Meaning of the movie “Superposition” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Superposition” and ending explained Films

The film The Illusion of Escape was released in 2023 and left many with mixed feelings, because it is full of mystery and impresses with an unusual plot. It is essentially a mysterious Scandinavian thriller. However, many are left with the impression that the script has not been thought out to the end, so the mysteries still worry those who have already managed to watch this film.

Features of the film’s plot Superposition

The movie is based on a seedy couple meeting their copies in the woods. Stine and Tate are a couple from Copenhagen in Denmark, they take their young son with them and go on vacation to the Swedish forest. They plan to live here for a year away from people, from the Internet, from their neighbors. During this time, the girl hopes to finish her novel, and her husband plans to record a podcast about his life in isolation. However, after they settle in, they find out that someone else lives on the other side of the lake. Although they have been promised that no one will live nearby, and they will be completely in seclusion.

. However, the situation becomes even more heated when their son gets lost in the woods. The boy is quickly found, but he behaves so strangely, as if he does not recognize his parents. The child’s parents are too frightened and decide to leave for the city, but the road develops in such a way that they have to return to the same place. They ask their neighbors for help, and then it turns out that a couple of neighbors are a complete copy of them.

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What’s the point of the movie Superposition

The idea of the movie is that somewhere there is an evil twin of each person. This fact scares many people, but the idea itself is very tempting. Usually such plots have several variants – or the hero is his double, as it was in Fight Club, or there are really two heroes, that is, there is an original and his copy. What is actually scarier – no one knows, but in any case, these plots capture many, they want to know what is the meaning of the doppelgangers. When a couple tries to record their first ride, they clarify exactly what they want to get out of this experiment.

If you look at the plot of the film, however, it’s already clear at the very beginning that the meeting of the doppelgangers is foreseen because special mirror surfaces appear everywhere.

The longer one watches, the more different doubles are shown. When a couple gets acquainted and meets their clones, they get scared, but then they calm down a bit. The girls try to find common ground, they practically mirror each other, and it’s very hard to tell which one is which. But when Tate tries to bond with his doppelganger, he realizes that they have more differences than similarities.

When the pair meet the other couple, they see all the problems they have inside and realize that they will have to try harder to keep their marriage alive. However, having seen the film only once, it is quite difficult to see all the hints, the film must be revisited to see all the reflections, the clues. Many viewers who have had time to watch this film and delve into the subject matter consider it almost perfect, because it is brought to perfection here. There are no inconsistencies here, there are many references, mysteries that show us the whole point of this horror movie.

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In fact – it’s not even a horror movie, it’s a psychological thriller that makes everyone dive deep into psychoanalysis. In fact, the people are not as creepy as, for example, the couples from the movie Us that are associated with this picture. Things are much more interesting here, but also a lot of certain mysteries that were able to make it a true horror movie, because even the dark forest is already a horror movie. Then there is the frightening couple who are identical along with the spouses who have gone into the woods. It is already becoming clear that when the second couple appears, the spouses will switch with the spouse, but there is a downside – they are not only different in their faces, but also in their psychological side.

Explanation of the ending Superposition

Many feel that the script is not fully thought out to capture the viewer, lacking any details. There are hints here and pictures of split personalities, the warm and bright side of each person. The plot itself plans to be very intense – both the music and the overall picture. That is, the filmmakers often seem to lose their characters, the plot develops on its own. Very often the son that the couple sometimes loses is dropped out here.

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The only thing that seems more believable to everyone here is when the women share their experiences with the men. But in fact the husbands here are usually as good as the women themselves. What is very interesting is the fact that the spouses are the same, as in the essence of the movie, but only one couple has a child left. The actors play great, but they are not thought out in terms of the plot. Often the film uses mirror splits of people, landscapes, but the main idea of the film is still that you cannot escape from yourself, and no matter how hard you try and keep looking at yourself from the outside, if you get the chance, you still only need to study yourself from the inside to understand what your purpose is and what you are doing wrong.

The film belongs to the horror films, but in fact there are more psychological moments, as if the author makes a person think about life and what he does wrong. The film immerses everyone in a special atmosphere and gives unforgettable emotions.

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