Meaning of the movie “Silo” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Silo” and ending explained Films

The new series “Silo” was released in the spring of 2023. It is difficult to say in one word what genre it belongs to. Most likely it is science fiction with elements of drama and dystopia. It is based on the novel of the same name by the American author Hugh Howie, who has already managed to write several more novels with the development of the events of the first book. Therefore, most likely, the matter will not be limited to one season of the series, and a continuation will be filmed, since there is enough material in abundance.

The series is set in the future. Obviously, there was some kind of global catastrophe. Large volumes of toxic substances escaped into the air, and now it is not suitable for people. And now the remaining population, in order to survive, has to exist underground. There, at great depths, a large bunker is equipped. And since the terrible apocalypse happened a long time ago, those living in the bunker have no idea what happened, and whether it is even possible to leave this shelter.

From the very first episode, viewers will be tormented by the question of what really happened there from above. Who created this shelter and so masterfully manages all these people, subordinating their lives to the implementation of harsh rules. Obviously, more than one person was behind the creation of such a complex system.

The bunker itself is a well-coordinated mechanism that is absolutely autonomous. There is everything here to make a person feel normal. There is sufficient lighting, enough fresh air, plants sprout, the necessary resources are extracted. People work, they have no shortage of food. The only way to find out what is out there is a screen that broadcasts the same view every day – a withered tree against the sky. At night, stars appear in the sky, but the inhabitants of this high-tech dungeon have no idea what kind of lights they are. Only a few notice the movement of the stars.

There are no more than ten thousand inhabitants here, and they are all distributed over 144 levels depending on the position they occupy. Each has its own separate compartment, suitable for a normal existence. For the most part, people are absolutely submissive, they meekly follow the rules, without even thinking about who introduced these rules and why. The main thing is not to stand out and not look for ways out of the bunker. They should not collect things from the past, they should not have children without a clear plan. The attitudes of the residents show their desperation. They often face injustice, but still find an opportunity to find time for love.

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As the story progresses, some details are revealed. It turns out that 144 years ago there was an attempt to make a revolution and break out to the surface. But the rebels failed. Since then, the supervision of the inhabitants has become stricter. All data and those who had at least some information about life above the bunker were destroyed. But the feeling that those in power are hiding something very important does not leave. And this suspicion and the desire to get to the bottom of the truth do not allow the main characters of the series to live in peace, fighting the system at the risk of their lives.

One of those unprepared to put up with reality is Jules. After going through a whole series of trials, the girl still gets the opportunity to get acquainted with the information that was stored on the miraculously surviving ancient medium. So she receives some knowledge, which provokes her even more and makes her search further. To her surprise, on one of the recordings, she finds a video of a woman coming to the surface. Jules is literally dumbfounded by how different this picture is from the one that is broadcast on the screen every day. Is the world on the surface so unusually alive and green?

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Her work does not go unnoticed. Security still catches Jules. Now she’s being sent outside. But there will never be a way back to the bunker. Yes, there have not yet been cases of someone returning from this obscurity. People were prudently intimidated by the fact that, having taken a step to the surface, a person immediately dies, from poison that penetrates even through a spacesuit.

Концовка сериала «Бункер» оставляет еще больше вопросов, чем ответов на них. Джулс выходит из бункера, но не умирает сразу. Может в атмосфере и нет никаких отравляющих веществ? А может те, кто помогал ей облачиться в скафандр, сделали так, чтобы ядовитые пары не проникли внутрь? Так или иначе, девушка видит перед собой прекрасную картину идеального живого и яркого мира. Она не может поверить своим глазам. Но удивление главной героини становиться намного сильнее, когда оказывается, что жизнерадостная панорама – это очередной обман.

Thus, the landscape, which was pleasing to the eye, dissolved. And before Jules appeared the usual picture of the post-apocalyptic world. Gray scorched earth, on which life is completely absent. That is, all this time the ruling elite has been telling the truth, and it is impossible to live outside the bunker? It turns out that they did not deceive people, saying that everything above was poisoned? And then she peers into the distance and realizes that the same objects are located at a certain distance from her bunker. Does this mean that people live there? Are these buildings connected? And the main question is, who is behind all this, and what is it for?

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