Meaning of the movie “Sexify” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Sexify” and ending explained Films

The series “Sexification” is a Polish-made film that touches on sexual aspects in the life of today’s youth. The film has similarities with the British film “Sex Education” – students, teenagers’ problems, frank moments and humor that is close to the younger generation. Despite all the similarities, the Polish version is mentally closer to our layman. In the characters and the unfolding situations, every teenager will find something understandable and their own – whether it’s an enraging dean, boring couples, ugly dorm rooms, parents with conservative views on life, or omniscient and ubiquitous gatekeepers in the entrance. All this is familiar, perhaps, not only to the younger generation, but is not alien to older people who went through the period of growing up in their youth in the same way.

The film was shot by a team of directors Pyotr Domalevsky and Kalina Alyabrudzinskaya, who also acted as a screenwriter and actress, playing the role of a professor. The main role went to the young actress Alexandra Skraba. Her business partners in the project were Maria Sabochinska (Paulina) and Sandra Drzymalska (Monika).

The first part of the film introduces us to the main characters and reveals the plot. The best student of the course, an exemplary student Natalia, decided to try her hand at creating a commercial project. To achieve this goal, the girl takes more than one year of hard work, and finally she creates an application designed to optimize human sleep. However, Natalya’s project is not at all enthusiastic for the supervisor of the thesis work.

The professor considers the idea not sexy enough and prefers an ionized gel that changes hair color via Bluetooth. Having suffered a fiasco, the girl does not give up, on the contrary, she is looking for a new idea. Natalia decides to create something that everyone will need. And this will be nothing more than a sex application, because it is about sex that everyone around thinks and talks about. True, there is one snag, the girl herself knows absolutely nothing about intimate matters. And then her friends and acquaintances come to her aid.

Natalia is watching her neighbor and part-time best friend Paulina. The girlfriend was brought up according to strict Catholic laws, but this does not prevent her from living the last few years with her boyfriend in his apartment. Immediately, by chance, Monica, a girl from a wealthy family, is settled in the next room in the hostel, accustomed to a luxurious and somewhat disorderly life, whose parents deprived her of all benefits for disobedience. Despite financial problems, Monica continues to have fun to the fullest, and her bed does not have time to cool down after hot nights.

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In these girls, Natalya sees what she herself lacks so much – they know better than anyone the practical side of sex. That is why the heroine invites Paulina and Monica to become co-authors of her startup to create an application that will improve the female orgasm.

In the process of developing an application, girls have to face many challenges, including the loss of the opportunity to get a university education. Is it a joke to create an underground laboratory for sexual experiments right on the territory of the university, where students test not only sex toys, but also guys for strength. Such behavior does not go unnoticed by others, and the dean of the university receives a direct tip on the atrocities taking place under his nose. However, the situation is resolved and everything ends well. The main characters not only successfully complete work on their project, but also change their attitude towards themselves, which affects their personal lives.

The first part of the series is completely dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity. It is on girlish problems that the plot of the film is based, which cannot be said about the second part of the picture.

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Natalya is happy with her beloved Adam, although their couple has problems with sex, which the girl is trying to solve in every possible way. Monica focuses on business. It turns out that the frivolous flirt is far from being as stupid as it seems at first glance. It is Monica who becomes the CEO of their joint venture. Paulina, although she does not forget about the project, goes headlong into her studies and is preparing to become a designer. Three girlfriends are planning a launch party for their app, but it turns out that the businesswoman has money problems and is about to lose her company. In search of an investor, the girls receive an offer they cannot refuse. An experienced and wealthy businesswoman, Malgorzata Debska, is ready to invest in their business on one condition – they must develop an application that

Naturally, women do not understand much about this. They need a male point of view and girlfriends are trying to get information from guys. The task is more than difficult. Men are not ready to openly discuss their tastes and preferences in bed. They lie, shirk, are ashamed to answer frank questions, are afraid to appear weak, and so on. But the heroines are not going to give up half way.

While working on their application, the girls find out that there is already a program similar to the one they are developing. Two development teams join forces, which in the future turns out to be very useful. After all, in the future, they all together have to fight Debskaya, who decided to take over the company in order to sell users’ personal data. In the end, Natalia has to delete her updated application, which was no longer only a program for pleasure, but also a resource for finding a kindred spirit. The girls, taking care of people, sacrificed their many years of work and experience, but did not allow the business shark to replenish their bank account fraudulently.

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Despite all the lightness and comedy of the series, the picture raises many problems of our society. Here you can also see a life-affirming message – three very young girls, despite all the difficulties and ridicule, stubbornly go towards their goal, and in the end achieve it. Isn’t this confidence in one’s abilities so lacking for many young people?!

For others, the film will reveal a simple truth that everyone knows in the 21st century, but no one remembers about it – we belong only to ourselves, and no one has the right to tell us how to live, what to do, whom to love, what to be ashamed of and what merits we are proud of. This statement will be especially relevant in Poland, where the picture itself comes from, where women are not entitled to have abortions. Society and the state dictates its own rules, completely forgetting that a woman’s body belongs only to her.

The relationship between Natalia and Adam, as well as the modernization of the application, will allow you to think about the importance of not only sex, but also love. Sex is a momentary pleasure, and the person with whom you remain yourself is for life.

And of course, one cannot help but pay attention to the finale of the film, which contains another simple and familiar statement: money is not the main thing in life. It’s more important to be human.

Perhaps, for some, this series will remain just one of many comedies, the plot of which is easy and pleasant to laugh with friends.

How exactly to perceive the film, everyone decides for himself. After all, the choice is always ours!

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