Meaning of the movie “Rosemary’s Baby” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Rosemary's Baby” and ending explained Films

A groundbreaking film, Rosemary’s Baby was a truly diabolical horror film for its time, controversial for its occult themes. Nevertheless, it became a cinematic bestseller, like its original Ira Levine novel, which sold four million copies and was instantly recognized for its genre.

As a result, despite the curses and controversy, Rosemary’s Baby is still widely considered a horror classic. It’s a film that is in many ways true to its era, but at the same time feels timeless and ahead of the game in its progressive themes.

In addition, it should be mentioned that John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow are superbly shot in this film as Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse, a beautiful couple who dream of starting a family. In preparation for this, they move into a large apartment in a strange old building in New York City, where their eccentric elderly neighbors seem too willing to help them with advice and their unusual herbal remedies.

After Rosemary has a terrifying dream, she discovers she is pregnant, but begins to suspect a sinister plot to use her unborn child as a satanic victim. If only she knew the real truth.

What is Rosemary’s Baby about?

In more detail, the film begins with a real estate agent showing the newlyweds a seventh-floor apartment in an exclusive Upper West Side apartment building called the Bramford. A couple named Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse fall in love with the space, but are puzzled to find a large secretary blocking a closet in the hallway.

Despite a warning from their friend Hutch that the building has a sordid past, the couple decide to move anyway. Rosemary meets a woman named Terry Johnoffrio in the basement. The one doing the laundry, who tells the main character that she is a guest of the Castevets, who are the neighbors of the Woodhouses. Terry shows Rosemary the foul-smelling Tannis Talisman necklace given to her by Minnie Castevet.

Later, Rosemary and Guy hear strange noises through a partition in their bedroom wall and, returning home one evening, discover that Terri Jonoffrio has committed suicide by jumping out of a seventh floor window. Rosemary then has a strange dream in which the image of a broken window is mixed with memories of her Catholic upbringing.
Meanwhile, Minnie Castevet calls Rosemary, introduces herself, and invites her and Guy over for a steak dinner. Rosemary and Guy reluctantly agree, not wanting to be too familiar with overly intrusive neighbors.

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Over the dinner that did take place, Minnie’s husband Roman praises Guy’s acting skills and says that he grew up in an acting environment. At the same time, Rosemary notices that the paintings have disappeared from the walls of the Castevets’ apartment and that they have a lot of silver, but only three identical plates. Arriving back at his apartment, Guy tells Rosemary that he has agreed to visit Roman the next day to hear more stories about the New York world of theatrical crafts.

After a few days, Minnie arrives with her friend Laura-Louise and gives Rosemary the same Tannis Root amulet that Terri wore. Rosemary is dismayed but accepts him out of courtesy, and Guy learns over the phone that an actor named Donald Baumgart, with whom he competed for the role, has suddenly gone blind, paving the way for Guy to perform on stage. Walking with her friend Hutch, Rosemary tries to downplay the sinister events that have taken place in the Bramford. Guy later apologizes to Rosemary for letting himself get carried away by his work, suggesting that they try to get pregnant. They spend the evening together and Minnie brings them two chocolate mousses for dessert.

Rosemary notices that her dish has a “chalky aftertaste” and puts it on a napkin when Guy forces her to eat it. She quickly becomes dizzy and faints in bed. She dreams that Guy is undressing her on a yacht full of people, then she imagines being lifted up to the Sistine Chapel. Naked coven members gather around her and paint on her body, while a charming woman in white comforts her while her arms and legs are tied to the bed. A naked guy approaches and then turns into Satan before raping her. The last thing Rosemary sees is the Pope wearing Tannis’ amulet.

The next morning, Rosemary discovers claw marks all over her body and realizes that Guy raped her while she was unconscious so as not to miss a fertile night. Besides, he no longer looks into her eyes.

Some time later, Rosemary finds out that she is pregnant and tells Guy that this should be the signal for a new beginning for them. But he convinces her to let him tell Minnie and Roman everything. Minnie then convinces Rosemary to give up her current doctor and start seeing a new doctor, Sapirstein.
He advises Rosemary not to read books and not to talk to friends, while actively insisting on the use of vitamin mixtures and mousses that Minnie will prepare instead of the usual intake of pills.

