Meaning of the movie “The Diplomat” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Diplomat” and ending explained Films

This is a current and contemporary story from the everyday life of Western diplomatic circles. At a time when post-truth triumphs, there is no need to discuss the reliability of “The Diplomat”, which consists of eight episodes. This picture contains both subjective and public perceptions of what is happening in the backyard of big politics. And everything looks authentic enough.

What is the movie “The Diplomat” about.

Husband and wife Kate and Hal Wyler are professional diplomats. Their specialty is crisis countries. The Wylers always show up where there’s a breakthrough. Hal was an ambassador and Kate was his ambassador’s wife, but distinguished by her professionalism of the highest diplomatic caliber. Suddenly Kate is appointed American ambassador to Great Britain. Hal is rather vain and is disgusted with just being “the ambassador’s husband.” Their marriage is already bursting at the seams, and then there is this heavy psychological test.

Just then, off the Iranian coast, someone launches a missile into a British warship, killing over 40 sailors. The furious Prime Minister threatens to rain a barrage of fire down on Iran, while the American president, also feeling righteous anger, is eager to wipe Teheran off the face of the earth by carpet bombing. It’s up to the diplomat to contain the ardor of the hotheads, or they’ll do some damage. After all, she remembers very well how Iraq was bombed and may have been innocent. After all, the Iranian economy is torn to shreds by the sanctions, and this country certainly can’t shoot itself in the foot.

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What if things are different? But if not Iran, then who? Kate begins to suspect Russia, China, and ISIS (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation). Kate works her way up and, together with her husband, discovers that Roman Linkov, who heads a Russian private military establishment, may be the mastermind behind the attack. The evidence is “raw” and based only on a single statement, but that’s not so important anymore. The main thing is that an object has been assigned and a trail has been picked up that needs to be worked out. Linkov allegedly intends to unleash the Libyan war, once averted by UN forces. Kate wants justice and punishment for Linkov.

“The Diplomat” movie explained

There is an elementary decision-making module in this film. There is a supreme authority that establishes the documentation. Its representatives occupy solid seats in the power vertical. But the power structures, most likely, carry out representative functions and look rather silly. For example, the U.S. president is an old and senile senile, unable to keep a coherent picture of the world in his brain any longer and unable to react in a dignified manner to challenges. His age or his dementia doesn’t allow the guarantor of the American Constitution to think about the consequences or to come to a more acceptable solution. This line in the TV show is transparent: there is no doubt as to who is being parodied here. It is delicate enough, but still similar.

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This prototype has in the series and the British prime minister. He flashed in the frame on a bicycle and in a familiar helmet. Is that they cut the mussed hair and made the screen character hairstyle “Scholz”. The prime minister is younger than the American president and more impulsive. This is characteristic of youth. In addition, there is unrest in the kingdom itself and separatist Irish and Scottish sentiment must be dealt with. It’s hard to hold back in such a situation. I wish I could “bomb” and become a national hero. And then for sure there would be no headaches.

The supreme power rises on a solid and ramified platform, formed by employees of various departments, including the diplomatic and intelligence agencies. Here assembled are energetic and decisive members of the political elite. They oversee the political processes in their country, without much reliance on their leadership. This seems to be the case in reality as well, for it is rather difficult to believe that the clowns sitting on the top rung of the ladder of power are capable of making proper decisions and assessments.

“The Diplomat” ending explained

Kate attends a business meeting hoping to improve diplomatic relations with France. She learns that the British representatives are not going to arrest the culprit, but to kill him. The woman is furious, but when she meets Dennison she confuses him with her anger. Surely such an order for the fate of the guilty man must have been given by Dennison, but he assures her that he did not. He frantically checks his smartphone to see if he missed the e-mail. At that moment, a thought pops into Kate’s head.

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The only people who would benefit from the death of the bomber are the people who ordered the bombing. If the British prime minister secretly ordered the assassination, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put two and two together.

The moment this insight comes to Kate, Stuart Hayford, Kate’s deputy chief of mission at the American embassy in London, and Aidra Pak, head of the CIA’s London residence, are about to arrange a meeting with the French official. This meeting was originally meant to be arranged by Hal, but Kate overruled him for not sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. Hal, however, has had time to say his weighty word.

Then the trio from the White House are shown approaching the car, but the car explodes.Kate’s terrified face hints to the secret agents approaching her on the bridge in Paris that they all died in the explosion. She stands with Austin and whispers something. If even three weren’t killed, they were seriously maimed. Perhaps someone can shed some light on the situation.

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