Meaning of the movie “Sea Change” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Sea Change” and ending explained Films

Change is a leisurely thriller based on the novel by Aimee Friedman that left many viewers looking for answers at the end. The plot revolves around the life of Miranda, who, after the death of her father, ends up on a mysterious island off the coast of Maine. Miranda tries to find the truth among the secrets the island holds about the Sailors (half human, half sea creatures). Despite the lack of an intricate and dynamic plot, the story is quite fascinating. However, the conclusion was hasty. Due to several plot holes, fans are unhappy with the last 15 minutes of the film. We will talk about the plot of the film, the cast and the ending in this article.

Murder on the island

The first scene of the film begins with an unknown diver exploring the ocean when something attacks her. The girl goes to the seabed to call for help, but she drowns and dies.

The film then shows Miranda, a teenager heading to the island to live with her mother Amelia after her father’s death. She strikes up a conversation with a guy named T.J., he invites her to a party taking place on the island.

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During the party, TJ’s father, who is also a legal adviser, asks his girlfriend Ginny about Kit Morgan’s whereabouts due to her not reporting to the dockmaster. Kit was Ginny’s cousin and was a professional diver looking for ancient artifacts in the sea.

Later that day, Miranda goes for a run on the beach and begins to hear some strange voices before being interrupted by Leo, a local fisherman. Leo tells her to leave and disappears.

Victim – Keith Morgan

Miranda learns from her friend Cese the story of Leo and T.J. Leo’s mother worked as a cleaner at TJ’s house and they were very close before his mother passed away. There was some sort of quarrel and Leo didn’t come to his mother’s funeral, which sparked a cold war between the two.

While Miranda is talking to Leo, TJ arrives with his friend Bobby, they almost fight before Miranda intervenes. At this time, the body of the girl killed at the beginning is brought to the pier. She turned out to be Kit, Ginny’s cousin.

That night at another party, Amelia reveals that every year someone dies while diving or surfing. Amelia also asks TJ’s father about the death, but he assures her that all secrets are buried with her and will never come to light. Amelia is not impressed.

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Meanwhile, trying to find out the truth, Miranda and the others go skinny dipping. T.J. suggests Miranda use a surfboard because she can’t swim.

Miranda drowns but Leo saves her

While on a surfboard at sea, Miranda loses control and falls into the water, but sees Leo drowning. At that moment, her body sends out a mysterious green pulse into the ocean, and Leo carries her to shore before disappearing again.

Leo is also mad at his sister Naomi because of what happened to Kit. Naomi’s friend explains that this had to happen to keep them all safe, and Leo reluctantly agrees. Leo assigns Naomi to deal with Kit’s body.

Ginny goes to the police station to identify Kit’s body. She is shown a body with facial scratches, and Ginny runs to the bathroom because she is sick. She then sees the smoke and realizes that Kit’s scarred body has been burned and the entire police station is on fire.

Ginny screams, but Miranda hears her and saves Ginny. However, the police do not believe Ginny’s story that someone started the fire.

New facts about the Sailors

Miranda asks Amelia about the Sailors, and she reveals that the Sailors are half human, half sea creatures that can only stay on land for a short time. Amelia also reveals that every night the call of the sea forces the Sailors to return to the sea.

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However, this can be avoided if the Sailor inhales from human lungs, also known as the Sailor’s Kiss. It is believed that the person who receives the kiss dies.

The next morning, Leo gets a cut on his hand while fixing a fishing net, but the cut magically disappears as soon as he dips his hand into the sea. Miranda meets Leo to thank him for saving her the previous night and tells him that she saw his glowing eyes during the rescue.

Miranda jumps into the water again to see Leo’s scars, but this time they are not visible. She also reveals that her father didn’t like the water, so she didn’t come to the island again.

Meanwhile, TJ’s father meets Amelia and tells her that the case at the police station is under review.

Miranda’s past

The next day, Ginny thanks Miranda for saving her, but says she doesn’t belong here, causing T.J. to break up with Ginny.

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