Meaning of the movie “The Lying Life of Adults” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Lying Life of Adults” and ending explained Films

The series “False Adulthood” is based on the novel of the most mysterious writer Elena Ferrante. The genre of the film is drama; Directed by Edoardo De Angelis.

What is the movie about?

Lying Adulthood by Netflix is ​​a series about a teenage girl named Giovanna. Adolescence, at this age we begin to behave differently and recognize adulthood. The series consists of six episodes, each about fifty minutes long. From episode to episode, we see a series of events and life lessons that come into Giovanna’s life, and her life falls apart.

I would like to note right away that the film is for a narrow circle of people, few will like it, not many will be interested in it, and not everyone will be able to watch it to the end.

The series actually does a great job of blending the central narrative with the setting, the music. Everything in the series is carefully thought out, like the story itself and also the music that colors the emotions of the characters.

The film is heavy, constantly keeps in suspense, gloomy, gray, you need to watch and listen to it so as not to miss the meaning, but there is a meaning in this series.

The main characters of the series:

  • Giovanna;
  • Andre is Giovanna’s father;
  • Nella is the mother of Giovanna;
  • Vittoria – Andre’s sister, Giovanna’s aunt;
  • Angela and Ida are Giovanna’s friends.

A film about a teenage girl Giovanna grows up in a good family where respect, understanding and love reign. She was born in the middle class part of Naples.

Growing up, children change, understanding comes to many things that they did not understand before. Giovanni’s studies are bad. Giovanna’s father loves her and always tells her that she is beautiful.

One day, Giovanna overheard a conversation between her parents, her father said: “Jonna is becoming like my sister Vittoria.” From the conversation it becomes clear that Vittoria is nasty, ugly, from her there are only problems and troubles.

Giovanna was compared to Vittoria, and now she wanted to meet her aunt in order to understand if this was so.

The acquaintance happened, Jonna is pleased with the meeting and delighted with her aunt.

The fact is that the father spoke badly about Vittoria, and Vittoria, in turn, also spoke about Andre. Where is the truth? How to understand? Jonna wanted to find this truth, this truth she was looking for all the episodes of the series. and without noticing it, she herself began to deceive.

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Vittoria showed Giovanna a different life, completely different from the one in which she lived. As Jonna herself said to her friends: “Dirty area, but really nice people who are obsessed with cleanliness, and they laugh there.”

Giovanna is in awe of Vittoria and internally compares herself to her, she even wants to be like her, and she has already begun to adopt her aunt’s character traits. .Jonna buzzed her friends’ ears about Vittoria. It seemed to her that Vittoria was not lying, she liked that she said what she thought, using uncultured words, she liked that she was free and did what she wanted. For Giovanna, Vittoria has become an ideal.

Johnna trusted her father, her father was an example for her. Aunt Vittoria advised Giovanna to take a closer look at what was happening in her family. Jonna concluded that her mother was cheating on her father and began to follow her.

But when Giovanna met her aunt, now her ideal was not her father, but she – Vittoria. Trying to find the truth and sharing her thoughts with her aunt, it happened that Vittoria broke the life of her family. The truth was revealed, the father cheated on his mother with a family friend, Constance. Jonna blames herself and turns to God: “God, it’s my fault, I know I was obsessed with the truth and now everything is falling apart.”

Life after the truth has changed for everyone. For almost a year, the main characters lived their own lives and did not communicate much with each other. Giovanna hates her father. The mother is trying to convey to her daughter that the father is an honest and faithful person in his own way, for him Constanta is true love and it is not surprising that he wanted to give her his mother’s bracelet.

The main detail of this film is the bracelet. The series begins with the fact that we are shown a bracelet, then there is a search for it and the bracelet goes from hand to hand, from one hand to another.

Throughout the film, Giovanna, after meeting Aunt Vittoria, wanted to be like her, adopted features, wanted to lose her virginity, but something stopped her. She told her friends about how terrible she was, that she was a girl of easy virtue. Each of the friends Angela and Ida loved Jonna, each with their own love, and they wanted to be like her and be better than her.

