Meaning of the movie “The Da Vinci Code” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Da Vinci Code” and ending explained Films

The world is full of mysteries and hidden meanings. Not everyone is given to reveal them, much less to create them. How are Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Leonardo da Vinci and the people of the modern world connected?

Getting to know the story. What is the movie about.

A mysterious incident at the Louvre. The curator of the gallery, Jacques Saunière, is pursued with a gun by a Catholic monk with a memorable appearance. What is the reason for the persecution? The cornerstone of the monastery. After several threats from the monk, the caretaker gives a false tip, which he paid with his life.

Meanwhile, the police contact Robert Langdon to investigate the crime scene. He is an American professor who came to Paris as an expert in the symbolism of the ancient world. The murdered curator was killed symbolically. A bloody body with a pentagram on its stomach in the pose of the Vetruvian man Leonardo da Vinci, and next to it was a coded message, where there was a request to find Robert. Strange coincidence, now the professor becomes a suspect and discovers a bug that Teabing (the investigator) planted on him. This was reported to Robert by Sophie (a police worker and granddaughter of the victim). To buy time to inspect the murder scene, they throw a listening device out the window. They noticed discrepancies in the code with the creator’s (Leonard da Vinci’s) version of the code. Everything seemed to point to paintings. Near one of them in the gallery, they found another message from the “Great Master”. Sophie hears the police approaching.

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The couple manage to break away and hide in the forest, where Robert found a key with an unusual inscription. It was the address of the bank. Sophie and the professor arrived at that bank, opened the safe according to the code from the Louvre. Inside, they find a rosewood box. Taking with them a casket, in which there was a cylindrical vessel with a message, they left. It can be opened by entering a five-digit code. Otherwise, the contents would be destroyed. The couple visit an old friend, Robert, an expert on theories and the Holy Grail, a mysterious vessel that grants all the desired benefits. Here the secret of Leonardo da Vinci is revealed, encrypted in the painting “The Last Supper”. The grail has never been a vessel. This is an ancient symbol of a woman – Magdalene, expelled by the followers of Jesus, who did not want to follow a woman after the death of Christ. Mary Magdalene was pregnant, which means the alleged descendants of Christ, hypnotically, may exist. It turns out that Jacques Sanyer was part of a secret society of followers of Jesus and the guardian of the grail.

A murderous Catholic monk breaks in. He tries to steal a vessel from a bank. The police arrive at the wrong time and the four of them are already trying to escape. They manage to fly away for the next clue, which was found under the rose of the stolen box. A group of fugitives read the message. They learn about the knight who was buried by the Pope himself. They go to church, but in vain. The Pope was Alexander Pope, who wrote the epitaph “Sir” to Isaac Newton. Fate again brings together an old friend, but not in a positive way. He is obsessed with Mary Magdalene and threatens to kill Sophie if Robert doesn’t hand over the vessel with the code “apple” (a reference to Newton) from the bank. After Robert’s throw, the contents are spilled, and the police arrest the possessed, who realized that Robert had already solved the cryptic code by taking the papyrus from the vessel. Sophie and Robert needed to go to the Scottish chapel, where there is a secret room with the tomb of Mary Magdalene. Strange details of Sophie’s family are revealed. Her real name is San Clair and she is the very secret. A society of followers hid Sophie in the Sauniere family, where she was raised as her own. According to the documents found, the girl remained the last descendant of Christ.

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How to check and prove it? The remains of the Magdalene are lost, it is impossible to conduct an examination. A society of followers appears in the chapel, to which Sophie adjoins. Robert returns to Paris. Performing hygienic procedures, shaving, he gets hurt. The blood line on the shell reminds him of the cartographic Rose Line. On it, he comes to the Louvre and realizes that the holy grail is hidden under the building. Robert, like a knight, goes down on one knee. It turns out that the sarcophagus of Mary Mandolin is hidden in a secret underground chamber.

The meaning of the film

The idea of ​​the film lies in secrecy. The main character, Robert, after revealing all the details about the origin of Sophie, thinks about the most important question about faith. Is it necessary to feed it, revealing secrets to the world, such as belonging to a holy past. Is this the key to preserving religion and history? Robert had no right to break the silence of society, and even more so Sophie, who would be in great danger after the dissemination of information about the existence of a descendant of Christ. The film reveals the question of choice that can arise before a person. It shows the blurred boundaries of past and present. We are all connected by one principle, we do not have class and gentility. But this is often forgotten.

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Ending explanation

The last scene of the plot is completely extraordinary. The main character is visited by the police. There are several outcomes of events: arrest or interrogation. The arrest could be related to the theft of the vessel from the bank, the theft and part of the murders in the course of the case. But interrogation could mean a lot. Perhaps Sophie’s secret was revealed and an attempt could be made on her. There is a possibility that through Robert, the bearer of the secret, they are trying to find out information. Will he keep this secret? Everyone, after reading the plot, will interpret the work in their own way. The author of the book of the same name and director leaves many open questions. But they are necessary for each of the readers and viewers who will find answers for themselves on the topic of life and death, faith and denial, art and signs.

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