Meaning of the movie “Tell Me Lies” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “Tell Me Lies” and ending explained Films

The American project  (Tell Me Lies) is represented by ten fifty-minute episodes of one season. A teen drama about the relationships of young people at Byrd College, based on the bestselling book of the same name by Carola Lovering. The novel was released in its initial print run in 2018. At first glance, the characters in “Tell Me Lies” and the dynamics of their relationship are reminiscent of Castile Landon’s “After” franchise – about the naive girl Tessa Young and the “bad boy” Hardin Scott. But in Tell Me Lies, the theme of passionate and at the same time poisonous love, which mentally and emotionally destroys a person, is broader and more diverse.

What can turn into an ordinary youthful romance

On the campus of a small college in Southern California, Lucy, a girl from a wealthy Long Island town, appears. For the first time, she stayed away from her mother, who, in her words, did something “unforgivable” towards her daughter. Lucy is open to the world, dreams of becoming a travel journalist, revels in the new freedom and is happy to try everything that student life has to offer.

Due to certain events in her life, the girl is distrustful and keeps apart from her peers, for which she receives the nickname “Snow Queen”. She falls recklessly in love with the charming senior Stephen. He knows how to create the right impression about himself, although he is often gloomy and heartless. Girlfriends’ warnings “you don’t know much about him” fly past your ears. Lucy is fascinated by a charismatic guy with a mysterious past. She finds in Stephen a reflection of “her demons”, who have settled in her soul due to betrayal by her mother.

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The couple’s relationship develops like a classic university romance and is fueled by an intoxicating and all-encompassing passion that both can’t control. However, out of bed, their life is filled with frank gaslighting: manipulation, psychological pressure, hopeless lies. It turns out a swing: the relationship either takes off to deep and soulful, or turns into depressing and toxic.

The girl’s love obsession does not go away even when the partner announces that he is returning to his ex-girlfriend Diana. The viewer is convinced that the attraction between Lucy and Steven is indestructible. They cannot break the vicious cycle of needing each other.

The meaning of the film is to answer the question “what to do?”. You can, in spite of everything, stay with the chosen one and make sacrifices on the altar of love. And you can make every effort to tear it out of your heart, to free yourself from relationships that not only oppress, but also mentally or emotionally hurt. Briefly about the essence of what is happening in “Tell Me Lies,” writer Carola Lovering said in an interview: “This is a study of how we destroy ourselves when we are young when we fall in love with the wrong people.”

Main plot twists

Lucy’s romance with Steven finds herself at the center of a web of lies woven around the tragic death of her roommate Maisie Campbell. The love affair of young people is threatened not only by the unsolved cause of the girl’s death, but also by the role in this accident of Stephen DeMarco and Drew Wrigley. Due to allegations made by the campus police, Drew becomes paranoid. At a party, he starts a fight with his brother, causing him to fall off the balcony and break his leg. The elder Wrigley accuses his girlfriend Pippa that it was she (and not Lucy) who planted the dean’s note slandering Drew. On this basis, they quarrel and part.

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Lucy is confronted by Pippa, who, due to her friend’s pathological attachment to her lover, no longer trusts her. Pippa thinks that Lucy can’t think clearly when it comes to Steven and desperately shields him. And then we see how he goes to the place of death of Maisie. The guy does not panic, is not dejected, but only briefly sobs. It seems that he definitely knows more about what happened on that fateful night than he shows.

At the beginning of their relationship, Lucy and Steven could not even imagine what consequences their relationship would entail. The difficult situation that a couple in love finds itself in forever changes both themselves and the life around them. Everyone was entangled in a web of lies.

Watch a movie or read a book

Not every viewer has the habit of getting acquainted with a literary source adapted for film screening. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it interferes with the perception of what he saw. In the case of Tell Me Lies, the difference between the series and the book is that thematically it is made more resonant to the audience. Changes and additions have been made to the original material. The characters and storylines have more layers and depth. The result was a story, albeit completely fictional, but more firmly attached to reality. The slogan of the series is “You will never forget your worst.”

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The inaugural season of Tell Me Lies (2022) featured just the first year of an eight-year tumultuous love relationship between college freshman Lucy Albright and alumnus Stephen DeMarco. Young people seem to have broken up, but there is a connection between them. This is proved by the events of 2015, which ended the first story arc of the series – the wedding of their friends Bree and Evan, where Stephen came with his bride.

Despite the fact that the writer did not create a continuation, the series is planned for the next season. He is able to explore Lucy and Steven’s messy life after college. Filming of new stories is quite likely, since the showrunner of the project, Megan Oppenheimer, only based on a literary source, added a lot of her own material to the script, significantly changed the structure of the story. The result was a drama with elements of erotica about the complex and toxic relationship of two uncontrollably in love students. And this love, which covered them in the age period of personality formation, had irreversible consequences.

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