The meaning of the film “False adulthood”

The series is full of semantic loads.

Let’s start with the most important thing, the series is called “False Adulthood” the main point is that children never lie, but when you grow up, you start to lie, lie for profit, for the sake of a person so that he does not worry, maybe you just lie, because it’s for you I like it, there can be any reason and everyone has their own, but no matter how you hide the truth, it will still come true after a while.

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Our heroine was obsessed with the truth, and because of the truth, her life began to crumble.

In the series, we are shown completely two different strata of society, the middle class and the lower, and in each of them a different life, the only thing that remains unchanged is that everyone is deceiving and everyone wants to be loved.

The film shows how Giovanna made Vittoria an ideal and wanted to be like her, adopted her aunt’s character traits for herself, and most importantly, she wanted to be even worse than Vittoria.

The church in the series is shown to us in a completely different way, you can smoke there, not know the prayer, everyone goes in the clothes they want, and most importantly, without knowing the prayer, you can pray from the heart and God will hear you.

The theme of love, every person dreams of finding his person, finding love for life, everyone wants this.

There are many quotes in the film that make you think:

– “When you are small, everything seems big, but when you grow up, everything seems small”;

– “Freedom can take the form of a battered Vespa, everyone is crazy about freedom, freedom is here, there, everyone is crazy about freedom”;

“I thought you were cheating on dad. It’s OK! It’s not your fault, liars know how to make others look like liars!”

“Repentance – this word has great power, it means pain and repentance. It is necessary to cleanse him of the appropriated bad thoughts associated with window dressing, hypocrisy, lies. Repentance is like a needle that connects the thread with the plot of our existence, it is an extraordinary control over oneself. This is a knife that must wound our conscience so that it does not fall asleep.

The meaning of the series in a few sentences: “You should not live in a lie, because someday it will be revealed and everything will collapse”; “You need to be yourself as you are, you don’t need to be better or worse than someone else, you don’t need to adopt the character traits of another person for yourself, everything is simple, you need to be yourself and think with your own head.”

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“If you feel bad, you don’t know how to live, turn to God, you don’t have to know prayers, ask from yourself, God will hear you!”

“Take care of your honor, be with the one who loves you and whom you love!”

The ending of the film “A Lying Adulthood”

The film is based on a bracelet, the fact is that Vittoria told the story of the bracelet to Giovanna, this bracelet was supposed to go to her, but her father gave it to Costanza, his love. Constanza did not know that the bracelet was supposed to go to Giovanna, Nelly told her about it, and Costanza gave the bracelet to Giovanna. Vittoria got angry with Giovanna and gave the bracelet to the daughter of her lover Enzo, then the bracelet went back to Giovanna.

The original story of the bracelet that Giovanna heard from Vittoria is incorrect. The aunt said that this bracelet was her mother’s, but in fact the bracelet was stolen by her beloved Enzo from his grandmother. And then Giovanna realizes that Vittoria’s ideal has completely lied about everything, it was a complete disappointment that Vittoria is moving and will work for a rich aunt, although Johnna thought that Vittoria did not care about material values.

And Vittoria said goodbye to Giovanna: “Don’t scatter yourself, don’t scatter yourself, it’s good! Treasure this before giving a definition of good or bad, otherwise your father and I will beat you up, don’t make my mistakes.” It turns out that another lie was revealed when Giovanna and Vitttoria met, Vittoria told her a beautiful love story and said that after the death of her lover, she remained faithful to him and did not look at other men, and now it is revealed that her aunt was a girl of easy virtue and she reconciled with her father. A complete lie and disappointment for Giovanna.

Giovanna: “Aunt, why did you lie to me?”

Vittoria: “Because it was beautiful!”

Due to the fact that Giovanna realized that everyone was deceiving her, she decided to make a protest and lost her innocence with Rosario, and left her aunt’s bracelet with him, knowing that Vittoria was annoyed by Rosario and she was against communication with him.

Ida, a friend wrote letters to Giovanna and their decision was to run away, run away from a false adult life, and that’s what they did.

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