Meaning of the movie “The Glory” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Glory” and ending explained Films

Late last year, the drama series The Glory was released on Netflix. The story takes place in South Korea. Let’s figure out why the series is so attractive and why it is in the top of the most popular streaming projects.

The plot of the series “The Glory”

Moon Dong-eun is an ordinary high school student who dreams of becoming an architect. As an adult, the heroine is played by Song Hye-kyo. Prior to this role, the actress mostly starred in romantic dramas. Over the years, she has been bullied and ridiculed by her classmates. Tired of this, she decides to leave school.

17 years have passed, having matured, Moon Dong-eun begins to think about how to take revenge on his offenders and those who did nothing to prevent this. Among them are teachers, school leaders and even his own mother. Absolutely all the teachers pretended not to know anything. The only intercessor was the school nurse.

First of all, she wants to take revenge on her main offender – Pak Yong-jin. Her life has turned out well: she is a happy mother, has a good job, and is married to the chairman of Jaepyeong Construction, Ha Do Yeon. Dong-eun carefully considers the plan and decides that the most ideal option would be to get a job as a teacher at the school where the abuser’s daughter is studying. After all, the dream of becoming an architect remained a dream, for the sake of revenge she chose a different path – now she is a teacher.

The rest of the offenders also achieved success in life: Lira Sarah is a sought-after artist, Jung Jae Joon is the manager of his father’s golf course. The other two friends, Choi Hye Jung and Song Myung Oh, didn’t really get along with their friends all these years, as their families weren’t very wealthy. Hye Jung is a flight attendant, Myung Oh is doing errands for Jae Joon.

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Upon learning that Dong-eun had returned again, the offenders were alarmed, but did not even imagine how it could all end. The girl seeks help from a woman named Kang Hyeom Nam, who was regularly bullied by her husband. It is she who must collect all the information about the company of offenders. In return, Dong-eun promises to rid her of her husband forever.

Another person appears in the girl’s life, who, having heard the details of her life, decides to help her. This is a plastic surgeon named Jae Yeo Jin. His life is also full of dark events. His father was killed by a psychopathic patient who was saved by him. From that moment on, death follows on his heels.

The meaning of the series “The Glory”

School bullying is as common in Korea as it is in other countries. It’s just that in dramas this topic is touched upon more often. In the American context, violence among teenagers is so common that the very concept of “bullying” is simply devalued there. No one takes him seriously, associating simply with any insults. The most terrible thing in this whole story is the physical pain inflicted, which leads to the development of psychological trauma.

It is difficult to predict how violence experienced in adolescence will affect a person’s later life. In the series “The Glory”, all the pain experienced, all the wounds of Dong-eun determined her future path. All subsequent years, the girl devoted only revenge to her offenders.

In the first episodes of the series, a backstory is created for the viewer and the characters of the characters are shown. Every detail is important, which clearly makes it clear that all the offenders of the main character are moral monsters. The creators of the series do not try to justify, on the contrary, they try to highlight their disgusting behavior.

While studying at school, they were cruel and depraved. As they grew up, they became arrogant. One of the main aspects that Dong-eun studies is the hierarchy that has developed within this group of people according to their social origin. This whole group didn’t think about their behavior in the past after Dong-eun’s return, but simply feared for their lives.

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The cruelty shown in the series has a double meaning: it becomes creepy and scary not only from the murder and the sight of blood, but also from the absolute indifference of the main character. She seems to be a soulless creature, driven only by anger and hatred. If those who offended Dong-eun no longer have a chance to become different, then the main character has a hope to start her life from scratch, to feel that someone needs her. She becomes close to a housekeeper named Kang Hyun-nam, who is being abused by her husband. Together, they build a plan to get rid of the tormentor forever.

So, the series shows the viewer how important details are in any business. It is necessary to study the weaknesses and strengths of the person you hate. No haste, all actions must be measured and accurate so as not to miss the right moment. Even an insignificant detail can play a cruel joke. That is why the girl tries to use all possible connections in her work in order to achieve her goal.

In fact, this is how it turns out – at first glance, a completely useless person can become an important ally in one business where you can act without rules. This is revenge: everyone chooses for himself the edge of what is permissible, only a person knows what he wants and what he has enough strength for.

Explanation of the ending of the series “The Glory”

For most viewers, the death of Song Myung Oh, which occurs at the end of episode 5, remains a mystery. The man dislikes all his friends and goes over to Dong-eun’s side to help her carry out her revenge plan. He does not even suspect that the girl simply involved him in her cunning game, because she hates him as much as the other offenders.

Back in 2004, another girl named Yoon So Hee became a victim of bullying by Young Jin and her friends. Unable to bear the abuse, she commits suicide.

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Dong-eun deceives Myung-oh by telling him that the body of this unfortunate girl is still in the morgue. She tries to prove to him that Young Jin is to blame for her death, and the man himself can make good money on this sensational news.

However, at the end of episode 5, Myung-oh dies, all the evidence points to the fact that Yeon-jin killed him. Although the shoes that the killer was wearing are both Yong Jin and Hye Jeong. Only Young Jin has a motive for committing the murder, as she has quite a few secrets.

Dong-eun, although not directly, is related to the death of a man. A tattoo is found on his neck with the inscription in Latin “Memento Mori”. It translates as “Remember death.” As a young man, Myung Oh hid his tattoo by putting a band-aid over it. Dong-eun is convinced that the Spanish tattoo means “I’m dying” because she studied the language in her school days.

Dong-eun has always treated Myung-oh with contempt, as she considers him one of those who ruined her life. She probably has nothing to do with his death, but responsibility for what happened cannot be removed from her. The girl understood that the only thing a man valued was his own life. She ended up taking it from him.

By the end of episode 8, Dong-eun had already carried out her revenge plan in many ways. She brought the situation to the fact that the class teacher died at the hands of his own son. Myung Oh is also dead. Young Jin’s life crumbled like a house of cards. Revenge was successful, but a considerable price had to be paid for it. The girl realizes that she is falling into the abyss, but she is no longer able to stop this process.

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