Meaning of the movie “Stigmata” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Stigmata” and ending explained Films

The 1999 supernatural horror film Stigmata was directed by Rupert Wainwright. This is the story of an atheist barber who lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He became the owner of the stigmata when he bought a rosary that belonged to a late priest from Italy. Actors Arquette, Byrne, Price were filmed, creating a real picture of events.

The meaning of the film “Stigmata”

The film was produced by FGM Entertainment and screened on September 10, 1999. The fees helped raise $18.3 million. According to the plot, the events take place in the Brazilian village of Belo Quinto. Here, Father Andrew Kiernan, who is an excellent scientist in the past, is a Jesuit priest investigating miracles.
It reveals the characteristics of the Virgin Mary, who cries blood at the funeral of Father Paulo Alameida, who also had stigmata – severe bleeding wounds. The gathering is done by Andrew, and the boy steals the rosary from his father. Then he makes a sale to a woman in the market. She also directs him to the daughter of Frankie Page, who lives in Pittsburgh.

Frankie is attacked by an unknown force at the moment of bathing, 2 deepest wounds appear in the wrist area. They are processed, and doctors do not know the cause. Frankie communicates with the priest, reporting the fact of paternity in relation to Durning. Lights appear on the train, burning with bright flashes. Once again, an unseen force pushes Frankie, who is subsequently admitted to a medical facility. The priest sends footage from the cameras, read by the CCTV system, depicting the attack. Andrew is under investigation at the Vatican.

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There will be an interview given by Frankie Andrew, suggesting the name of the wounds is “stigmata”. In other words, this is the defeat of 5 wounds received by Jesus during the crucifixion. An independent investigation of Frankie is carried out, the cause of the circumstances is clarified. Bleeding wounds of the head indicate the occurrence of a stigmata, which was inflicted with the help of the Crown of Thorns. Frankie’s escape to Andrew’s house will take place. Again she finds herself in a small alley. Frankie’s breaking a glass bottle, and using the broken pieces as symbols carved into the hood of a car, speaks to the impact.

Frankie heads to Andrew’s church building to see Father Durning. The next day, Andrew ends up in his own apartment, where he finds an inscription left on the wall that includes Aramaic. Frankie is heard talking in Italian.

The legs bleed with severe wounds, this is the appearance of the fourth wound of the stigmata. The photographs are emailed to Andrew directly to the Vatican, where Brother Delmonico is there, recognizing the inscriptions and images, reporting the nature of the appearance of the words taken from a document located in the church. There is a similarity with the Gospel. Father Dario presents the photographs to Cardinal Hausman, who identifies them. Delmonico tells Petrocelli on the phone that the missing gospel will be in the Pittsburgh Territory.

In Frankie’s apartment, it turns out to be Andrew, looking for a wall with inscriptions. Frankie seduces a guy, he rejects her, she also acquires a male voice, condemning all convincing statements. Frankie cries tears of blood. Houseman, Dario, Durning will arrive. Frankie travels to another church, Andrew to Durning’s church building, where Petrocelli is waiting for him, speaking Frankie’s words from a document that is found outside the Jerusalem features. This is the gospel, where the texts of Jesus are accurately stated. Petrocelli, Delmonico, Alameida were instructed to translate the description. There was a theft of a document by Alameid to compile the translation alone.

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Petrocelli recites to Andrew Jesus’ conversation with the disciples. The space of the Kingdom of God opens up, which is not limited by church territory. Texts by Petrocelli on the suffering of Alameida by the stigmata. Andrew runs to the church, Houseman, Dario exorcise the evil spirits from Frankie, who screams loudly, a male voice is heard again. Houseman strangles her and Andrew tries to delay the action. The room is on fire. Frankie is imbued with the spirit of Alameida. You can become a messenger, walk through the fire and take Frankie with you. The spirit of Alameida asks to resolve everything peacefully.

There is a return of Andrew to Belo Quinto, documentary originals are found there, testifying to the lost Gospel. Lost pages are found in the Alameida church. Questions about God are solved, recommendations for viewing will help to understand the essence. The painting “Stigmata” is saturated with the spirit of the church.
You need to believe in God, creating this nature with your own efforts. It is not necessary to attend church, to be involved in prayer, to live with restrictions. Icons, priests will do their job, but strengthening takes place in one’s own soul. The warm flame of candles has fertile energy, it is omnipotent, it will make the result perfect, it will help to touch God.

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The ending of the film “Stigmata”

It is necessary to keep the best thoughts and ideas about the divine existence in the soul. Keep the sparks of kindness and love for people in your heart. In the church built by human hands, the idea of ​​the meaning of a pious life is confirmed. Happiness is found in a prayerful church – a pure conductor of faith in the human world.
The problem of existence is considered. Nowadays, the church is not always the divine embodiment of purity and faith. Sometimes this area is related to business. Having received sins, people run to purify their souls, eliminate evil deeds, and atone for mistakes in the church.

Monetary contributions are made for prayers. The clergy gladly take help and gifts. People show irritation if the words of the priest do not coincide with their opinions and decisions. In fact, the Kingdom of God is in the hands of man. Strength is not in stone. The power of the word and will of people is reflected in the heart of everyone. If you split a tree, you can find the essence. These are words from the apocryphal Gospel of Jesus Christ. The plot of the film “Stigmata” is directly related to the study of this.

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