Meaning of the movie “Side Effects” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Side Effects” and ending explained Films

Calm measured life. Nothing seems to portend trouble. But once the existence of the heroes of the film “Side Effect” was divided into before and after. Will they be able to cope with difficult trials and forget the terrible events that happened one night? The only desire of the character is to help his wife forget this terrible incident. Let’s try to figure out what message the film in the horror genre “Side Effect” carries.

The Meaning of the Movie “Side Effect” (2020)

The life of the main characters was devoid of bright colorful moments. However, the characters also did not encounter severe troubles and grief. Everything was quiet, calm, boring. But one night a gang of robbers broke into Andrey and Olya’s apartment. The thugs didn’t just frighten the heroine. After their visit, Olya began to be tormented by nightmares and terrible visions. The memory of the girl forever left a significant imprint of that terrible event. It didn’t go unnoticed. The heroine has a severe psychological trauma, with which she will now have to exist.

Andrei understands that the spouses will have to forget about a quiet life. He does not want and cannot put up with it. The hero hopes to get his wife out of this state. Andrei is looking for a way to help him save Olya. But why does the character feel guilty about what happened? The motion picture “Side Effect” contains a dark heavy atmosphere that weighs on the audience. This is a psychologically difficult film, not a fascinating story. The tape is shot in the horror genre, so it is important for viewers to be prepared for the fact that they will have to face a strong shock.

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The film “Side Effect” is a deep psychological drama. This is a kind of nightmare in a dream and in reality. The meaning of the film “Side Effect” is that each viewer understands the influence that inner fears and obsessive thoughts have on a person. The heroes of the film cannot hide from their doubts and worries. Their spiritual anguish took over them. It is extremely difficult to find a way out of such a situation. And sometimes it’s completely impossible.

How to help a person forget terrible events? Why is it so difficult for the heroine to get out of the web of doubts and anxieties? There are too many questions in the movie “Side Effect”. However, the filmmakers do not give them a clear answer. The viewer must himself understand the importance of peace of mind and inner harmony. Without these components it is impossible to achieve happiness and peace. It is as if a person does not exist, but is in constant expectation of terrible events and troubles. Over time, this life becomes unbearable. Being around an anxious person is extremely difficult.

The movie “Side Effect” is a utopia. This story clearly shows how not to live. This is not life, but an existence that brings only torment and pain. A person becomes a hostage of his thoughts and fears. However, he does not realize that all the problems are in the head. Yes, it is difficult to cope with a serious shock. Perhaps the echoes of terrible events will haunt you all your life. But it is possible and even necessary to minimize their influence. Otherwise, experiences and fears will absorb a person, subdue him. The viewer must understand that anxiety and suspiciousness cause irreparable harm to the body. Many people forget that mental health is extremely important. A person should speak out their doubts and anxieties. Only in this way will he be able to understand that everything is not as scary and terrible as it seems at first glance.

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The meaning of the ending of the film “Side Effect” (2020)

The finale of the film “Side Effect” demonstrates human impotence, helplessness. The heroine does not understand if she has nightmares in her sleep or if this is happening in reality. The audience is left with a sense of uneasiness. However, this happens not somewhere outside, but inside a person. In the film “Side Effect” the viewer sees how the character is in a strong emotional upheaval. It’s not a physical pain, but a mental one. The ending of the film turned out to be unusual, meaningful. The director of the tape did not have the task of scaring his viewer, making him doubt. The point of the final episodes of the film “Side Effect” is that everyone understands that psychological health is in the hands of a person.

Doubt, torment, inner feelings – this is the choice of the character. It is impossible to help someone who is not ready for this, who does not want it, rejects it. If a person understands that he cannot cope without the support of his neighbor, he needs to accept this help. Otherwise, you can simply break down, not cope with the load of problems that have piled on. With a strong shock, it is important to have a person next to you who will lend a helping hand. It affects the state of mind, the quality of life.

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The viewer empathizes, sympathizes with the characters, realizing that any person can be in the place of the characters. The events of the terrible night are hard to forget for the heroes. Andrei is looking for a miracle cure, not realizing that it is not there. The main idea of ​​the final film “Side Effect” is that you need to work with your fears and anxieties, and not shift the blame for your unstable psychological state to someone else.

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