Meaning of the movie “Silent Night” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Silent Night” and ending explained Films

A Christmas movie with a slight post-apocalyptic twist is a sight to behold. Fans of unexpected plot twists and films taking place in a confined space were able to appreciate it. Here, special effects were not needed to create a really oppressive atmosphere. The behavior of the main characters is not at all like normal, and the dialogues are clearly far from festive. Comedy? Except it’s black. Apocalypse? What else, but was he really …

What is movie Silent Night about

The apocalyptic horror movie Silent Night begins with married couple Nellie and Simon inviting friends and family to celebrate Christmas at their grand country house. The spouses are preparing to receive guests, as well as their children – the twins and the eldest son Art. Their college friend Sandra soon arrives, along with her husband Tony and their controversial teenage daughter, Kitty.

While Nell and Sandra are reminiscing in the kitchen, Bella arrives at the party along with her girlfriend Alex. And the last to arrive is James, an oncologist (another friend from college), along with his fiancée Sophie. The guests are quickly seated as Nell, Art and Simon set the table for a sumptuous dinner.

Evening slowly falls, Christmas is approaching, and Sophie finds it harder and harder to lie to the children. The point is that adults can no longer hide the terrible truth: the fact is that a poisonous storm is about to pass across the planet. And thousands of tornadoes, consisting of deadly poisons, are guaranteed to destroy all life on the planet.

The British government, of course, took refuge in a bunker until better times. And everyone else was offered a simple choice: voluntarily take a pill and die quietly and peacefully, or die in terrible agony from poisonous gas poisoning. They don’t speak directly about the reasons for the impending end of the world, but humanity, which provoked climate change, is probably to blame for the future Apocalypse.

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In addition, we learn that poison in the air causes fatal brain hemorrhages. And those that for quite a long time and painfully kill the affected people and animals. And since there is no escape from the fog and storm, scientists have not found a solution to the problem and there is no other way out, the government has issued death pills to all citizens. And the fate of illegal immigrants and residents of poor countries, as it usually happens, does not bother anyone.

But the bottom line is that Art – at the moment when he learns the terrible truth – suddenly shows character. Firstly, he is sure that adults are to blame for what is happening. And secondly, he categorically refuses to die – and even more so to voluntarily take a pill.

While the adults are exchanging gifts, reminiscing, joking and pretending that nothing special is happening, Art is determined to go against the wishes of his parents. And he confesses to his Uncle James that he won’t take the pill.

Of course, the boy is afraid of pain and torment. But Art believes not to give up. And you should at least try to survive. But everyone else was afraid to even suggest that scientists and the government could be wrong, and the threat is not as terrible and inevitable as it might seem.

As a result, Art tells his parents that he won’t take the pill. And when Simon tries to force his son, he runs into the forest. In the dark, the boy discovers a car in which the dead family has remained forever – and this shocks the child. Simon finds his son and also goes into shock after he sees a car with the dead, who took pills together.

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Simon brings his son home, but does not understand what is happening to him. And then his parents – Nellie and Simon – assume that Art has already inhaled poisonous gas.

Explanation of the ending of “Silent Night”

It was not a quiet night at all. Instead, everyone shared their deepest desires, buried the past, and cracked a few jokes to brighten up the night the best they could. As the friends laughed at their worries, Art searched intently for the light at the end of the tunnel. He told his uncle James that he didn’t want to take the pill.

Art wasn’t afraid of pain, but dying without trying bothered him. He was willing to accept the possibility that someone, somewhere, could survive the gas. Both the government and scientists could have done everything wrong. But except for Art, everyone was afraid to live. They wanted to end the pain before it came and die without suffering at all.

Finally, Art spoke about his decision to Nell and Simon and said that he would not take the pill. Simon was trying to force him when Art ran off into the woods. In the dark, he saw a dead family in the car, who committed suicide with the exit pill. Simon followed Art, but was equally astonished by what he saw. He brought Art to the manor, but did not know that Art had already inhaled the poisonous gas.

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The four families realized that the deadly storm had hit them the day before. They said goodbye to each other and went to their rooms. Everyone except Alex and Art swallowed the pills under the roof, which they shared with their loved ones. Alex was very drunk and threw up. Bella later stabbed Alex and killed him.
In Art’s case, Simon and Nell thought that Art died from poison gas because his eyes bled. When the storm subsided, a beautiful snowfall hit the land the next day. Nature healed itself, and Art too. Eventually Art opened his eyes and woke up. He did not die, but, unfortunately, everyone around him committed suicide.

How did Art survive?
There was no logical explanation for Art’s survival. However, it can be said that Art was the only one who had the will to live and wanted others to live too. He deliberately led his beloved hen Belinda into the forest and tried to save the environment. Maybe Art was one of the lucky few who survived the Apocalypse without suffering terrible suffering, or maybe the government and scientists were wrong, or maybe they were all lying. It could be anything.

Although “Silent Night” tried to emphasize thematically that one should not give up. We must run to our last breath and trust that we can weather the storm, because that’s what makes people different: our survival instinct. If we are also going to abandon it, then what will be left?

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