Meaning of the movie “Spell” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Spell” and ending explained Films

At the end of October, the horror film Spell was released on streaming services and online cinemas . And it is notable at least for the fact that the script was written by Kurt Wimmer – the creator of the fantastic action movie “Equilibrium” . If you have already watched the movie, but still have a lot of questions, read the detailed description, analysis and explanation of the plot and ending. Beware, there are spoilers in the text!

To begin with, a brief retelling of the plot of the plot. The protagonist of “Incantation” is a successful lawyer, the Marquis, who, along with his family, goes to his father’s funeral. But a light-engine plane crashes in the middle of the forests of Appalachia and the Marquis comes to his senses already in the attic of Mrs. Eloise – exhausted and wounded.

At first, it may seem that the Marquis has landed in a community of black Old Believers who are trying to help him recover and find a family. But later it turns out that Mrs. Eloise is a sorceress who practices ancient hoodoo magic. And the witch leads a cult (or sect).

The inhabitants of the settlement are waiting for the rising of the Blood Moon to perform a mysterious ritual. And the Marquis understands that they are not trying to cure him – on the contrary, they are preparing him as a sacrifice. He decides to run away to save his family from the crazy cultists, but is faced with real magic…

Spell ending explained

Near the very end of The Spell, we are shown that the sorceress Eloise is using a Bugiti doll to silence the Marquis and render him unable to move. But the main character still manages to escape and get to the sheriff of the local police department. However, almost immediately, the Marquis realizes that he has fallen into a trap – and the policeman is also one of the participants in the Hoodoo cult, founded by former black slaves in the second half of the 19th century. The point is that sectarians kidnap people in order to suck the life force out of them – and thus get younger, be treated for diseases and prolong their lives.

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The bottom line is that this cycle is repeated over and over again, over the centuries. And they perform a ritual during an incomplete lunar eclipse – the Blood Moon.

As a result, we are shown how the Marquis is taken to the place of the ritual. And the main character understands that the cultists have kept his family nearby all this time – obsessed with the thirst for eternal life, they bring the wife, daughter and son of the protagonist. Almost at the very end, we realize that the Marquis was forced to eat his son’s amputated arm in preparation for the ceremony!

In the finale, the Marquis pretends to be weak and helpless in order to deceive the villains. And then, when Earl – Loretta’s husband – is about to cut out his heart, the protagonist kills him with a huge nail that the witch stuck into his leg. Shortly before the credits, the cultists are shown fleeing in panic from the distraught Marquis. And then he asks his wife and children to hide. The point is that the main character felt the strength in himself and is preparing to take revenge on the offenders.

It turns out that the Marquis has a plan. What is his trick?

Almost at the very end, “Spells” show that the sorceress Mrs. Eloise is ready for anything – and the Marquis cannot harm her. Probably because the witch hid her own Bugiti doll away from strangers. In addition, Eloise keeps the dolls of all members of her cult in a special box – it turns out that she can control absolutely all sectarians. And it is obvious that in the event of the slightest disobedience, Eloise will instantly take revenge.

But when Eloise tries to attack the Marquis, he blows a special magic powder in her face – and the sorceress loses her ability to move. The fact is that the main character in childhood became a victim of his religious tyrant father, who brainwashed him and talked about the beliefs and rituals of his ancestors. And the man also learned a lot from the stories of Eloise herself, when she pretended to be helpless in her attic.

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In a flashback, it is shown that during one of the escapes, the Marquis made some of his own Bugiti dolls. For example, with the help of one of them, he killed Lewis – he drowned Eloise’s son remotely. With the help of another, he bewitched Eloise herself – and almost killed her with a single magical blow.

In the finale, the Marquis sets fire to the barn where the sect planned to perform the ritual and leaves. Mrs. Eloise does not believe that he will leave the elderly woman to die, but the protagonist is adamant. The witch gathers her will into a fist and tries to save herself, but the Marquis draws a border with salt on the porg of the barn – and the witch burns alive, because she cannot overcome the magical barrier.

What does the ending of the horror movie “The Conjuring” really mean and how to understand it?

Although the Marquis threatens revenge on the cultists with their Bugiti dolls and reunites with his family, and later leaves with his family in the sheriff’s car, nothing really ends. In the finale, we are shown a burning barn… And a little later, a burnt Eloise doll, which opens its eyes.

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How to understand what is shown and what does it all mean? Perhaps the spirit of the witch Mrs. Eloise moved into the bougiti doll – and in such a cunning way she survived. And he will certainly continue his witchcraft deeds further. It is also possible that she managed to move into the body of the wife or daughter of the Marquis.

Will there be a continuation? The Conjuring 2 may indeed come out someday, but so far there have been no official announcements.

But what is the story of The Conjuring really about? The plot of the film can be interpreted in several ways. For example, the Marquis runs away from his parents’ house because he is frightened by the religious beliefs of his insane father and his strange hoodoo rituals. And people are always afraid of what they don’t understand. Plus, there was not without the classic conflict of fathers and children.

On the other hand, The Spell is a story about trauma. First of all, psychological. And that people voluntarily cut themselves off from civilization and the big world in order to exist in isolation and in familiar conditions. It is no coincidence that the community of cultists is a cast of a society of former black slaves who are ready to do terrible things and serve anyone in exchange for immortality.

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