии фигуру, приходится устранить

Теперь Джейка больше не держат в плену собственные деньги. Он совершает щедрое пожертвование в благотворительный фонд от имени Маки. Этот неожиданный ход запутывает Маку — как если бы Джейк пожертвовал горстью пешек, чтобы противнику показалось, будто Грин проигрывает. Грин проникает в особняк Маки с оружием, но вместо убийства просит у противника прощения. Это вводит Маку в такой ступор, что он упускает Грина, будучи не в состоянии спустить курок. Но перед этим Грин одерживает ещё более важную победу — в лифте он встречается один на один с собственным эго. Он знает, что лифт — лучшее место для этого, ведь именно здесь его страхи пробуждаются ото сна. В разговоре со своим эго (оно же — Сэм Голд) Джейк заявляет: «Ты — не я, я больше тебе не подчиняюсь»). Эта победа гораздо важнее для него, чем уничтожение Маки, но последнее теперь уже неизбежно.

Доведя Маку до нервного истощения, загнав его в угол, заставив поверить, что он разгневал несуществующего Сэма Голда, Джейк сотоварищи является в его казино с украденным товаром. Теперь уже этот товар Маку не спасёт — он знает, что Голд не простит его промах. Мака осознаёт себя приговорённым к смерти. Появляясь на его территории, Грин — теперь уже важная фигура, а не пешка — объявляет ему мат. И Мака понимает, что сражение бесполезно. Он мог бы выстрелить в голову девочке — племяннице Грина, но весь ужас положения Маки в том, что он видит ту силу, которую обрёл теперь Грин. Он отбросил своё эго, и теперь никакие внешние обстоятельства неспособны причинить ему боль или страх. Грин не отводит взгляда от Маки и не проявляет ни малейших признаков беспокойства.

И вот смертный приговор Маки уже подписан, ведь в его сознании всё ещё живёт Сэм Голд. Мака принимает решение — ведь ему уже объявлен мат. И погибает жертвой своих собственных страхов — а вовсе не жертвой Джейка Грина, который эти страхи преодолел.

“Revolver” hidden meaning

It is difficult to call “Revolver” an ordinary film with a simple plot. Here it’s the other way around. It traces not one, but two storylines, while the second resembles a parallel reality, shown by color illusions or phrases that almost no one pays attention to.

Throughout the film, a “chess” battle takes place between Jake and Avi, in which they are not only players, but also pieces. From the first scenes of the film, the viewer perceives Green as a pawn in the game of King Dorothy.

Avi and Zack, having secret plans, successfully use Jake as a pawn, but the latter still manages to reach the edge of the board and become a powerful queen. A vivid demonstration of this moment was the scene in which Green manages to survive the shootout that takes place in the Mack estate.

For many people who understand the intricacies of the game of chess, the meaning of “Revolver” lies in the ability to play correctly. Is it true? Unknown. If so, who are the players in this game?

Beginning of the game

The idea of ​​”Revolver” is closely intertwined with the game. But in this case we are not talking about the material side of the issue. Most likely, the essence of the game is to shape the worldview of the player. When there are some sort of disassemblies in business, a person seeks to protect his investments.

In this case, he defends his own vision of the world. For adventurers, this quality is very “valuable”, because they do not need to demand something directly.

They only instruct the chosen “victim” to defend their point of view. A person will never want to admit his own stupidity, so he has to prove his case.

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It is not difficult to manipulate people and deceive them, it is important to take into account the main feature – human greed. In fact, there is no external enemy. The director is trying to prove with his film that a person often enters into a struggle with himself, as Green actually does.


The attitude to the phrases that sound from the lips of the characters in the film can be different. Sometimes they speak on completely ordinary, understandable topics, but at the same time, phrases with subtext necessarily slip through.

Given the fact that all these veiled words are intended to play the role of a secret message, it is safe to say that the protagonist of the story is in captivity of his own imagination.

Despite the presence of opportunities, a person tries to squeeze them into some kind of framework. In other more serious aspects, his resources are absurd. A person strives to become stronger, but who will teach her if, by and large, she is a professional.

A person assumes the presence of enemies that prevent him from acting according to his own will. But actually it is not. The only person who dictates a plan of action to a person is himself. From all this it follows that in order to gain strength, one must fight with those who interfere. In this case, with yourself.

This statement is proved by the phrase from the film, which is said by Green: “The best rival comes from where you least expect it.” Man’s own enemy is always with him. The essence of the human personality lies in the fact that he is his own friend and his own enemy.

An important scene in the film takes place on a rooftop when Avi and Zack make Jake understand what the idea behind the “greatest deception” is and where his main enemy is. By the way, this scene is reminiscent of the movie “The Matrix”, when Neo learns from Morpheus that the world in which he lives is a complete illusion.

In “Revolver”, Jake’s personal enemy is his personal ego, characterized by an insane thirst for profit and material enrichment. Once Green manages to understand this truth, he has the strength to deal with Maki.


The heroes of the film are not separate individuals, they live in close interaction, creating a single system. The head of this system is Sam. He dictates the rules and manages resources. Each member of the system follows the general rules. In fact, there is no Gold. He is only the inner voice of individual links. Thus, Sam, who is not inside the system, plays the role of “voice”.

Non-existent hero dictates the rules of the game. He himself does not play, but receives a profit. The instructions of the voice heard by the subordinates are the rules of the game that they agreed to accept. Following the accepted rules, participants receive a reward – life’s blessings.

Sam has a representative who connects him to the system. We are talking about Lily Walker, the only representative of the fair sex in the system. The woman is always wearing dark glasses. Most likely, there is a hint of the goddess Fortuna patronizing women. As is known from mythology, she was blind and handed out blessings at random.

The other two members of the system, Maka and Lord John, are opponents who share the resources available in the system. Since they are the main owners of goods, it is easy for them to force all other participants to act according to the rules of the system.

Green is also part of the system. Its resources come from Maquis. It is possible that some of them were transferred by John.

Two other characters, Avi and Zak, are not logged in. Therefore, they can freely and imperceptibly draw resources from the system.

Who are the “ordinary people”? These are ordinary hard workers, producers of resources. This category also includes children and the elderly, who, due to their age, are only consumers who are already or are not yet able to produce something.

“Revolver” ending explained

Avi and Zach managed to pull off the scam successfully. The brothers did not even get their hands dirty, but at the same time they drive Dorothy to madness, and later to suicide. They also managed to get a great performer, completely changing his worldview. This is one of the theories about the film’s meaning.

If we consider the final from the other side, then the conclusions will be different. In the final scenes, the viewer sees the meeting of two characters who were in a serious struggle with their egos. Who came out of this fight the real winner? Of course, Green. A free person with pure thoughts comes to meet Dorothy. Maka lost his fight. Sam completely filled his mind.

Despite Dorothy getting money from Jake, the fight is lost. They were overcome by fears that were impossible to fight. By the end of the movie, he understands Gold’s riddle, but time is running out…

“Revolver” is an amazing creation of Guy Ritchie. This is not an empty film, it makes you think about many things. What is the meaning of the picture? “Let the viewer find their own answer” – this is precisely the mystery of cinema.

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