Meaning of the movie “Sharper” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Sharper” and ending explained Films

The topic of Sharper and swindlers has been raised many times by filmmakers from different countries. Usually the spectators enthusiastically follow the cunning scams of criminals and applaud their victories in a duel with the police.

The plot of the film “Swindlers” must be followed with attention, since the fates of four people are intricately intertwined there, interacting with each other in one way or another.

What is the movie “Sharper” about?

Young people Sandra and Tom meet in a small bookstore. An instant sympathy arose between them, and the young man invited the girl on a date. At first, Sandra refused to come to the meeting, but a few minutes later she returned to the store and herself invited Tom to a Japanese restaurant.

And as it always happens, young people kindled passion for each other and very quickly gathered together, knowing practically nothing about each other.

Tom hid the fact that he had a billionaire father, the guy wanted people to respect him for his merits, and not the wealth that he would someday become the heir to.

Sandra hid that she had a troubled younger brother. But the truth suddenly came out. Her brother got involved with a bad company, owed a large amount of money, he was pursued by creditors and promised to maim or kill him.

Sandra, under pressure, shared her problem with Tom, who decided to help her and withdrew money from his bank account. The girl handed over the money to her brother and made an appointment with her lover in a Japanese restaurant. BUT Tom waited in vain for his beloved, she never came. The young man realized that her love was a deception, he mistook the glass for a diamond. And he also realized that he knew almost nothing about the girl he fell in love with, but clearly she was not a student at New York University, as she said about herself.

The second storyline is about who Sandra really was. At the age of 16, she became addicted to drugs, dropped out of school, and was convicted of shoplifting. But then she fell into the hands of an experienced swindler Max, who decided to make a clever swindler out of a promising girl.

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The real name of the girl was Sandy, but the path of becoming Sandra was not too long. Together with Max, they came up with a legend for her, according to which she graduated from Vassar College, spent a year in Florence for general development, and then entered New York University. The main rule of this couple was in no case to spare their victim.

The third storyline is Madeleine’s relationship with her former lover Max, whom she previously passed off as her son, and her new admirer Richard Hobbs, who, by a strange coincidence, was Tom’s father.

Hobbs had a huge fortune, had long been a widow and fell in love with Madeleine so much that he was ready to propose to her, although he, of course, was worried about the presence of his beloved drug-addicted son Max. Max was very convincing in the role of a drug addict.

Having defrauded Hobbs of a huge amount of money for her son, a drug addict, Madeleine had to leave him, but she decided to stay, because she liked this caring and gentle person, and besides, she dreamed of the role of the wife of a billionaire and his huge inheritance.

And when the fulfillment of her dream was already close, Madeleine suddenly realizes that Richard has a son, who will be the main heir. She again calls Max to her and offers him a new plan – to present Tom as incompetent.

After Sandra’s deception, Tom’s mental state deteriorated greatly, and Max had to present him as a person incapable of answering for his actions.

When, after the death of Richard, the will was opened, Madeleine’s joy knew no bounds. It was she who inherited her husband’s entire fortune, and Tom was appointed head of his personal fund. But the joy of the newly-made widow did not last long. She learned that Tom could not forget Sandra and hired an entire investigation team, led by Inspector Braddock, to collect all possible information about the girl.

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This information would fully reveal all the frauds of Madeleine, Max and Sandra and would allow Tom to protest the will, and put the dodgy trio on trial.

Madeleine was ready to do anything to keep Sandra from being found. But, unfortunately, she was found, though in a terrible state. The girl began to use drugs again, led the most unbridled lifestyle and understood little when she was brought to Tom.

After recovering a little, Sandra demanded that Madeleine hand over Max to her, so that he would at least apologize for his actions against her. Madeleine was forced to agree to these terms. But Max was not going to apologize to anyone, he, as was customary, did not spare his victims. This he tried to teach Sandra too.

At this time, Braddock and Tom arrived. Most likely, the inspector did not trust Madeleine and suspected her of fraud. And Tom was completely crushed by all the events that happened to him in such a short time.

A violent scene ensued, as a result of which Braddock’s gun passed from him first to Tom and then to Madeleine. And inadvertently, Madeleine shot at Tom, who fell like a wreck. Everyone was shocked.

Braddock proposed a deal: Madeleine would transfer all her money to a fund, and then he would frame the murder as a robbery attempt, and let the crooks fly out of the country.

Madeleine happily agrees to this step. She is, of course, a swindler, but not a murderer and never wanted to become one. BUT during the flight, Madeleine realized that the traces of blood on her dress were not blood at all. It dawned on her that the swindler herself had been fooled. Tom isn’t killed at all, and she’s given up all her money. BUT who helped Tom? Max knew nothing about this scam.

It turns out that this case turned Sandra. After Max left her, she learned from the newspaper about the death of Tom’s father and decided to help him return his inheritance. Braddock and his crew were hired actors, the whole scene was pre-conceived and carefully rehearsed.

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So Sandra tried to undo the wrong she had done to Tom. But what will happen to young people next? Filmmakers do not answer this question.

The meaning of the film “Sharper”

Tom was a decent young man with his own dreams and plans for the future. He was not too interested in his father’s business, he wanted to achieve everything on his own. The guy had a dream of becoming a writer, but something didn’t work out for him. Sandra fell into the darkest phase of her life, when Tom was persistently depressed, thoughts of suicide often appeared, so he grabbed onto this love like a drowning man grabs at straws.

And when the young man realized that the girl had deceived him, that she was playing love for the sake of money, this, of course, hit hard not only on his pride, but also on his psyche. And communication with Madeleine, his father’s new wife, her alleged drug addict son Max taught Tom not to trust anyone, and to respond to blackmail and fraud with the same cunning tricks.

Movie ending explanation

The filmmakers used the so-called ring technique. Tom and Sandra meet again at the same bookstore where they met. And again, the young people exchange glances, smile at each other, and again Sandra invites the guy to meet and have dinner at a good Japanese restaurant nearby.

The audience never knew what Tom would have said to her, but everyone will draw conclusions for themselves. It is quite possible that Tom will believe the girl who has already deceived him once and will try to forget everything. And perhaps he will reject her, because the love in which he so believed turned out to be a dummy.

An open ending will allow viewers to create for themselves the ending of the story to their liking, relying only on their own life experience.

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