Meaning of the movie “Snowpiercer” season 3 and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Snowpiercer” season 3 and ending explained Films

About 6 years ago, “Through the Snow” was released. The film won the hearts of millions of viewers. To this day, the work of the famous South Korean director Bong Joon Ho is widely discussed in secular circles, and then the recently named series appeared on the screens and active conversations began again.

The film was based on the graphic novel Le Transperceneige. The plot is built around the events of the near future. The world is mired in a post-apocalypse through the fault of people. Trying to cope with global warming, humanity invents a special reagent that should help reduce the temperature of the environment. However, things didn’t turn out the way people expected. The ice age has come, and the ensuing cooling destroys all life on the planet. Only those who manage to board the train manage to escape. Its walls protect from cold imminent death. Units survive.

The rescue train was developed by the scientist Wilford. The train itself is something like Noah’s Ark for people. The train is in constant motion and cannot stop. And inside the class hierarchy is already formed.

The first wagons are occupied by the elite. The following seats are for middle class passengers. In the last carriages, representatives of the lower classes, who are considered the dregs of society, are saved. The life of such people is poor and gloomy. Once a day they receive protein braces. Security often flashes here and takes the children in an unknown direction.

Curtis – the main character – can not put up with the harsh reality, so he is preparing a plan for the uprising. He intends to get to the engine and take the reins of the train into his own hands. His task is to overthrow the tyrant.

It is strange, but a certain person from the first class actively supports the rebels from the last cars. He will do everything possible to make his plans come true. To do this, the unknown is rubbed into the trust of the elite. He passes the information he received to the rebels so that they emerge victorious from a difficult struggle. However, the uprising comes sooner than the revolutionaries expected.

What was the director trying to say?

The life of the passengers of this train clearly reflects the realities of the existence of modern society, where certain differences and prejudices also reign. Some enslave others.

Nothing is impossible for first class passengers. They wallow in luxury and enjoy privileges. There are few of them, and they occupy most of the wagons. The inhabitants of the extreme cars are forced to be content with little.

The train is the class structure of our society. The poor must reckon with the prepared situation. They are unlikely to ever become rich. These places have long been occupied by others.

While chatting with Vulture, Bong Joon Ho revealed some of the ideas behind his film. A safe train is an imaginary salvation for people. In fact, it is a prison from which it is impossible to escape. Passengers of different classes are forced to live together. The distribution of heroes into classes once again testifies to the inequality in society. Living conditions improve as one approaches the starting cars of the train and worsen at the end of the train.

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Something similar happens in the real world. Often everything is decided by the material condition of a person. If the passenger is rich, successful, then he has a better place under the sun. The less wealthy, if not the poor, have to vegetate and suffer from a lack of resources. Both in the film and in reality, the quality of life affects the character and actions of a person.

Pong Joon Ho also mentions rebels. They live with a single goal – to capture the engine and the first car. These people strive to change the situation for the better. And yet, no matter where they go and no matter what ideas they advocate, in the end they will still remain prisoners of the train. Such is the reality.

Rebels or revolutionaries are also found in real life: they are trying to fight injustice and oppression from influential personalities. They strive to rise above and become better, but often lose.

About the great power of the engine

The rescue train is in constant motion, it must not stop. Otherwise, all passengers will die. The director shows how powerful the cast is. His engine is unsurpassed, he will never stop working. Continuous movement is such a share of this train.

The strength and power of the composition is far from being in a perfect engine. The solution is much more dramatic than it seems at first glance. Childish strength is the main source of energy for the operating mechanism. At the bottom of the engine room are small slaves. Working day by day, these children continue the movement of the train, thereby saving its adult passengers from a terrible death.

The filmmakers in this case again rely on the harsh reality: they show how cruel and cynical this world is, in which they do not disdain to use child labor.

In the 19th century, children were often used in America and Europe. According to the International Labor Organization, more than 152 million children work hard in different parts of the world. And again “for the benefit of a civilized society.”

Demonstrating different aspects of society, the director touches on one of the most significant and sensitive issues in the history of human development – the exploitation of children.

saving the planet

Another equally important topic concerns the state of the planet. Having taken a dominant position, a person gradually destroys his house. In an effort to show strength and capabilities, he destroys the environment. Something similar happens in the train story. They don’t think about the future either. For the sake of their own ambitions and the desire to surpass the rest, the heroes are ready for anything.

Humanity mistakenly believes that after its death the planet will end. In fact, no matter how people try to escape, no matter what machines they invent, disaster cannot be avoided.