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Suddenly, she begins to rapidly lose weight and feel sharp pain, which, according to Dr. Sapirstein, is just a natural expansion of the pelvis. The same Hutch, who strongly dissuaded the family from moving, visits her and is horrified by the appearance. He examines Tannis’ talisman and says that it looks more like a mold or fungus than a root.

The Meaning of “Rosemary’s Baby”

It becomes clear that the main female character solves problems by comparing excesses with disadvantages, and then taking steps to create a balance. When Guy refuses to go to the Castevets’ for dinner for the first time, despite Rosemary making it clear that she promised to be there, she begins to reason out loud why they should stay at home, creating a plethora of reasons to go along with Guy’s wishes.

When her pregnancy turns into seemingly endless agony and no one wants to listen to her, she throws a party where her friends can appreciate her shocking physical and emotional state and push her to see a new doctor.

What’s more, when she gets fed up with Minnie’s meddling, she takes Minnie’s “herbal” drink, but then pours it down the drain. Thus, she is dealing with momentary excess, but has not yet taken steps to solve the problem as a whole.

Upon learning the truth about her child, she wields a butcher knife as if ready to stab one of the criminals or even her own child. But then he is faced with another inequality: the need for his child.

Rosemary consistently puts the interests of others ahead of her own, making her an ideal candidate for cult membership. In the end, it is the needs of one’s child that outweigh the idea of ​​destroying this evil being within oneself.

Explanation of the ending of Rosemary’s Baby

At the end, Rosemary tells Guy in a panic that their neighbors are Satanists and that they should move out immediately. Guy dismisses her concerns and takes Hutch’s book from her. Afterwards, she discards her Tannis talisman and buys two more volumes on witchcraft after learning that the witches need one of their victim’s personal items before casting the spell.
She calls Donald Baumgart and learns that Guy has offered to exchange ties. Realizing that Guy is a conspirator, Rosemary escapes from Bramford and goes to Dr. Sapirstein. When the receptionist tells Rosemary that Dr. Sapirstein’s aftershave smells exactly like her Tannis, Rosemary realizes that everyone around her is part of a conspiracy.

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She calls Dr. Hill from a pay phone booth and manages to arrange a meeting with him the next day. Thinking she’s just crazy, Dr. Hill calls Guy and Dr. Sapirstein to pick up Rosemary, who take her back to Bramford. Rosemary manages to lock herself in the apartment, but the coven breaks in anyway and Dr. Sapirstein injects her with a sedative with a syringe as she goes into labor.

After waking up his wife, Guy tells her that a boy has been born. She falls asleep and wakes up again to find Laura Louise watching over her. Upon learning that the child had died due to an ectopic pregnancy. Rosemary accuses everyone of being witches for stealing her baby, but Sapirstein puts her to sleep again.

Waking up again, Rosemary sees Guy, who tells her that she had prenatal bouts of insanity and gives her pills to take. She begins to hide them in the bed frame and hears a baby crying behind the walls, which Guy says belongs to the couple on the eighth floor. Laura-Louise forces Rosemary to express her breast milk. One night, alone, Rosemary discovers a secret passage in a closet in the hallway that connects Woodhouse and Castevet’s apartments. She wanders around the house and finds that the entire coven has gathered around the black cradle. She looks at him and screams wildly.

Roman explains that the child’s father is Satan, not Gaius, and that his name is Adrian. The husband, in response, tells Rosemary that they can still have a child of their own and that his fast-paced career will soon bring them wealth and fame.

However, Roman tries to convince Rosemary to be the mother of the child, saying that Minnie and Laura-Louise are too old for the job. Rosemary slowly walks over to the cradle and begins rocking her. The baby lullaby that started the movie starts playing again.

The final act implies that Rosemary may still agree to be the mother of the child. In keeping with the theme of religion as performance, Rosemary is ardently encouraged by the coven to play her part in this family drama they have dragged her into while hiding from the outside world.

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