Meaning of the movie “The Night” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Night” and ending explained Films

Mysticism has always been among people one of the favorite topics for discussion. In the old days, when science was still insufficiently developed, a person connected all the oddities of the surrounding world with otherworldly forces: ghosts, spirits, demons. In our time, in modern times, few people believe in parallel worlds, higher and lower powers, poltergeists. All this is considered fiction and echoes of past years, but does not prevent creative people from creating interesting and exciting creations in a fantastic and mystical genre. The film “Night” refers to such paintings.

People have always wondered what awaits them after death. Adherents of science declare that death is the end of all life, that there is nothing after it. They are opposed to the beliefs of religious people. They believe that there is a hell and a heaven – like a dark and a light side. According to their actions during life, after death, everyone gets where he deserves. The sinners go to hell, the righteous go to heaven. In the next world, everyone is justly responsible for their deeds, before finding their final resting place and getting out of the darkness of their sins. I would like to analyze this topic in more detail and find out how it is intertwined with the film “Night” by the Iranian film director Kurosh Ahari.

The picture tells about the devilry that overtook one Iranian family in a hotel. Having stayed with friends, the husband, wife and child go home, but on the way back, their navigator broke down and they decided to spend the night at a nearby hotel. That’s where strange and frightening visions began. And worst of all, getting out of this creepy place was almost impossible. What did the director want to convey to the audience? What is the film about and what mysteries should the viewer solve?

The meaning of the movie “Night”

Before proceeding to explain the meaning of the film, it is worth first knowing what is happening in it. The movie starts out weird. And not from the very first scene at dinner, but from the very first minute. The film begins with the phrase that there are several universes, and they are all interconnected. Perhaps with this phrase the director wants to convey to us the idea that the actions in these universes repeat each other and partly – or for the most part, or even completely – copy each other. These universes depend on our deeds and actions. We ourselves create these universes with our perception.

To move between these worlds, you need a guide. Who is he? The guide, of course, is a black cat. She is constantly next to the main characters. They met her at the very beginning of the film, and throughout the whole picture the cat periodically appeared in the frame – either her meowing was heard, then she flickered somewhere in the background, then the characters saw her in reality. Cats are considered connected with the other world. Mystics claim that they can move between worlds and take the souls of the dead with them to another world. But it is black cats that have the strongest energy and magical abilities.

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The version about the death of the family can be assumed by how smoothly the car in which the heroes return home begins to go up and gradually the road is mirrored in the frame and it seems to us that the car is driving upside down. It can only mean an accident in which a family died. And it was not in vain that Neda tried to drive herself, proving to her husband that he should not be trusted to drive a car, because he had drunk.

A strange man in the courtyard of the hotel, repeating the same thing: “confess and the light will appear,” can be an assistant for our heroes. He directs them towards the light, telling them what it takes. It is only necessary not to neglect him and to delve into his words, the meaning of which Neda later understood. Interestingly, in the original, he speaks in Hindi, and in a literal translation, his words sound more understandable: “tell me and the morning will come.” But at first, the heroes do not know what he means and consider him not crazy.

Babak also considered the concierge abnormal when he, feeding his daughter, began to talk about accidents and various murders. He met so many things in his life … This alerted his father. But when the frightening stranger said that the worst thing he had seen was child death, Babak completely recoiled from him, snatching his child from the hands of a stranger. It seems that this conversation makes us understand that the child also died in an accident with his parents. Unlike them, the child is pure and innocent, so the death of children, according to the concierge, is the worst thing that can be. In addition, throughout the film, many ask to hold the daughter of Babak and Neda in their arms and look at her, as if admiring something pure and beautiful. And this phrase: “You must protect it.” It is often repeated in the film. And it means that all people come into this world with a pure soul, which needs to be saved. But while the child is unintelligent and vulnerable, his soul should be protected by parents.

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Each hero who has committed wrong deeds during his lifetime and keeping them in himself, meets in this hotel with them face to face. Neda sees the child she has abandoned and he asks her to confess what she has done. Babak is constantly confronted with his mistress, who committed suicide because he left her. But he most likely did not know about Sophia’s death, which is why he is so scared to see her in this hotel, in such a way. In addition, he is afraid to confess to his wife in his betrayal and the night does not end. Neda was aware of her sin, and in the depths of her soul she always worried about it. Having understood the rule of the universe, she confessed her misfortune to her husband, that is, she repented and a light lit up for her. Babak, on the other hand, because of fear of his wife and not knowing the consequences of his misdeeds, suffers more than his wife and remains in darkness.

ending explained

You might think that all this was a dream of Babak. He goes to the bathroom, the clock is still 03:02, and along the way he does not meet anything supernatural: no blood in the bathroom, no strange knocks, no voices. Only his wife has her arm bandaged at the site of the tattoo, but he does not notice this, although we can assume that the devilry in the hotel is not over yet. This is fully confirmed when Babak washes his face. The reflection does not repeat his actions, but looks sullenly. And in the end, he turns away from Babak, and we see that the main character is like that person from Rene Magritte’s painting “Reproduction is prohibited”, which Babak looked at at the beginning of the film.

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What does this mean? Considering that Babak never confessed his infidelity to his wife, the turned away reflection shows that he is not honest with himself and still has not confessed his sins. People often do not see their guilt in the obvious and do not consider it necessary to worry about it. Or, on the contrary, they are afraid of the consequences of the revealed truth, therefore they lie to themselves, suggest that they are not guilty and, in the end, they themselves begin to believe in it.

That’s just how much you don’t hide your actions, how much you don’t lie to yourself and others, in purgatory you will have to repent of your sins. There is an expression: God sees everything, it is useless for him to lie. The ending of the movie speaks to this. The secret will always become clear – and for forgiveness, Babak needs to tell his wife about everything, and most importantly, confess to himself and repent of his deed.

Half of the tattoo remained on Babak’s arm. This reflects his unfaithfulness and concealment of the truth. In the hospital, this tattoo caused him unbearable pain, and he stuck a scalpel into it, but now the tattoo does not bother him anymore – apparently some useful changes have taken place in his soul. But he never confessed his act to his wife, and for him it all started anew. The meaning of the ending is that, without repentance, Babak continued to wander in the darkness of the hotel, while the darkness receded from his wife, and she peacefully sleeps with the child.

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