Meaning of the movie “Stillwater” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Stillwater” and ending explained Films

The film Stillwater tells the special story of an ordinary hard worker from America who is forced to come to Marseille. The story begins with Bill, an unemployed driller, visiting his daughter, who is serving time in Marseille, France. She was accused of killing Ellie’s flatmate. If earlier an intelligent mother-in-law went to the girl, who sent the girl to Europe to study, now she is too old, and Bill must independently overcome the flight and take the package to the girl in prison. The problem is that in French he only knows two words – bonjour and silvouple.

Plot of the film Stillwater

On a date in prison, he finds out that there are some points that indicate that the wrong sentence may have been put forward, that is, at least a review of the sentence can be achieved. That is why the American decides to stay in Marseille to help his daughter and control this process. He differs significantly from the locals, because all he wears is denim, flannel shirts. The main character is played by Matt Damon, while he skillfully plays a typical American from Oklahoma, who in his life is accustomed to driving pickups, eating french fries and sleeping on the couch in front of the TV. That is, the hero looks even grotesque, but at the same time shows the depth of the American people.

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At its core, this is an alcoholic who has quit, who continues to smoke, and always prays before going to bed. Most often, he is only silent and sniffling, he is not used to sharing his emotions, expressing his feelings.

However, once in France, he has to see the other side of life, he will have to turn into a special new person full of drama, who understands exactly what is happening in other people’s lives. A driller from Oklahoma, very brutal, clumsy, it seems that he does not worry about anything, although he tries. Both the mother-in-law and the daughter consider him completely irresponsible, but at the same time he shows us that he is trying and thinking about the family. The main thing that distinguishes this film is that all the events here are very unhurried, this is not a film that is known to many as the Hostage, the main role in it was played by Liam Neeson, that is, a real action movie in which all events develop as dynamically as possible. Everything is measured here, almost everyone falls in love with the main character, he begins to understand him and worry about him.

The meaning of the film Stillwater

The film very clearly shows the interracial, intercultural difference, interage difference. All the characters are too different, and the American stands out among the French inhabitants, among the French Arabs. The director deliberately shows different contrasts – Bill and French children, American and French fans at the match, American Bill and French bohemia. It is difficult for him to fit into any society, but he has to change and perceive a different life.

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It becomes clear to many that the film was inspired by a story that was very sensational at the time. She talked about an American student, Amanda, who was sentenced in Italy to 28 years in prison for killing her English neighbor. However, the case was reviewed and the girl was released after 4 years. The court acknowledged that the guilt was not proven. Who the killer was remains a mystery further, but in general the plot shows that if the case is reconsidered, then it is quite difficult to prove the guilt of the accused.

The director of the film is distinguished by the fact that, although he specializes in crime dramas, he is the least interested in the detective story. Here more time is devoted to the hero himself, to the development of their types. Here we are shown that soft moral force wins. After talking with the French, with the actress who helped him, with her daughter, the American begins to perceive the French and life in Marseille differently. He is reborn, it seems that he has completely changed under the sun of the Cote d’Azur, and when he returns to his home, he will no longer recognize anything. He became a different person, he understands that there is a completely different life, and perhaps it is more correct. In general, life is a cruel thing, Bill himself understands this, and this is shown to us at the end of the film. The director emphasizes that everything can change in this life and everything can have a different meaning,

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Stillwater Ending explanation

The film shows the story of the reincarnation of one person into a completely different one, who changes his values ​​in life, who managed to see what is outside his home. This happens to almost every person who leaves their home, leaves their familiar environment. However, if you just went on vacation to another country, then this is unlikely to affect you, but if you managed to live there, soaked in culture, events, participated in some upheavals related to your life, then you will forever leave them in your memory .

Some dream of returning to their old life, while others change completely. They understand that before that they led the wrong way of life, they want to go beyond the usual. Such people can no longer return to their usual way of life, but if they have to do this, then they experience this period again and again.

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