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The film “Through the Snow” once again reminds of the apocalypse. Of course, in the real world, life continues to rotate, people reach certain heights and successes. But this train is not immortal. It cannot exist forever. Only nature is eternal. The scene with the polar bear shown in the film clearly confirms this truth. A failed experiment turns into an ice age. This is the retribution for what you have done.

More than one generation of people can live in a rolling train, but nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later everything will end.

By the way, the ending may seem terrible, but it could not have happened otherwise. The characters themselves are to blame for what happened. Misunderstanding and the desire to be the first killed people. The same can happen in the present. Mankind is capable of destroying the world with its own hands.

Will to live and message

To some, the film seems too gloomy and pessimistic. The director plans to revive life on Earth. The sacrifices made should not be in vain. According to the scenario, only two people will survive. Peculiar Adam and Eve will continue the human race. Ahead of them are many trials and difficulties that must be overcome competently.

The drama under discussion reveals the essence of the relationship between humanity and wildlife. The authors of the picture demonstrate their vision of solving the situation that has arisen: in order to restore society, it must be destroyed. The train, despite the best efforts of its passengers, could not exist forever. So humanity will sooner or later experience a reset.

The meaning of the ending

A special place in the film is occupied by the control system. It is she who regulates and directs society. Gradually, the characters of the film begin to realize that it is not an individual person who is to blame for their troubles and sufferings, but the formed system.

As for the revolutionaries, even in real life they met in every generation. There will always be unhappy people in society. The so-called reformers tried to put forward ideas of a brighter future.

In the modern world, the battle for ideals takes place in an increased comfort zone – “at home”. The newly-minted revolutionaries are fighting within the walls of their homes. It is unlikely that there will be fighters for justice like Curtis. The Internet is an ideal platform for defending your own interests.

The prototype of Wilford is medicine, food and the ability to procreate. It is important to understand that controlled revolutions have happened and will continue to happen. The rescue train will continue to move. Against all odds, he needs to go forward and not stop.

Explanations are superfluous, the ending is the death of humanity, but with the hope of a return and a complete reboot. This is the meaning of a new life on earth and how the film ended. There is hope, albeit a small one.

Snowpiercer season 3 ending explained

The passengers on the train are not accustomed to modern warfare, so it’s no surprise that Melanie and Andre were preparing for their own. But here’s the surprise – the couple secretly collaborated. The idea was to lull Wilford’s guard and put an end to his machinations. In the finale, we see that the inhabitants of the train are forever separated. A difficult decision awaits everyone – either stay with Melanie, or go to the shelter (New Eden) at your own risk.

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Engineer Cavill is not sure that a better life awaits there (according to Andre), and the road is too difficult. And yet, Andre’s idea influenced many, despite the high potential risk. He and Melanie understand that it is time for each of the passengers to freely make their own choice. Enough lies.

Much of it came from Wilford’s lips, so it’s no surprise that he was sent away with enough food to live on for half a year. Is Sean Bean’s character leaving the project forever? So far, there are no spoilers from the creators of the series, but given the vitality and ingenuity of Wilford, he may well return.

As for the dangerous trip to the Horn of Africa, it went surprisingly well. Some of the train residents were ready to take risks, although they were not completely sure of its degree. So, the temperature in this place is still very low, but it is quite possible to survive here, given that it is getting even warmer.

The New Eden Settlement, along with Layton, includes: Josie, Zara, Ruth, Javier, Roche, and Alex. With Melanie on the train, Bennett, Miss Audrey, Bess, Miles, Dr. Pelton, Gilles and Tristan will continue their journey.

Snowpiercer Season 4?

In the final episode of the third season, LJ accidentally chokes on his late father’s artificial eyeball. So, in the new season, he, apparently, will be absent. Unless, the character will appear in some unexpected memories. As for the antagonists of the project, after the departure of Lyla Jr. in Snowpiercer, there is no longer a villain on whom we could focus all our anger.

But things can change after the new seasonClark Gregg from “Agents of SHIELD” and the star “Americans» Michael Aronov will be included in the continuation of the story. Surely one of them will take on the mantle of the villain.

The season finale gives us a subtle hint of a similar development by jumping forward three months in time. Together with Melanie, we see a rocket take off into the sky in the distance. Maybe New Eden is involved. Who knows. But another option is much more likely: in the new season, someone may appear who, with the help of this rocket, will try to fix all this tin with eternal winter. And even if there is no more permafrost, you won’t be surprised if the series continues to exist.

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