Meaning of the movie “The Old Way” and ending explained

Meaning of the movie “The Old Way” and ending explained Films

In 2020, Nicolas Cage returned to his work again, starring in the film Echoes of the Past. This Western is dedicated to revenge under the command of Brett Donoghue. The main character is Colton Briggs, who at first glance is a simple shop owner in a small town, but he is faced with a tragedy, because of which the hero embarks on a path of revenge. His beloved wife is brutally killed, then the main character, along with his only daughter, Brooke, sets off on a journey in search of criminals whom they decide to punish in the name of his beloved wife and mother.

The film begins with a small town where a man is about to be hanged. One of the organizers of this hanging is the main character named Colton Briggs. He works as an assassin for the most powerful and wealthy man in this small town in the West. The person sentenced to be hanged is Mr. McCallister, who rebelled against this rich man. He wanted justice for all the inhabitants of a small town, but he failed and was captured. For his crimes, the man was sentenced to death in front of his young son. And now, everyone is already prepared for hanging.

However, in the midst of the event, McCallister’s brother intervenes in the matter, who is ready for anything to save his relative from the clutches of death. In addition, ordinary residents of the town came to his aid, who are also not satisfied with the death of the brave McCallister. The brother aims a weapon at a rich man and fires a shot, his servants die with him. Colton Briggs didn’t intervene until the guns were pointed at him.

And at that moment, McCallister’s brother had time to regret that he had pointed his weapon at this cruel and dangerous assassin. Briggs quickly kills everyone involved in rescuing the condemned McCallister, takes his money from the rich man’s corpse, and leaves. However, McCallister grabs a gun and wants to shoot Briggs, but he was too slow, which is why he himself dies. It all happened in front of the young son of McCallister. Briggs pointed a gun at him, but decided to pardon him. Having dealt with all the cases, he leaves the town. Since then, nothing has been known about him. He just disappeared into the sunset.

20 years pass. During this period of time, the main character met an amazing woman named Ruth, who completely changed his whole life. He completely abandoned all violence and cruelty in order to become worthy of Ruth. He is ready for any actions and changes just to achieve her love. For all the efforts, fate helped him and he and Ruth got married. After some time, they had a beautiful daughter, who was given the name Brooke. Time passes, and the baby turns into a beautiful teenager. The family lives a happy life outside the city on their own territory. Briggs constantly travels to the city, as it houses his own store, as well as the school that Brooke attends. The family is satisfied with their life and enjoys complete happiness. However, it did not last long.

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While the father and daughter were in the city, four people, criminals, broke into their house. Ruth bravely rebuffed them, but she did not have enough strength, so the woman is brutally killed. Returning from the city of Briggs with his daughter, in the place of their house, he finds a US Marshal named Jarrett and his entire detachment. They took on the job. The team is doing everything in their power to find this dangerous gang of criminals and punish them according to the law. Briggs asks the marshal who is behind this crime, but in response he hears only that he continued to raise his only daughter. The marshal, who knew this assassin in the past, tries to dissuade the hero from returning to the path of violence.

Ruth was able to subdue a wild and dangerous beast, but the marshal knew that that monster had not disappeared, it was just hidden deep inside Briggs. One move and he’s out. Because of this, events can take an unexpected and insidious turn for criminals. Marshal tries to isolate him from this case. However, in the shed, they found a message written in Ruth’s blood: “That’s not all,” which finally woke the cruel beast. Now a former hired killer is on the hunt, ready to destroy everything in his path, just to find the culprits and avenge his beloved wife.

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The film tells about revenge for his beloved wife. For the one who was able to pacify the wild beast, returning him to the path of goodness and tranquility. However, having lost his happiness, he again found his former self, even more cruel. The film also tells about the cycle of revenge. After all, Jimmy took revenge on Briggs for his late father and uncle, for which he killed the hero’s beloved wife, Ruth. In turn, Briggs went down the path of revenge for the woman he loved.

As soon as the hero and his daughter got to the criminal, Briggs dies at the hands of Jimmy in the arms of Brooke. Then the girl herself kills the enemy for her parents. This cycle took the lives of many people, including the main character. After Jimmy’s death, Brook hopes the enemy didn’t have a child so this vicious cycle of revenge doesn’t start again.

After the marshal and his squad leave, Briggs finishes the funeral of the deceased and burns down his own house. Grab all the necessary things Briggs, accompanied by his daughter Brooke, goes in search of brutal killers. At the same time, the criminals set a trap for the marshal and his team, if only they would not interfere with their villainous plans to destroy Briggs. However, their plans go awry as the youngest member of the gang, named Boots, makes a mistake and instead of shooting the marshal, he shoots the nearest man. As a result, the marshal and 2 members of his team remain alive.

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In the end, Briggs finds the true culprit – Jimmy McCulliter. However, even after learning the names of all the criminals, Briggs could not understand why he was treated so cruelly. Why was his house attacked? At this time, the criminals went to a city called Santa Rosa. Jimmy specifically decided to stay in this city, as he was well acquainted with its territory and layout. He knows that Briggs is coming for him, so he carefully prepares their meeting. It also employs several locals. Briggs can’t decide what to do next as the criminals know his appearance but he doesn’t.

Then Brooke decides to go to the city on her own, but the criminals also know her appearance. Therefore, upon arrival in the city, she is taken prisoner. Having received no news from Brooke, Briggs realized that something was wrong, so he also went after Brooke. Arriving in the city, he kills two criminals nicknamed Big Mike and Boots, as well as several local residents, but at this moment he is injured by Eustace.

At the end, Jimmy reminds the hero of their compatible past and the reasons for his cruel act. Briggs shoots Eustace and Jimmy shoots him back. It was a fatal wound, but Jimmy could not escape the fatal end. He dies at the hands of Brooke, who shot her mother’s killer with her father’s gun. At the very end, Colton Briggs dies in the arms of his beloved daughter. And Brooke completes his revenge by killing a tired Jimmy, hoping to break this vicious circle of revenge, hoping for a complete end to suffering.

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